Love & Betrayal.

This is a romance story about a love gone wrong. A man was cheating on his housewife with a former bar tender. The very attractive housewife is so angry that her ten years of marriage went down the drain, and she found comfort in a very hunky handyman.

Coming out of the laundry mat in Mesquite, Texas, just outside of Dallas, Monica Larson carries two bags of laundry out to the trunk of her black 2009 Mercades-Benz.. She feels the triple threat temps, but being from Texas, she is use to it. Luckily, she has a working air conditioning in her car. She closes the truck and pulls out her light brown leapard sun glasses as the sun shines on her dark brown face. Her hair is up in a pony tail, and she is wearing her lime green capris. She climbs into her car, and takes off down the road to her house. 

Monica and her husband, Kevin Larson just moved into a big mansion. Kevin is the basketball star of the Dallas Mevricks. Monica is a housewife, who is very attractive enough to be on America's Next Top Model.

She finally arrives at the huge yellow-bricked mansion with as many as seventeen rooms that even she has not been in some of them yet. She grabs the bags out of her car and brings them inside of the mansion. Now, that would have been a job for their American house keeper, Rosie Martinez, but Kevin fired her. Monica could not understand why. Rosie was such a nice lady. She was a hard worker, and would always do her job around the house. And whenever Monica would bring up Rosie, Kevin dropped the subject altogether. 

Monica drags the two bags across the hall and then puts them into the laundry room. Monica is expecting the repair man to come in and fix the washer and the dryer, since both stopped working. Kevin comes in as he walks across the cream and sparkling gold marvel floor. He looks at the crystal chandelier in the tall ceiling as he is looking for Monica.

"Baby, I'm home!" he cries as he drops his basketball jersey bag onto the floor.

Kevin has a smile and the almond eyes of an angel. Monica rushes out the laundry room to hug her man in the foyer. Kevin picks her up and is glad to see her. She is all smiles when she heard that his team is going to the championship.

"I am so happy for you," she says to Kevin with her southern Texas accent, "when is it and where is it go to be at?"

"Well," Kevin responds, "our first game will be in Dallas, and it's tomorrow at Seven O'Clock."

"Well, I'll be there to support you." Monica says as she and Kevin kiss.

"You are always there to support me, baby. So, I don't worry about that."

Monica walks into the kitchen, the doorbell ring. Kevin answers the door.

"Hi," one says, "we are here to fix the washer and the dryer."

"Oh, yes," Kevin says, "my wife will show you to the laundry room." Kevin grabs his keys, his baseball cap and calls out to Monica, "Monica, the repair men are here. I'm going to the store. I'll be back."

"Okay!" Monica responds and turns to the two handymen, "right this way please."

As they follow her, Monica notice that one of men is looking kind of hunky. But Tony Jonas is a very attractive man, even though she is not flirting with him, but he is flirting with her. He has a face that no woman could turn away from. She brings them into the laundry room. Eugene Kerringian is the other handyman.

As she shows them the washer and dryer, Eugene is busy checking out her body. Something Monica does not take lightly of.

"What the hell do you think you're doing?" Monica says as she caught him making his eyes at her butt.

"I was just checking out your package," Eugene says, "you do have a tight one, don't you?"

"What's your name?" Monica says.

"Eugene Kerringian, and you?"

"Monica Larson, wife of Kevin Larson. And you is a pervert?"

"A pervert I am not, but I am a lover." Eugene slides his finger across Monica's chest, but Monica slaps him in the face.

"You pervert jackass!" Monica shouts, "I want you to get out. Both of you."

"Eugene!" Tony shouts, "what the hell is wrong with your brain, man? You don't ever put your hands on a woman."

"I said take your sorry behinds out of my house, before I call the police on you."

"Okay," Tony says, "we'll just go."

Tony and Eugene leave out the door, and Monica runs to the door, and slams it behind them. About fifteen minutes later, Kevin came back from the store with two bags of groceries, and found something was wrong. Kevin found Monica in the kitchen crying. As he tears rolled down her face, Kevin felt compassion enough to hold her. He also noticed that Tony and Eugene were no longer present.

"What happened?" he asked.

"Those two men tried to make a pass at me. So I kick them out." Monica cried.

"What?" Kevin shouted as his anger quickly burned and then smashed their glass coffee table. Kevin called the police and both Kevin and Monica filed a police report on Tony and Eugene. Despite the fact that they have not physically hurt Monica, she did not want to see them again.



The End

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