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     Still here. The voice said. Have you changed your mind?

     “This is...crazy,” Tom slumped down from the bench and down on his knees, overwhelmed. “This is crazy! All I wanted to do was take care of El-I can’t even do that and she needs me. Now I’m cracking up. Talking to myself. Get it together, Tom.”

     I can help you, if you ask.

     “Help me? Who are you?”

     I am your desires and desperation and anguish manifest.

     Tom didn’t understand a word of what was being said. He just kept thinking that he had lost it. A voice in his head could help him if he asked. Well, what did he have to lose, crazy as it was?

     “Fine,” Tom said. “You want to help me? Please save my wife and the child she carries. I’ll do anything, just help them.”

     Place this wife and child of yours into my care and I will give you their lives.

     What did he have to lose?

     The weeks that followed were much different. Tom only then realized that he had been traveling through that thick gray fog again. Now he could see clearly and he was pleased with what he saw: a smiling, happy wife. Doctors were baffled by Eleanor’s recovery. It really was a blessing, they said. Good omens all around.

     Tom went back to working part-time since his wife started regaining her strength. Eleanor insisted that she was okay for a few hours and he was close enough to run home if she ever needed him. She suggested they start going on their walks again. He was reluctant but eventually conceded.



The End

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