LOURE: Prologue

Olive never gives up no matter what life throws at her... and life has thrown a lot. But while she wants to live an easy, simple life, she is confronted with sinister forces and unfathomable magic.


     They met on a Thursday, deep in the recesses of night, tucked away in a cozy library stuffed with books.

     This very library had just gotten a shipment of books actually. Boxes fit to burst held books in various states of wear, waiting to be placed in their new homes on already crowded shelves. Somehow, Thomas Trickett got stuck with handling this. Even though he’d asked for that very evening off, and even though he’d never once asked for time off in the past, he had to get through all these books before he could leave. Tom checked his watch and griped as he realized that there was no way he’d be going out with his friends that night.  

     Maybe he wouldn’t have complained if he knew he was going to meet the woman of his dreams that very night.

     This task was taking forever. Every clock he passed only reminded him of how slow time was moving. In fact, every second seemed to tick by at the pace of five and he wondered as he faced a clock now if it was malfunctioning. No. He knew this would be a long night the moment his co worker, Ralph, arrived with the donations in tow. There were twenty-three  neatly packed cardboard boxes with 1,624 books. Organize them, make a record in the database, label and shelf each one. He’d started this monumental task at 4:00 PM, rifling through each book, admiring those he’d never seen before.

     Now it was close to midnight. The only thing that was getting Tom through now was the thought of getting paid overtime. His mental faculties had been shot a while ago and could only move forward with some considerable help from a cup of tepid coffee. His eyes were hooded now and his vision was starting to blur. That was until his eyes fell on her.

The End

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