Mr Wine

She heard me say ‘2130’. She was upset about something and wanted to be alone and found someone talking in the toilets so fled to find another.

I came back and called Lewis.

“Lewis, feel like giving me a ride?” His answer was obvious but still I smiled. It was lunchtime now so no one noticed me disappearing into the office.

“Sign-out please.”


“Dental appointment.” The lady at the desk merely nodded and handed me my slip.

I saw Lewis’ car as soon as I got to the parking lot. He handed me a bright pink clutch bag as I got into the back of the car, I also found a dress and heels neatly placed on the seats.

“As usual?” I nodded as i started to get out of my uniform. By the time I was changed and had everything ready, we arrived at Queen Elizabeth’s Hospital. I turned back and gave a wave to Lewis before entering the building.


The distinctive smell of hospitals rushed into my nose and the sight of white became more and more evident as I walked further. I studied the map on my phone and found the right room.


I walked into the room and immediately I could see the resemblance of the photo to the actual person; Mr Wine. He didn’t look up or show any signs of acknowledgement of my entrance but just continued to type into his laptop. Once I sat down onto the chair, he started to ask questions, still with his eyes glued to the screen.

“Am I right, shiver, memory loss, flash of image, girl frogmarched into van?”

I nodded.

“See the past?” I nodded again but then answered him as I didn’t know whether or not he knew I answered him.

“Thought silent as well, where?”

Where what?

“Where did you see girl frogmarched into van?” Talking in a sarcastic way.

“Front of school.”



He looked up for the first time and said in his slow, sarcastic way:

Normal to see flashed images?”

“No. I knew what you meant.”  

He nodded and started typing again.

“Bumped your head?”

“No. Got electric shocked.”

“Whilst seeing?”

I hesitated but answered just before he started to repeat himself.


“You did something stupid to cause this, didn’t you?”

I stared at him until he asked another question. He didn’t, he stopped typing and took his old-fashioned wide rim glasses off and stood up. He walked up to the bed and stood there. I got onto the bed and immediately all the lights went out besides the one that was over my head. He took a deep breath and pressed a button, almost instantly I unconditionally closed my eyes.

The End

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