I suddenly had a flash of an image in my head. I saw a girl get frogmarched into a van. It was situated in the front of school. I have never had visions like this. I dialled 379 again and this time someone finally picked up.

“Welcome to Queen Elizabeth’s Hospital, How may I help?”

“Louise Totbarn.”                   

“Please wait whilst I direct your call…” I heard the same annoying ring tone.

“Welcome to department 379, Miss Totbarn, how may I be of assistance?”

“Shiver, memory loss, flash of image, girl frogmarched into van.”

“Please wait whilst I direct you to Mr Wine on line 2130…”

I hung up the phone.

I typed in ‘Mr Wine’ on my phone database and up came a lovely recent photo of him and his phone number.

I dialled the number given.

“Mr Wine is unavailable right now, please leave a message or send a text.”


I received a text message.

Room 410 -4:00pm

I checked my watch; it was half three.

I was about to call Lewis when I heard someone run out of the toilets.


I closed my eyes and right away I flew into the girls mind. I read through desperately to see what she heard...

The End

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