"I got a friend!"

Well, as it happens, Mum had enough money in her budget for the France trip.

     "It's going to be great, honey," she had gushed. "We'll go to the Eiffel Tower and have dinner there-"

      "Mum, it's been booked for the next ten years," I began.

     "Oh, and go to Disneyland and maybe I could get back into that dazzling French Showbiz, like I did."

       She meant she played Minnie Mouse in all the festivals.

        "Oh! And-"

         "MUM! YOU'RE NOT GOING."  I had screamed. "It's just the students."

        "Oh." Mum straightened her blouse, embarrased. "I see."

          I was handing the books out in class when Louisa came over to me.

          "Hey, Emily..." she said in a shy, sneaky voice. "You read at playtimes and lunchtimes... Don't you?


         "Then why don't you come play with us? It'll be fun!"

          She gestured towards the twins, looking at us, frightened.

          I looked her in the eye. She seemed pretty cool. "You serious?"

         She smiled briefly. "Yes. See you at break?"

        "See you," I breathed as she walked away. I couldn't believe it! My luck! I was playing with someone. I had friends!!

         I sat nervously on the bench at break, swinging my legs. I didn't have to wait long. Adeline and Indigo were coming over to me, ponytails swinging.

       "Louisa isn't here yet," said Adeline pointedley. "She'll be here soon."

        "Emily," said Indigo. "I don't really think you'd like to play with Louisa... She's... Different to others..."

        I shook my head. I wanted one day, just  one day, to know what it was like to have friends. Right on time, because then Louisa strutted out and glared at Indigo.

       "Now," she breathed. "Let's play... But, um-Indigo? A word, please?"

         Then she dissapeared with Indigo. I looked at Adeline questioningly, but she only stared back with pleading eyes.

The End

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