Trip To France

       "Well," Started Mr. Koi, our prehistoric math teacher, "I'm sure you are all aware of our trip to France in the new year. It will be hosted at a dear place called the Chateau de Routel, with fun activities, such as dancing the Lindy Hop, not to mention a trip to Fizzneland. It will be chaperoned by myself, Mrs. Chewing, and our school Governor, Mr. Hawkley. It will cost-"

          I zoned out  at that point. It's bad enough having to sit through a Mental Math test, but to be teased about the place I long to go but can never afford? No, thanks.

          I looked around the class. There was Ella, the usual cocky smirk on her face, Oliver, glasses askew, class twins Adeline and Indigo, whispering to their idol  BFFAEAEAEAE, AE, Louisa M. Louisa wasn't much new. I've known her since Yr. 1, even though I haven't really spoke to her. She had light, musy hair, about the length of her shoulders, with a brown freckly face and somewhat orange eyes. These eyes she narrowed, and she parted her lips in a big grin and squealed. Of course, her parents could afford it. They can afford anything and everything.

        As I turned away to watch Mr. Koi's yawn-worthy squiggles appear on the blackboard, I didn't see Louisa's eyes burning into my back, her smile fade. I had no clue then, but she had it in for me...

The End

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