Louisa O. Medusa

Medusa's daughter. Story.

            Nobody likes a loner, do they? They try hard to like them, but they're annoying or boring or something like that, that "friendless" quality, and you just break away. Nothing like that's ever happened to me, because I show no signs of friendliness. I don't want a pity friend, another person who pretends to like me because they feel sorry for me. So, I just sit in solitude, and read. Reading isn't my favourite thing to do.  It's just sitting on your own watching other people enjoy themselves isn't that fun. So, I read.

          The whistle went for Year 6. You could say that I rushed through the door for lunch. But that makes me sound slow compared to the pace I went at.

           I lined up for a hearty helping of soggy asparagus and burgers that looked more like rocks and Rotting Apple Crumble. I had a packed lunch, once, but all the pretty snooty girls, like Libby or Bethy, turned their noses up at me like I was a beetle, or a worm. 

         Before I finished my first ham sandwich, Bethy squealed. She isn't that bright, Bethy. 

        "Ew, ew! What's that?" she shrieked, pointing at one of my sandwich bags. 

       I shrugged and tried to look careless. "Sausages?" I drawled. To be honest, I'm not sure if that's a lie or not. My dad isn't the best cook.

      "Looks like you found it in the gutter!" snorted Libby.

       Maybe, maybe not.

The End

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