Leaving Home

Streets blurred in a haze as Flavius, Bronchi and master raced like an arrow tip through the crowds. It was strenous work as people were knocked from the ground if there paths crossed. Master ran ahead, his huge form ploughing the way, as people were trampled and dashed away. The city had erupted like a swollen river, just burst its banks. Panick hung in the air like a mist and clung to weak hearts with vengeance. People weaved like ants, screaming and sweating in the confusuion. An elderly man hung over a balcony railing and wailed into the crowd.

"Flee, Ericidian is dead. Emperor Magnus wants blood. Run now!"  Flavius headbutted someone in his way and glanced ahead as he fought to keep his breath. Master gracefully whirled infront, his heavy frame not even panting. We must get back,Flavius thought desperately. If thier homes were found, many people were searching for lotus blood, and he couldnt bare to lose his family.

Gasping desperately for air, Flavius turned quickly down a side alley. The closer he drew to home, the faster his heart pound. Master swiftly unsheathed a pair of curved daggers, the blades catching the morning sun. Flavius's hopes were dashed as he ducked into the lotus assassins entrance, the door hanging loose and crippled on its hinges. 

"Whos there" An unkown roman accent pierced the deathly silence, the space was dark as night.

"Get out now!"Master growled in a tone Flavius had never heard from him, the hairs on his neck stood and adrenalin coarsed strong through him. A lantern flared up and the three assassins jumped back in horror. Half a dozen soldiers filled the large room, thier armour gleamed in the dull light and Flavius caught site of bodies lying sprawled against the walls.

"Boo!" A massive bear of a man stepped forward and sneered menacingly "Well, well, well what have we got here boys? The other men laughed and glanced threatiningly. "You see, ive got orders. Orders from Magnus to kill you and your stupid, worthless little organisation" He spat vigorously and Flavius brushed the spittle from his face, feeling the intense hatred rising like fire from within.  "They fought for a while" The soldier chewed his nail as if enjoying the effect he was creating "But I asure you they suffered as badly as you will" Flavius focused on a body, and gasped in shock as he noticed his lifeless sarrogate mother. He wished nothing more than to strike the soldier down on the spot.

Master moved so quickly there was barely time to blink before the first roman went down with a rush of air from his punctured lungs. Thier leader quickly backhanded the assassin who flew sideways and landed like a cat on one leg. Flavius reached inside his cloak and drew his short sword, feeling the power of the heavy metal. Sidestepping a thrust, he dug his blade into his attacker, pulling it free in time to block a second soldiers attempts. His arm crumpled against the powerful blow and a solid fist thudded into his cheek as Flavius felt the sickening crunch as his bone snapped. Stumbling backwards Flavius tripped through the doorway, landing outside with his face throbbing with pain. Suddenly rocks were dislodging from the small archway and rippling over his skull, bigger ones began to fill the doorway as Flavius lost sight of the battle.

"No!" He yelled desperately, scrabbling wildly at the rubble. Everything he knew and cared about was dying on the other side.  Clangs echoed from inside as the combat raged, unnafected from the collapsing building.

 "Flavius!" Masters drowned voice seeped through the rocks

"Run! Avenge the lotus's"  

  "No" Flavius screamed again his skin beggining to peel raw from his efforts

"Flavius Run! Theres only death for you here!, Run far, and return when your ready"

The End

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