Inside the Guild

Bronchi paced nervously, the trickles of dawn seeping through the barred up window of the abandoned jewellers. The bare walls were dusty and crumbling, and Bronchi thought the new location excellent. There was a soft knock on the door and he leapt forwards in anticipation, could it be?.

“Password” Bronchi hissed through the hinge

“Lotus” came the instant reply and he unbolted the many locks, his hands shaking with nerves. Flavius strolled into the room and clasped hands with Bronchi in a firm grip, laughing together in there relief.

“Did you kill him?” Bronchi asked holding his breath for the answer

“Dead” Flavius gasped, unable to keep his excitement, elation spread on Bronchi’s face and then his eyebrows rose in question

“The new scorpion poison?” He grinned as Flavius nodded “Come, you must tell me everything”. Bronchi reached down to the floor and scrabbled in the dust, waving his hands to clear the tiles. His hand gripped on something and he yanked a piece of metal up. He removed a set of keys from his belt and inserted the biggest into the metal, turning smoothly in the oiled lock. Bronchi heaved and a trap door lifted revealing a ladder going down. Flavius went first and lit the torch which waited at the bottom.

A large room suddenly burst into view as the flames licked out to every corner. A low table was placed in the middle, a few rough chairs pushed up against it. Shelves lined every wall, crammed with vials of poison, potions, herb mixes and anything you could imagine. Great crates lay on the floor, weapons and tools bundled in together with bows, spears and swords leaning neatly in stacks against the cold stone walls. Maps and parchments stuffed a tall bookshelf detailing the whole of the city and almost every house, organization, assassination records and financial documents.  Everywhere you looked where the tools of the trade, an arsenal of stock, and the room was the guild of the lotus assassins of Rome.

Flavius set about replenishing his stock, sorting through the hundreds of glass bottles and adding various useful ones as well as the essentials. Bronchi somehow produced a bottle of wine and two cups and slammed them down on the table with vigour.

“To Flavius and his first assassination” He gulped his wine down and grinned joyously “Have you thought what you’ll do with the reward? Master’s bound to give a fare sum” Flavius was still rummaging in the stock, lost in the items as usual.

“Hmm, I think I’ll save it, you know, encase of emergencies” Flavius said offhandedly distracted by some charcoal paste-proven to clog wounds. He pocketed the paste and sat down, sipping his own wine casually. Suddenly the trapdoor swung open and Flavius and Bronchi jumped, grabbing swords lying close by. A tall man slid down the ladder with extreme ease, landing without a sound and rising gracefully, his hair was cropped short and greying towards the edge’s, he wore a black vest and light trousers and despite his slim profile his body was packed, the shoulder muscles gliding smoothly over each other like a machine.

“I see you found the vintage” he stepped forward and downed bronchi’s second glass

“Master” Flavius and Bronchi greeted, now standing to attention. It was rumoured the legendary man killed Emperor Augustus himself.      

"Well done Flavius, i cannot honsetly say i expected you to return. Maybe i have somewhat underestimated your abilities" Master stroked his stubbled chin and turned his gaze from the beaming Flavius. "And as for you, Bronchi! Your thirst for wine will be your downfall" He smiled slightly and continued "Many wealthy people meet there fate through poisened wine. If you can infiltrate the house as a slave its simple from then on" The two boys nodded with the utmost respect "But that is not why i came, our homes and guild are in danger, i am afraid that someone has spoken of our secrets."


The End

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