Lottie was 2 when her mum died, she never really remember much about her but she always had Sammy. Lottie was 5 when Sammy died. A spiral of events throughout her troubled childhood and into her adult life lead to Lottie troubled and standing on the edge of a bridge with the man she used to think she could trust.

The white pills where spilled across the table cascading onto the floor. ? her face was pale her lips tinted blue.
"Sammy?" her skin was cold to the touch.
"Sammy?" I was shaking her shoulders, my little body starting to panic. "Sammy, wake up" I was too young to understand it then, I didn't know what had happened.
"Sammy, I don't like this game. Sammy. Please stop." I kept saying her name.
"Sammy," soft on my lips,
"Sammy." She was the only person I had in the whole wide world. "Sammy? Please say something." I wanted her to get up; I wanted her to talk to me. "Sammy, what do I do?"
We used to have a game whenever I fell over. She would say “quick, cover your eyes!” and I would. Then she would say “ok, you can look” and when I pulled my fingers away and stuck on my cut would be a plaster. Sammy always seemed to have plasters close by, and they where the most magical plasters, all covered in bright colours and shapes and animals and every time it was a different plaster. And when I would finally look up from my plaster which I was completely mesmerized by she would be pulling silly faces. There was on time where I had a red plaster with lots of blue fish. And when I looked up Sammy had turned into a fish too! And then I was no longer crying but laughing, and I knew everything would always be ok because I had Sammy.
"Sammy, cant you make it better?" I asked her lifeless face.
"Sammy? Please make it better. I don’t like this game” I could hear her voice in my head, “close your eyes” and so I did, I sat on the cold tile floor and covered my eyes.

“Lottie! Oh my gosh what’s happened?” It wasn’t Sammy anymore and I started to cry. Nana scooped my up into her arms and I hoped more than anything Nana knew about Sammy’s game and knew where to find her plasters because then Nana could make it better too. 



The End

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