Chapter Thirteen: Dancing


          It was the night of the dance and I pulled on my costume and discovered that it was extremely tight and showed almost too much cleavage.  It was an image I was pleased to see as I praised myself in the mirror.  I looked liked I was twenty-five and my figure was almost too evidently tiny.  The tight brown leather top and skirt, with all the silver trinkets of Xena the warrior princess, clung to every curve and even added a few I never noticed.

          I trotted up the stairs but there was still no one there.  For the past four days Marley and Sabrine had been nowhere in sight and hadn't even called.  I was beginning to get worried, but Alex had kept me company a lot, and Kat stayed by my side constantly; even Vivian came over once to talk about her newest boyfriend.  But now that I stood in the empty den, I felt the utter loneliness sink deeper into my muscles and I collapsed onto the living room floor, folding my legs underneath me.

          "Olivia?" Kat was crouching at my side, her cat like eyes sadder than normal.

          "I'm okay.  I just miss my Mom, but I know she'll be home some day."

          "Of course.  Don't worry; I'm sure she'll be back soon.  Her and Sabrine are probably drunk at some hotel in Vegas."

          I laughed and I was grateful for the preteen's company.  "Knowing Sabrine, she's probably got a pool boy rubbing her legs."

          "Duh!"  Kat giggled and rolled across the floor in a ball of multi-colored fur.

          A set of headlights pulled into the driveway and I picked myself up off the ground.  I grabbed my jacket thinking it was Alex picking me up to head off to the dance, but I was wrong.  Sabrine and Marley wandered through the front door carrying bags with "Chanel", "Vera Wang" and "Versatci" logos on them.

          "Whatchya bring me?"   I hung over the banister, towering over them with a jubilant grin on my face.

          "Nothing."  Marley added flatly.

          "You're kidding right?"  I sneered.

          "No, we're not.  We were... uh, busy."  Sarbine hung up her dull green jacket in the hall closet and avoided making eye contact with me, but Marley was staring.

          "What on Earth are you wearing?"  Her mouth was agape.

          "My costume.  If you'd been here for say, the past week, you would've seen it.  Skylar picked it out for me and I quite like it." 

          "Well I don't."  Marley scoffed.  Another set of headlights glanced off the hallway mirror and I bubbled over.

          "That's my ride.  I'll catch you later."  I waved and pulled on my boots.  Sabrine pushed past me to see Alex walking up the driveway wearing a black suit and a matching mask.

          "Who is that?"  Sabrine grinned.

          "My date."  I opened the door and was completely swept up in the moment, that I locked lips with him and to my surprise; he kissed back.

          "Hi."  His face brightened as it widened with a smile.

          "Hey."  I replied, just barely coherent.  All my limbs felt like jelly and I was kicking myself internally.

          "Shall we?"  Alex extended his hand in a gentleman like form.  I took it excitedly and he led me to the passenger side and I slid into the Audi gracefully and at that instant, all my nerves were on fire. 

          Alex finally got himself seated and pulled on his seatbelt in slow motion.

          "I didn't mean to kiss you."  My cheeks burned with embarrassment.

          "I know.  I can read you fairly easily."  Alex's tone was distant and I felt a pang of distaste.

          "Well, Sabrine didn't recognized you, so... you look hot."  I snorted.

          "You're horrible at staying calm."  Alex scoffed and pulled off his mask before pulling out of my driveway.

          "Excuse me?"

          "I know you're nervous about tonight Olivia, but it'll all work, I promise.  Just don't screw up."

          "You're one to talk."

          It was too late for me to take it back and I couldn't believe I had said it aloud.  I was normally so good at head talking.

          "What does that mean?"  Alex glared at me out of the corner of his eye.

          "Nothing.  Just forget it."  I sighed outwardly.  My sexy, happy attitude hadn't lasted more than half an hour.  Stupid boy!



          We arrived at the school and showed them our tickets and I suddenly found myself immersed in a severe case of Deja Vu.  Skylar had made me look so many times that I knew exactly what was going to happen.  The knot in my stomach tightened and Alex's grip on my waist did too.  My heart began to skip along with the music as I kept my eyes open for Skylar.

          She was perched against the far wall of the gym, dressed as a zombie cheerleader but still so obviously a vampire to my knowing eyes.

          "OLLIE!"  She squealed and practically pounced on me.  "WOW!  You look HOT! Alex, not bad."  She went on by rolling her eyes and grabbing my hand only to pull me through a mob of dancing students. 

          Red, white, green and blue lights pulsed over the erratically moving crowd.  All their bodies gave the surge of a wave, a new look and their aura's wreaked of lust and sweat.  There were girls grinding the pelvic areas of any male or female in sight and even the freshmen were partying it up.

          "It's so loud."  I laughed, happy to be free from Alex.

          "Don't you love it!"  Skylar screamed over the pulsating music.


          "Oh man!"  Skylar jumped and spun, her pale complexion glowing as the multi colored lights reflected off of her.  She was submerged in a set of costume go-ers and yet she still didn't blend in.

          My body had stopped all movement just before a slow song took over the scene.  Couples wrapped their arms around each other, even girlfriends who'd come without dates swayed to the soft melody.

          Skylar was no longer near me, instead I found myself watching Michael and Sara swaying, but not actually dancing.  Their lips moved quickly, but it looked like they were arguing, and just as I was about to intervene, Alex pulled me to his chest.

          "You alright?"  He whispered in my ear.        

          I rolled me eyes, already expecting how this plan was about to fail.  "I'm absolutely fine.  But I really think we need to talk."

          He lifted his head from my shoulder and looked me in the eye; dangerous move for me.  "About?"

          "This.  All this touching.  You.  It's a fake relationship but you make it look and feel so damn real.  Alex, what do you really want?"

          "For you to be safe."

          "Not the question.  I was asking."

          "I don't understand."

          Our movements stopped and we were standing in the middle of the slowly floating crowd.  I stared up at him knowing full well that my words were going to fail, and I sighed in vain.  "I can't-" My voiced was drowned out by the ending of one song and the beginning of another.  It was louder, the bass shook everything and the blood in my veins pulsed to it. 

          "What?"  He yelled, but I wouldn't answer.  Deja Vu had hit me again strongly, Sara and Michael were standing by the bleachers, her back was to him and he was looking over at me.

          Alex turned to see what I was looking at and only found Michael standing two feet behind him.

          "Hi Ollie."  Michael breathed, his shoulders tense and stressed.  "Would you care to dance?"

          I looked at Alex quietly, asking for the approval I didn't need.  Alex rolled his eyes over my body attentively and hesitantly nodded to say 'yes'.

          Inside I boiled over, but on the exterior, I quietly slinked to Michael's side and joined the sporadic crowd.

          At first we swayed nervously and then a group thrashed into us, tossing me at him and he held my arms to keep me from falling.  Our whole bodies were pressed up against each other as students from all different grades closed the air around us, and just as quickly the gyrating ocean consumed us.  We moved in unison, our bodies thrashing and grinding against everyone else's, creating a heavy scent of temptation in the air.  My thoughts were foggy, and I was losing self-control as the loud, heart skipping songs continued to change and increase in tempo.  More and more people began to crowd against each other, closing any space there had been between two people. 

          Before the song ended, we were exhausted and completely breathless. He signaled for me to follow him into the hallway, and without thinking twice about the people around us or who could be watching, I followed.  The two of us were red in the face and panting, but his eyes were wild and bright, open completely from our exhilarating dance number.  Standing in the hall, we stood completely silent, the words to the song that was play were audible but the hall was as somber as a funeral home.

          "I'm so sorry."  I bowed my head.

          "For what?"

          "For being such a horrible friend.  I should have told you that Sara was no good for you and that if she can't handle our friendship then she shouldn't have you.  I should."  Dammit.  Stop with the verbal diarrhea today Ollie.

          "You?  Should have me?"

          I looked up at him.  "Yes.  Not her.  Me."  I repeated it, though it lacked confidence.

          "But you have Alex?"

          "Not really."  I shrugged.

          "What do you mean by that?"  Michael raised an eyebrow and I envied that.

          "We're fake dating.  Really I just hang out with Kat all the time and we watch movies and talk about life." 

          "Fake dating?"  Michael spat, almost a laugh.

          "Yes.  It's really complicated and I wanted to tell you but this whole Sara thing made me lose all trust in you."

          "You're kidding?"


          "Then, what do I have to do to get my trust back?"

          "Pick me."

          "But, Ollie.  I just can't hurt her like that."

          He called me Ollie.  "But Michael..." My voice broke and he wrapped his arms around me and pulled my head to his chest just as Alex and Vivian came into sight.

          "Olivia?"  Alex mouthed, but still I heard it.  Vivian winked at me and touched his back gently.

          "Come on Alex, let's dance."

          "No."  He snarled.

          Michael leaned into me, his breath tussled free strands of hair.  "I thought you said you were fake dating."

          "Got to make it look real."  I nodded, but I was second-guessing myself.


          "Just... don't worry.  I'll fill you in later."  I kissed his cheek and prepared for Alex's scene.

          "Olivia, what on Earth are you doing?"  Alex didn't move from Vivian's side.

          "Alex, look.  I can't do this anymore.  I care more about Michael than I do you.  I love him."  Good one!  MORON!

          "LOVE?"  Both Alex and Michael joined in on the chorus, even Vivian was in shock.

          "Please Alex, don't make a scene.  We're over and..."

          "And what, Olivia?  You never really wanted this?  How could you be so selfish?  You really are like your Mother." 

          "Alex!"  Vivian smacked him across the back of the head.

          "How could you say that?"  Michael snarled.

          "Easily.  Especially when it's true.  I'm going home."  Alex growled and spun on his heels.

          Suddenly Deja Vu subsided and my ears burned, I couldn't breathe, my chest tightened and then I felt something hot and wet trickle down my neck and the sound of shattering glass.  My knees hit the cold black and white tile of the hallway.  I carefully turned around, feeling the pain in the back of my head radiating down my neck.  A pair of blood, red eyes bore down at me as the model-esque figure of Lexie stood over me.

          "Party's over Ollie."  Her voice was seductive but I couldn't fight back and I slipped into darkness.

          "Someone call the cops!"



          "Vivian, go around.  We'll follow Lexie."


          "What happened?"


          "The EMT's are on the way."

          How could I not have seen this coming?  How did I let boys cloud my judgment?  She must've known.


The End

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