Chapter Eleven: Emé


          I was concentrating on something I knew was about to happen, just not how: The School Dance.

          I focused on the front doors, the sound of the music thumping around wildly and then people started appearing and the movie began to play.  I saw Skylar and a sophomore dancing together, her movements were quiet and smooth, while he looked like a dancing squirrel.  Next, I searched the dance floor for Sara and found her talking to Amber, her best friend, while Michael stood at her side tentatively.  She was so obnoxious and I knew that it wouldn’t last.  Just then, Michael caught sight of me and slipped away.  He looked pained.

          Would you like to dance?

          I replied with a nod.


          “Olivia, can you focus here.”  Skylar snapped.

          I came back from my vision to meet an overwhelmed Skylar; I smiled and looked at the clothes that hung in her dressing room.

          “What was I wearing?”  She asked impatiently. 

          The dance was six days away and we were shopping for the perfect outfits, and due to the Halloween nature, I had told Skylar to go as a vampire.  She nearly clawed my eyes out for that comment.

          A pleasant memory took over as I stared at Skylar modeling some hideous fur coat, and I sunk away from her disgusted look.

          ‘Skylar, Alex told me.’

          ‘That no good for nothing Hunter.’

          ‘Hey.  I’m one too.’

          ‘I know.’

          ‘You do?’

          ‘When a Hunter moves onto my turf, I know.’

          ‘He’s teaching me about my visions.’

          ‘Any good?’

          ‘So far I can only pick events that would happen two minutes from now.’



          I laughed at the memory, now I could however pick out events a week in advance at the most.  I was still learning and Alex was only teaching as much as he could.

          “Black skirt, that green and black corset top and the tennis shoes.”

          “What am I dressing up as?” She held up the items I’d mentioned.

          “Zombie cheerleader.”  I smirked.

          “Great idea.”  Skylar winked.

          Since we were being honest, Skylar had spoken more freely with me and we were even meeting after school hours.  I felt that I had my new friend, since Michael was too busy keeping tabs on Sara and all her personal demands.

          “Thank-you.”  I nodded and helped her put away the seventeen other pieces.

          “What are you going as?”  Skylar asked as the lady at the cash-out at Hangers rang us through.

          “I can’t see me, remember?”  I whispered to her, my tone a slight growl.

          “I meant, what are your ideas?”  Skylar glared.

          “Oh.  A nymph.  Cat -”

          “Warrior Princess.”  Skylar stated, her answer seeming final.


          “Go as a warrior princess.  I have parts of a costume, you just need boots and a brown skirt.”  She winked.

          “Oh god.”  I rolled my eyes and glared.

          “C’mon, I think it’ll look good.”  Skylar pleaded.

          “Oh alright.”  I gave in with a shrug and followed her down the mall towards Reitman’s and the shoe store.

          I bought my knee high, brown, leather boots and an almost too short, mini-skirt.  It rode mid-thigh and I already felt self-conscious about my chubby knees.  Skylar helped me carry my box of boots and we walked back down to her car.

          The little black BMW waited for us taking up two parking spots.  Those that walked by leered at the ostentatious vehicle.  I suppressed a laugh at the looks we received as we slipped into the leather interior.

          “Olivia.”  Skylar started.  Pausing before she started the car.

          “Yes Skylar?”  I shoved my wallet in my back pocket and pulled my seat belt across my chest and lap.

          “What else did you see in your vision?”  Skylar started the car, a smile spreading.

          “Just you dancing with some sophomore and others all dancing around.”

          “Oh, that’s it?  Nothing about Michael and Alex?”  Skylar cringed.

          “Why?  What do you know?”  My eyes were on her instantly, she had an ability all her own, she had internal instincts which allowed her to easily read the emotions of the people around her.

          “Well, Michael seems to have some anger towards Alex.”

          “Why?”  I blinked.  Am I really that blind?

          “I don’t know, I can’t tell you why, I just know how they feel.”

          “Wonderful.”  I growled.

          The car buzzed through the lights and down the highway.  It seemed to be quite the long ride due to the silence that echoed through the car, louder than any engine noise that filtered into the cab.



          As we pulled into Morden I noticed that she was turning onto First Street instead of taking me home.  I promised myself that I wouldn’t aggravate her with vampire questions, but at the moment I was beyond curious. 

          “Where are we going?”
          “My house.”  She said flatly.

          I shuddered.  “Oh.”
          “Sorry, I just want to tell Emé where I’m going.”  Skylar winked.

          “That’s alright, I completely understand.”  No I don’t.  Half the time Marley is the one who has to explain where she’s going.  Skylar!  I don’t want to be in a house full of – Emé?

          “Who’s Emé?  I thought you lived alone?”

          The look on my face must have been humorous due to the fact that Skylar looked at me once and started laughing.  Her shiny white teeth sparkled as the light bounced off of them.

          “You look like a six-year-old who just caught her parents in bed.”  Skylar snorted.

          “Shut up.”  I pouted and crossed my arms over my chest.  “I was just-”

          “Curious.  Yes I know.”  She winked again.  “I live with A.J. and Emé just outside of the town limits.  Emé is my Aunt, or at least that’s what we tell people, really she’s just another vampire who needed companions.  And A.J. and I are like children to her, so she has some unconditional love for us, we just live in her house.”

          “That’s kind of sweet.  How did you meet her?”  Stupid.  That’s one of those questions you promised not to ask.

          Skylar’s face was neutral.  “I was moving away from Nebraska when I graduated from high school there as Taylor Mills.  I was planning on going to Vancouver to start Junior High all over, but I was warned that Hunters were there, so I settled for L.A.  I got a job and some papers that revealed my age of a twenty-two year old female named Samara O’Hansen.  I worked at a fashion retail store, that’s when I met Emé.  She was extremely tall, 5’ 11” right now, with roan hair and green eyes. I automatically knew what she was, a vampire. 

          “She had worked hard to conceal it, so I tried not to burst her bubble.  I offered her some of the newest arrivals and the more expensive items.  She was overwhelmed with the joy that our tastes matched and then she asked me out for coffee-”

          “How old are you?”  Big mouth.

          “Eighteen.  But I was changed in 1935, my boyfriend was a vampire and he sired me.” 


          “Sure.”  Skylar rolled her eyes and pulled onto a gravel road where the pavement fell away.

          I guess it’s not as sweet as I thought it was.

          We took the next five minutes in silence as we bounced around on gravel and pulled into a drive that was cemented and dark.  The house was large, and at least two stories evident in a gray wash siding.  Large paned windows sat in the front of the house covered with pale drapes and golden, tasseled ropes.

          Skylar pulled her car into the three-car garage and killed the engine.  The hair on my arms stood on end as my nerves tingled beneath my skin, sending electric jolts through my limbs.

          The garage was extremely dark, especially with the door closed behind us, and the car lights now turned off.  She pulled the keys from the ignition and dropped them in her pocket before she opened her door and walked around to the open trunk.

          Nervously, I stepped out from the car and followed as Skylar lithely entered her home.  ON the inside it was as normal as any other home I’d even been in.  The living room was the closest to the entryway and was luxuriously lain out.

          A large beige sectional took up most of the large living room, encircling a big screen TV and several photos and other items I guessed were from the 18th Century.

          “Ollie, my room’s upstairs.  You coming?”  Her eyes were nervous.

          “Sure…” I shivered slightly and followed her up the grand, spiral staircase located in the back of the entrance.  It was carpeted with a soft blushing rose carpet and dark cherry wood banister.  Everything was very lavish and old Victorian as we made our way along the second floor hallway.

          The walls were a dark rust color, occasionally there were pictures and paintings hanging along the small corridor, but it was a very warm atmosphere.  Skylar’s room was at the end of the hall and the only reason I knew that was: the bright pink wooden blocks that were nailed to her door.

          “Did you put those there?”  I sputtered.

          “No.” Skylar rolled her eyes.  “Emé did that.  She was thrilled when I decided to use my real name for once.”

          “Hm.  She’s nothing like my Mom.”  I scoffed.

          “No kidding.  I’m sure you Mom is quite the opposite.”  Skylar grimaced.

          Goosebumps lifted the hair on my arms and neck so I shivered once more. It was more out of anticipation to see Skylar’s Gothic Era type bedroom rather than her doomsday tone.

          I wonder if she has a coffin for a bed, or maybe even a large painting of her covering an entire wall?

          I silently mocked every vampire movie I’d even watched and even though I was Buffy in this scenario, I felt no pressure to whip out holy water and splash it on the five foot four vampire who was reluctantly showing me the door of her bedroom.

          “Don’t laugh, okay?”  Skylar pleaded.

          “Okay.  No laughing.”  I crossed my heart with my fingers.

          With my promise, she opened the true, oak door, the entrance to her entire world.

          And this is where we cut to commercial.  I smirked, and I was really hoping that Skylar didn’t notice.

          The door opened completely and Skylar flicked on her light.  The light fixture was a motorized fan with one bulbous lamp attached to it.  The walls were a light lavender shade, all five walls; it was a pentagon of all rooms.  Her bed was closest to the door, a large brass headboard was attached to an every day bed, but the canopy was a white lace that hung on the ceiling.  Her bed spread was white with little purple stripes with pink and deep gray accents.

          The only other thing that was lavish about her room was the Empire Fireplace that two armchairs were positioned in front of.  Other than that, she had the original items: a desk with a black Dell computer, an armoire and a nightstand next to her Queen sized bed.

          “What do you think?”

          “It’s so soft.”  I beamed.

          “Huh?”  Skylar’s eyebrow tweaked.

          “Your room, it’s so soft and delicate.  I was expecting something a little more vibrant and abusive.”

          “Why?  Is that how you see me?”

          I groaned to add effect.  “No, you’re more bubbly and a good listener.  A little pushy at times but… it’s just not what I expected.”

          “Well, good.”  Skylar nodded and then went about placing her new items where they needed to be.  She didn’t have a closet, so it was obvious why she had such a large armoire.

          I explored the feminine styled room, trying out the bed and all the chairs, admiring art works that scattered the wall.  There wasn’t really much to her room, but I was so overwhelmed with awe and curiosity that everything seemed so intricate and alien.

          A light tapping on her bedroom door gave me a little self-control back so I could stop eyeing every brick on the fireplace with an eye for artistic detail.

          “Skylar.”  A sweet, Motherly voiced flooded over onto the other side of the door.

          “I’ll be right there Emé.”  Skylar spoke normally, no need to yell across the room when they had super hearing.

          Man, Marley’s hearing is good but not that good.  You’d never get away with anything in this house.  That’s not cool.

          Skylar walked seamlessly across the room and unlocked her door to allow Emé to enter.  I was staring at a brick when I felt her standing about four feet away, staring at my back. I turned, remembering to keep a neutral look on my face, but just one glance at her and all was lost.

          She stood about four inches taller than my five foot seven.  Her face was cat-like and all her features were extremely feminine, but nothing delicate about them.  The prominent cheekbones and thin, blood red lips complemented the length of her face – no pun intended – with a sturdy nose and large black eyes.  She had perfectly sculpted eyebrows, the same deep brown as her hair that she tied back into a braid that hung all the way down her back. 

          Oh wow.  She’s stunning.

          “Ollie!”  Skylar snapped.

          “So, you’re Olivia?”  Emé grinned.  Her tone was rough, almost disgusted.

          “Yes.  And you must be Emé?”

          “Well at least you’re well informed.”

          “Emé doesn’t like Hunters, for well, obvious reasons.”  Skylar pointed to her own eyes.

          I had no idea what she meant until Emé got close enough to me that I could smell her sweet vanilla scent.  Her eyes were a deep mauve, far from black with large pupils.

          “Yes.  Obvious reasons.”  Emé grinned.

          No fangs?

          “Well, I’m sorry to hear that.”

          “Yes, I’m so sure.”  Emé almost laughed.  “I can’t believe you’re Gabriel’s daughter.  Besides your looks you hold nothing of his air.”

          “Emé, lay off.”  Skylar growled.


          “No, I want to know what you mean by that.”  I narrowed my eyes, careful not to seem obviously enraged.

          “Hm.  Well you should really take it as a compliment.  Gabriel is a lost soul, foolish and selfish in every aspect of life.  He’s so powerful and loves to remind my society of that power.”

          My brows furrowed.  “Any disrespects paid to my Father can’t be taken as a compliment.”  My voice squeaked.

          “She’s cute.”  Emé beamed.  “Don’t let A.J. know I said that.”

          “Thank-you and I won’t.”  Skylar winked.

          Emé looked at me curiously for a moment before she floated back out of the room.

          “She likes you.”  Skylar laughed.

          “Is that a good thing?”  I blinked.

          “It means you can rest easy.”

          “Okay.”  I bit my bottom lip.  “Where does she hunt?”

          “Anywhere that death is inevitable.  She’s a nurse at Boundary Trails.  She works in the I.C.U. and those rooms where patients are held as comfortably as possible until they say their good-byes.  She’s using the name ‘Karen Simmons’ right now.”  Skylar’s speech came easily and almost breathlessly.

          “And that part about A.J.?”

          “A.J. can’t stand you.  No offence.”

          “Because I’m a Hunter?”

          “Not really.  Mostly because of that and because I sort of befriended you to escape her group of bimboes.”

          I couldn’t help but laugh that time.  “Okay.  I guess I understand that fairly well.”

          “Ya.  Don’t worry though, she won’t dare bite you.  She absolutely hates the taste of human blood.”

          “Oh?  Why’s that?”

          “Well, I changed her.  It was probably a bad idea, but she was at the hospital when I was visit-”

          “Whoa – wait – she’s a new vampire?”  I gawked.

          “Yes?  Didn’t I tell you that?”


          “Oh.  Well when we first moved here, I believe two months after the fact, a run-away from Winnipeg was found half-dead and brought to Boundary Trails for treatment.  Emé had told me all about it but paid no interest in the petty subject.”

          “But, one day I went to visit her at work to talk and just relive myself of boredom when I met her.  She was in the ICU, her Mom died and her Father had long since lived in Manitoba.  Emé asked me if I was interested in having a sister.  I jumped at the chance, the only catch was – I had to do it myself.”

          “That doesn-”

          “I’m getting to that.”  Skylar hushed me.  “So anyway, she was awake when I went in there to ask her name and so forth.  She said her name was Ariel Jane Patterson from 4132 Apartment off of Princess Avenue.  She was eloquent and well learned, so I immediately found my interest increase.

          “She was two days from turning twenty-one and she’d been a Victorian Poetry major in University.  Originally she wanted to be a surgeon but witnessed a friend get shot and she ended up being covered in her friend’s blood.  The smell was revolting and made her throw up.

          “Now all she wanted to do was die at the ultimate age of youth.  I offered her eternal life and one that she’d forever find lust towards.

          “At first she thought I was joking, or crazy, but then I gave her my real name and my real age.  A week after her 21st she finally agreed to be changed, and because of “the accident” she hated blood.  Even the smell makes her feel gross; it is really funny to watch.  I myself like cows, but don’t tell anyone.”

          “Cows?”  My expression changed to quizzical.

          “Mm, what’s the problem?”

          “It’s just… cows?  Big, ugly, dirty, smelly bovines?”


          “Weird.”  I shrugged and went back to exploring her room.

          “Well how about we go get some supper?”  Skylar winked and grabbed my hand.  Her hand was icy cold, and had the texture of a smooth stone.  A shiver tingled up my arm and I flinched at her touch, but she didn’t release me; instead, she towed me down the stairs in the same direction we’d come earlier.

          She finally released me and moved around the front of the to slide into the diver’s seat.  My hand felt icy cool and I stared at it for a short moment, half expecting its texture to match Skylar’s, but it was still the same clammy texture and ivory color that it had always been.

          Being friends with a vampire is going to be quite the roller coaster if I do say so myself.  I smirked and stared down at my knees as we drove back into Morden and towards my house.

          The driveway was completely empty and for once I was happy that Marley had once again vanished off the face of the planet.  Skylar parked her car and followed me up the front walk and into my house.

          “Wow, nice house.”  Skylar’s lips spread into an: ‘O’.

          “Oh, right.  I guess this is your first time you’ve been here.”  I grinned.


          “Well it’s no mansion.”  I laughed.

          “Please.  This is so homey, I love it.”  Skylar clapped.

          “I suppose.”

          “Okay, go unpack that stuff, oh, I forgot that costume stuff.  I’ll bring it to you tomorrow.”  Skylar winked.

          “Please not at school.”  I begged, clasping my hands together.

          “Oh let it go.  I’ll package it properly and no one will suspect a thing.”

          “Fine.  Don’t let Michael or Alex see it.” I smirked.

          “I won’t.”

          We went to my room and began unpacking everything I’d bought that day.  Skylar sat silently in my leather chair – the same seat Alex had sat in when he’d explained my entire past.  I still hadn’t told my Mom I knew, but I was content in keeping it that way.

          “So… you and Alex are still going together to the dance?”  Skylar’s face was flat, emotionless.

          I only glanced at her for a second and then went back to fixing my new boots into my closet.  “Yes, we are going together.  Why do you ask?”

          “Curiosity.  Have you been hanging out with him at all?”

          “Quite often actually.  He’s been teaching me how to use my visions and it really seems to be working.”

          “Alexander really must know his stuff.”  Skylar came to stand beside me now as I finished.  “Shall we.”  She held out her arm to me in an escort type motion.

          I feared to touch her again, to feel how cold she really was and the smoothness of her skin.  Instead, I pretended not to notice her and spun around to grab another sweatshirt.

          “Okay, I want Dairy Queen.”  I smiled.

          “Oo.  That sounds good.”  Skylar rolled her eyes.

          “I have seen you eat before, don’t lie.”

          “True.  Maybe I’ll just get some ice cream.”  She shrugged.

          “Good plan.”

The End

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