Chapter Five: Vivian


          I sat there talking with Sabrine for almost an hour, my smile never fading once.  Her voice was a familiar song that I could sit next to and enjoy for hours on end, with it’s soft and swift melody and upbeat chords and sour notes, the enjoyment never ended until our conversation would have to come to a close.  Sitting across from her I tried to take mental pictures of how she looked now compared to my childhood, she was just as pretty as I remembered: deep green eyes and golden brown hair like my Mother’s.  Dark, auburn skin and a perfect complexion, the kind I would eat six buckets of fish guts for.  Her dark pink lips moved along as I fell into thought, only listening to half her story about how the business was doing well back home and that a very nice couple bought my old home.

          “Oh that reminds me, I brought you a present.”  Sabrine smirked and my eyes watched intently as she pulled a brightly colored CD case from the back of her purse.  Sabrine always had surprises that she would randomly dawn on me, so I was thoroughly excited to experience this one.  “I’m sorry I missed your birthday.”

          “That was in March.”  I raised an eyebrow and opened the CD case to take a glance inside.  It was just another one of her burnt CD’s and I was curious as to what was on it, I bit my lip and glanced at her sideways.

          “It’s a little bit of everything, all the new stuff and the old stuff you love.  I didn’t forget the music you used to blare in the bedroom in Vancouver.”
          “Who could?”  Marley joked, sitting by the island her arms folded across her chest as she watched with a sore eye.

          “Thank you Sabrine.  I forgive you for forgetting.” 

          “Thanks Ollie.  I know you’ll love it.” 

          I reached towards her to hug her, and her long arms extended towards me and pulled me close to her chest with a loving hug.  I held on tightly, thinking that I may never get to see her again with all the business she did out of the country and I would soon be off on a life of my own.  I was reluctant to let go when the phone rang impatiently in the background. 

          Marley picked it up, sighing heavily.  “Olivia.  It’s Michael.”  She called, eyeing my reaction.

          “Oh, okay.  Class must be over.”  I wandered over to where my Mom held the phone out for me and took it with ease and pulled the receiver to my ear.  “Hello?”

          “You’ll never guess what happened!”  Michael cheered excitedly on the other end.         


          “Well, I said guess.”

          “Why?  Is guessing going to make the story better?”

          “No.  But it’ll entertain me greatly.”

          “Fine.”  I rolled my eyes, giving into his request.  I grinned fiercely.  “Sara spontaneously combusted?”

          “Close.  But not quite so violent.”

          “Damn, I was hoping that I wouldn’t have to see her anymore.”

          “Ollie, that’s horrible.”

          “Ya. Ya.  Okay, so just tell me.”

          “We have a senior in our class now, and Keith hit on her.  She almost punched him.”

          “Really now?  What’s her name?  What was stopping her?”

          “Oh, so now you’re interested.” Michael teased.

          “Extremely.  When there is a life to be threatened, you can be sure that I’ll be there watching carefully without interfering.”

          “I believe Sara called her Vivian.”
          “Vivian?  She must be new.”  Seems to be a lot of them around these days.

          “Oh ya, she’s new.  AND HOT!  I had to think of rotting potatoes just to keep relaxed.”

          “Michael, that’s gross.”

          “It’s human nature Ollie.”

          “Ya, well it’s one ‘natural’ instinct I don’t need to hear about.”

          “Why not?  Haven’t you ever considered – oh damn, she hit him.  I gotta go.  I’ll fill you in later.”

          “WAIT!  Michael!”  I yelped, but the line went dead.

          “What was that all about?”  Marley questioned, eyes tracing my features.

          “Some new girl just punched Keith because he was flirting with her.”  I shook my head with a smile.  “Just crazy guy stuff.”

          “I’d be punching guys too if they were all like that to me.”  Sabrine added sarcastically.

          I just glared at her, knowing full well that she was more of a flirt than anyone my age ever would be.  “Thanks again Sabrine.  I think I’m going to go listen to it for a while.”


          With that I slipped downstairs and into the refuge of my room.  It was absolutely quiet, not even the hum of my computer running was audible, and it was unnerving.  I crept over to my stereo and popped the CD in, waiting for it to start after I pressed play I plopped down on my bed.

          The first song to resound around me was ‘I Don’t Feel Like Dancing’ and I was enjoying the high-pitched artist behind the music.  I closed my eyes, painting an image of myself dancing along with the music on stage, engrossed by the audience and all their awe as I spun freely without a care. I was leaping and dancing, twirling and then someone caught me up in their arms of a duet.  Glistening green orbs blazed down at me, a smug smile caressing his lips as he bent into me.  Alex. 

          My eyes opened angrily and the song had changed, something more new aged that I didn’t know the title too pounded on the walls with its heavy bass.  Suddenly, my fingers went numb and the room shifted.  It felt the same as before, my eyes were wide open and a slicing headache shook my body.  I wound my hands through my blankets, trying to force the pain elsewhere.

          And then it started: I was standing in the park next to Michael and it was pouring, he held his jacket over us and we watched as venomous eyes approached from the darkness.  I froze, horrified, screaming.

          Then the image faded and I was lying on my bed sweating, my fingers still laced through my duvet.  I was watching my ceiling, my eyes adjusting carefully.

          What the hell just happened?  Why am I having these stupid daydreams?  And why the hell are they so  “damn painful?”

          I sat up, my CD was on track 15 and my alarm clock read 1:09.  If I didn’t leave now, I would be late for History, for another invigorating period next to Alex, I shuddered at my memory of art class and my daydream and pounced off my bed and flew up the stairs, grabbing my bag from the stairwell.

          “Need a ride?”  Sabrine stood catlike before me.

          “That would be so amazing.”

          “Then it’s settled.  Take my car, I’ll just drive around with your Mom all day.”

          My jaw dropped and watched the black and silver key hanging before my eyes, mesmerized.  It would seem that Sabrine was planning on staying a little longer than I’d figured, this was good news but I really couldn’t just take her car.  “Oh, I can’t do that.”

          “C’mon.  You got your license, right?”  Sabrine winked.

          “Well, yes.  But the high school really isn’t for cars like yours.” 

          “That piece of junk?  Honey, take it, my treat.”

          I bit my bottom lip, debating if it would be such a good idea to take the shiny black deathtrap for a spin, only after a second of which did I snatch the key in lightning speed.

          “Good girl.  I’ll see you after school.” 


          I bolted out the door without saying goodbye and plummeted into the dark interior of the 90’s Impala.  It had obviously been updated since it had first been new.  A lit up CD console was newly connected into the dark, and blue foot lights lit up by the pedals.  I suddenly feared for my life if I scratched it.

          I rolled gently backwards out of the drive, my finger gliding over the console shift.  It was nerve racking remembering how to drive a standard, when I’d only ever driven my Mother’s truck once in a while and test-drove a little Mustang back in Vancouver when I had my learner’s. 

          As I tossed the car into gear, I easily made my way down Parkhill and up Nelson and I was on my way to the Collegiate.  I passed a few other kids walking back to school and glanced at the dashboard clock.  It was 1:20 and I wasn’t going to be so late after all.

          I parked it on the side of the road just after the stop sign by the North doors, across from the Teacher parking lot.  A black super-bike, gleaming in the afternoon sun called to me softly.  I parked two feet behind it and killed the engine. 

          Who could own such a beauty?

          I smirked and pulled myself out of the car and wandered up the steps glancing back a few times causing me to stumble forward up the cement stairs.  I heard the warning bell go and I cursed under my breath and dodged around some other students and made a beeline for the stairs by the front doors towards my history class.

          I half expected it to be empty, but there was no such luck; Skylar and A.J. were seating in their usual spot at the back and there, right next to my seat was Alex.

          Groaning, I slugged to my seat and flung my bag onto the table before me.  I didn’t want to even look at Alex, and I figured as long as I didn’t, I wouldn’t pass out again.  And from my little ‘daydream’ this afternoon, I really hoped that Déjà vu wasn’t common.

          “Hello Ollie.”

          Turning, I met Skylar’s dark, but amused glance.

          “Skylar.”  I nodded in acknowledgement.

          “How was lunch?”  She asked, her face curious.

          “It was fine.  You seem cheery?”

          She blinked looking dubious.  “Well, I had a good afternoon.  And the entire eleventh grade class got to see Keith get knocked out by a girl.”

          At that remark, Alex looked directly at us, his expression unreadable.

          “So I heard.”  I smirked, trying to picture it, but the female was missing and instead it turned into two dogs fighting each other.

          “Yes.  I was overly entertained.  Normally, new kids would keep low profiles.”  Skylar’s expression adjusted towards Alex momentarily before she left back to A.J.

          It was the way she had emphasized normally and the new kids that made the hair on the back of my neck tingle.  I closed my eyes, shivering slightly. 

          “You’re not going to pass out again, are you?”  Alex teased.

          I lowered my eyes to open them, staring at my knees before I turned my face to his.  “No.  Not today.”  I finished calmly.

          “Oh.  That’s good news.”  Alex smiled, devastatingly sharp and his face brightened.

          I ripped my eyes away and lay my head against my book bag, thinking clearly about my history homework instead of the afternoon I had missed. 

          “How are we feeling today, Olivia?”  Mr. Desmond’s deep, cheery voice broke my concentration.

          Looking up at him, I smiled sincerely and blushed ever so slightly.  “Marvelous.”

          “Good to hear.”  And then automatically he went back to harassing another few students that had walked into the class.

          “Marvelous?  You sure?”  Alex looked at me, a hint of worry in his smug eyes.

          “Yes.  And anyway, why do you care?”

          “You fell on me.  Remember?”

          “Oh right.”  I shuddered embarrassingly.

          Class started briefly, but I only caught pieces of the conversation that floated around the room as we worked on our assignment.  My thoughts floated back to my day dream, and absent mindedly I began to sketch the scene on a fresh piece of loose-leaf, when I came around at the end of class, I was startled to see the perfect image scrawled roughly in black and white.

          The eyes from the darkness were breath taking and frightening, I gasped and Alex heard me.  His eyes followed mine and moved across what was intended to be my homework.

          “Scary.  Anyone in particular?”  His smug tone was back, jabbing at my thought process.

          “A daydream I had.”  I answered flatly. 

          From the corner of my eye, I saw his body go rigid for a split second before he left, noiselessly, from the class.

          Did it scare him?  Maybe he’ll leave me alone now… or maybe not.  He’ll probably have me committed like so many others have wanted to.  Oh Ollie, you are a lost cause.

          I folded up my belongings and marched back downstairs to room 101 where I had my Applied 30S Math class with Mrs. Corey.  I was hoping that there were no new kids sitting with me and my hopes were granted as I swerved into the filling room.  My table had been left empty and I was gloating that no one dare cross my territory.





          School ended on a high note, NO HOMEWORK!  I was so happy that I pranced the short way to my locker.  Michael was leaning against it, smiling cat like.

          “How was your afternoon?”  Her purred.

          “No so bad.  I daydreamed all of history and there were no ‘surprises’ in Math.”

          “That’s good to hear.”  Michael looked jumpy, as if he had a secret he wanted to share with the world.  “You want to know something?”

          “When did you become ‘Gossip Girl’?” 

          “Don’t tease.”  Michael sulked, acting of course.

          “Just tell me.”  I groaned.

          “Sara asked Alex out, and man, she got turned down so bad.”  Michael seemed thrilled.

          “I knew he was cruel, but really?  Sara?”

          Michael nodded.  “And I quote: “I don’t date girls like you”.”

          “Ouch.  What’s that supposed to mean?”

          “Who cares!”

          “Well, he’s still an ass.”  I snarled, flinging my bag over my shoulder and slamming my locker door shut.

          “Relax Ollie, she got what was coming to her.”  Michael’s smile faded, as if a new topic was scratching at his thoughts.

          “What is it now?”  Concern colored my voice.

          “Well … it’s nothing.”  Michael waved it away, shaking his head and glancing away.

          “Alright.”  I shrugged and turned away from him, yanking keys for the Impala out of my front pocket.

          “You have a car?”  Michael blinked, falling in step with me easily.

          “No.  Sabrine lent me her car for the afternoon.”

          “Oh.  You mean the Impala?”

          I rolled my eyes.  “Yes, her Impala.  Why?”

          “Just curious.”  Michael winked.

          “Alright.  So, I’ll just see you at work then.”  I waved and wandered out the west doors and onto the street.  Crossing the road, people stared at me and I noticed that the super bike was still there, and parked in front of it was a 2005 Audi.

          I felt my jaw drop and I stared after it, almost running into the black bike itself.

          “Hey, watch it!”  A female voice snapped at me, I flung around.

          Standing about three feet behind me was a tall, thin, sporty looking senior.  She had long, straight brunette hair that dropped down to her waist, which her right hand rested on generously.

          “I-I-I’m sorry.”  I stuttered.

          “Whatever.  Get away from my bike.”  She snarled, deep green eyes glowering at me.

          I stepped away from the black super bike and backed away towards my borrowed Impala.

          She pulled on her onyx helmet and gunned the engine of the bike, her long leg swung over the seat gracefully.  For a moment I was completely in awe, she was obviously a senior and she was gorgeous.  But she’d never win a beauty pageant with that attitude.

           She didn’t even check to make sure anyone was coming before her wrist twisted and the bike popped into the air and back down to the pavement before speeding off.

          I turned and ran right into someone.

          “Shit.”  I screamed.

          “Relax.  It’s just me.”

          Michael.  Relief washed over me.

          “So I see you met Vivian.”  He laughed, a wisp of taunt coloring his words.

          “Perhaps.”  I blushed.  “What’s up?”

          “I was walking to my car and I saw you and it looked like she was about to deck you one.”

          “Oh.”  I sighed outwardly.  I thought she might too.

          “You’re okay though, right?”

          “Ya Michael, I’m fine.”

          No I’m not.  Michael!  A headache washed over me and the sky twisted above the school and then vanished.  But I saw nothing in its place and then Michael’s arms were around me.

          “Ollie?”  He asked sternly.

          “I’m alright.  Shock.”  I smirked, trying to seem believable.

          “Okay.”  He glanced down at his watch.  “I really have to get home and change for work.  I’ll see you there.”

          “Mhmm.”  I nodded and watched him leave.  I mimicked his action and slid into the dark interior of the Impala and drove home with ease and no more episodes.




          I parked in the extended parking lot, facing away from the strip mall that housed: Giant Tiger, Sleep Country, Video Stop and Shoppers Drug Mart.  I fished around in the dark interior of the Impala for my purse.  It was only 4:20 but already I could feel the heat and sun ebbing away.

          As I opened the car door, I saw Michael’s Mazda slowly negotiate the corner by Trav’s.  Of course he waved and pulled into the empty parking space next to me.

          He flew out of his car and met me just as I got to the back of mine.  He was ecstatic.  Normally, he worked with another guy, who’s about twenty, on Friday nights, but tonight it’s just me.

          “I’m going to have to thank Sadie for this.”  I groaned.

          “Relax.  We barely actually hang out anymore.”  He glanced down at my purse, raising his eyebrow slightly.


          “A purse?”

          Quickly, I felt heat rise to my cheeks and I slapped a hand to my forehead.  “Uh, ya.  Michael, let’s not start with that.”

          To my amusement, he understood and turned a deep crimson.  “Never mind then.”

The End

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