Chapter Twenty-Eight: History


          Rebbeca and I had spent the whole day browsing amongst the shoppers before Christmas Eve made its arrival.  On our arrival at the hotel room we found that it was still vacant of Jonathon’s presence and decided to go on to supper without him at Olive Garden, enjoying an environment away from the hotel and one where being loud was welcome.  No amount of noise gained us any complaints or rude stares, and the six of us enjoyed eating until we were so full, moving seemed the least likely option. 

          “Well this feels just like the old days.  Except back then our parents drove us everywhere.”  Natalie snorted, finishing off the last of her tiramisu.  If she was pregnant, tonight it was impossible to tell compared to all the food the rest of us had eaten.

“I’d say.  I do not miss having Jay’s parents force Molly upon us every time we wanted to go out to a movie or something.”  Rebecca grinned, downing the rest of her raspberry lemonade. 

“Or, having Olivia’s mom glare at us each time we came through her front door laughing and actually enjoying ourselves.”  Nate grinned towards me. 

“Hey!  She just really liked her peace and quiet, it wasn’t easy having a teenage daughter who had one too many male friends.”  The tension in my body had evaporated and everything back home seemed a little less important. 

“Maybe because she had one male friend who made a little too much noise, perhaps?”  Jay sneered.

“Bugger off.”  Aly slapped him. 

“Oh no.”  Rebecca looked down at the watch on her wrist, her mouth moving silently as she cursed.  “I have to get home Olivia, I have to leave for a gathering in Kelowna tomorrow so we’re leaving really early.  Sorry guys.” 

          “It’s no problem Becks.  The rest of us have places to be tomorrow too.”  Nate shrugged and pushed Aly out of the booth and the rest of us followed. 


          The ride home with Rebecca was just as lively and entertaining as the trip to the mall had been.  She left me at the front door to the hotel, giving me a hug and then driving off as I made my way through the lobby and back up to my room.  I slipped through the door, half expecting it to be as empty as it had been when I left that afternoon.  I had expected wrong for Jonathon was perched on the couch, lounging about and watching something quietly on TV.  He barely even flinched as I came through the door, smiling and humming the song that had last been played on the radio in Rebecca’s car. 

          “Just in time for bed.”  Jonathon muttered. 

          “Not quite.”  I plopped down on the couch next to him, folding myself against his side and let my head rest on his shoulder.  Any thought of beating the hell out of him had lost my interest, and now all I cared about was enjoying our final evening of freedom together.  His arm folded around my side pulling me closer to him and he kissed the top of my head, far too affectionate for me. 

          “Oh really?”  He smirked as I glanced up at him with a daring expression. 

          “Yes, we have to go back to Morden tomorrow to all the stares and questioning glances and I would much rather spend the last night away from my Mother enjoying myself.”  I let my open palm rest against his cheek and pulled his face to mine, opening his lips when mine touched his.  The fire exploded from within him and filled me with the same excited energy his touched always did.  I pulled myself in to his lap and pressed my body against his harder, being in control felt better than lying below him letting him have his way. 

          He pulled a way for a moment with a bewildered look on his face, running his hands through my hair softly.  “No further than this.”  Jonathon said breathlessly. 

          “What?”  Now I was in shock, my mind scanning everything I had just done. 

          “I lost control before.  Did you not feel it?  Like you had no way to move your body?”  Jonathon held my face softly. 

         So that’s what that was, it wasn’t me after all. Go figure.  “I don’t care.”  I pulled his hands from my face and caught up his lips in mine before he could fight me anymore.  I wouldn’t let him control my body again.  I could be and was stronger than everyone I knew and nothing would stop me from proving that. 

          “You should.”  He laughed between kisses.

          “I’m stronger than I look, remember?”  I snorted and pressed my body harder against his, forcing his hands down my back. 

          In a single motion he was on his back, lying on the couch as I straddled his stomach.  It was a strange feeling to feel his hard muscles below me instead of weighing on top of me.  His hands rest on my hips while his head was propped up on the armrest and I lowered my lips to his neck and over his collarbone, as my fingers slid up under the light fabric of his shirt. Control.  This is new territory. It felt amazing, having the heat warm me from the inside out rather than the other way around.  My body welcomed the change, even when Jonathon moved us both in to the bedroom to escape our neighbors from further noise complaints. 


          The next morning came too quickly, too rushed and unsatisfying.  Jonathon was still fast asleep next to me as I got up and showered and began packing up all my belongings.  I ordered breakfast and tidied up the hotel room so that there wouldn’t be any surprises on the bill when my Mother received it.  A slight amount of guilt slid over me as I imagined what my Mother would think of what had transpired the other night.  I was so lost in my own thoughts that I never even heard Jonathon sneak up behind me until his arms wound around my waist. 

          “Oh good, I see my maid service came early.”  The breath of his voice shifted the hair around my ear, tickling me. 

          “Mai oui.”  I turned towards him and kissed him softly.  “Now hop in the shower.  Breakfast is on its way and we have to leave to catch our flight in two hours.” 

          “Plenty of time.”  His lips pressed against the hollow of my neck, but no heat permeated the skin there, it was just a normal kiss.   I shivered.

          “Not really.  Go shower, I’m serious.  I do not want to be late for our flight or my Mother will kill us both, simply with her scariest look. It’s Christmas Eve and the least you could do for me, is bend to my every will.”  I pushed him towards the bedroom, patting his butt a little as I went in to the other half-bath and rummaged through the little soaps for something to take home with me. 


          Breakfast arrived in due time just as Jonathon finished packing up his clothes, his hair was already dry and caught in little waves around his ears.  We sat on the couch and ate quickly so we would have enough time to return our rented car and still make our flight.  His knees bumped against my thighs a few times while we sat there and I took it as his way of flirting without saying anything.  We grabbed our bags and coats before dashing downstairs to check out with Rebecca’s very charming love interest. I will have to make a point of e-mailing her more once we get home. 

          The ride was filled with the sound of the radio buzzing in the air; it was a comfortable silence to the airport.  We returned the car and checked our bags before waiting in the line of other passengers boarding the same flight as the two of us.  It only took us a moment to find our seats and Jonathon put my carry-on bag up above for me.  There were days when, no matter how good my Hunter bloodline was, being short was still a huge handicap.  I plunked down in my seat and buckled myself in while Jonathon did the same, casting a weary glance at the other passengers. 

          “You realize,” he began, leaning in closer to me to keep our conversation private, “that if this plane crashed, you and I would likely be the only two to survive.”

          I shot him a look of slight amusement and a little horror.  “Those aren’t great odds.” 

          “To me, they sound pretty good.  There’s a baby in a seat three rows up, and I for one can’t really stand listening to those dreadful things cry.” 

          “Things?  It’s a baby, Jonathon.  They cry because they can’t tell you what they need.” 

          “Demon younglings can talk from day one.”  Jonathon tapped his temple and winked. 

          I shivered.  “That is so beyond creepy and you really have no idea.”

          Jonathon smirked before running a too-warm hand through my hair and turned my face back to look at me.  He kissed my forehead and yet there was no warmth flooding across my skin like before, it was just hit lips on my skin.  It felt too intimate for being on a plane even if it only lasted but a moment.  I closed my eyes and leaned against him, letting what little exhaustion that still clung to my bones slip me under the velvet cover.  Sleep was easier than watching the ground vanish as the plane ascended in to the air, it was even better than waiting for it to land.

          By the time I had opened my eyes again, Jonathon was removing my seatbelt and hand my carry-on bag clutched to his chest.  I stirred enough that the movement caught his attention and his hand shot out instinctively to help me out of my seat.  I took it willingly, still a little groggy from my nap, and not entirely certain where I was at the moment.  He pulled me tight to his side and slid his arm around my waist as we maneuvered down the aisle with the other patrons.  With each step I came to a little more, away that it was snowing incredibly hard outside of the airport, and that our bags were the first on the conveyer.  Jonathon caught them up and together we pulled them along behind us as we made our way to the parking garage. 

          “I slept the whole way, hm?”  I let my shoulder bump against his arm playfully.

          “Sure did.  I actually started wondering if you had slipped something in your o.j. this morning before we left.  You didn’t, did you?” 

          I shook my head, red curls bouncing over my shoulders and falling in to my face.  “No.  I guess I didn’t get a lot of sleep last night.” 

          A low rumble of laughter escaped Jonathon’s throat as he hit the unlock button for his car.  The trunk popped open and he hoisted our luggage in to the open, empty space.  “I guess you should’ve gone to bed at a decent time last night, hm?”

          I laughed and tucked a curl behind my ear as I walked around the side of his car and let myself fall in to the passenger seat.  The engine started with a soft purr as Jonathon let himself sink in to his own seat, his body slumped upright in it.  The tires squealed a little as he pulled out of his parking spot and through the garage and then out in to a blizzard.  It was pure white everywhere as heavy snow dropped from the sky in heaves and landing as softly as it could on the hood of the car. 

          “Good thing I’m a demon and have an excellent sense of direction, right?”  Jonathon pulled out on to the road outside the airport and we traveled on streets fill with cars and plows as they tried to get through the Christmas Eve snowfall. 

          “I actually think I’ll go back to sleep because having to drive through this, not really being able to see where we’re going, well I will more than likely drive you bat-shit crazy.”  My head thumped against the headrest. 

          “Don’t sleep.  I need some conversation for an hour at least, and I think it was extremely rude of you to fall asleep on the plane ride.  I had to listen to that baby cry for at least an hour.” 

          I rolled my eyes and took a deep breath.  “Fine.  I will stay awake out of courtesy but there better be good conversation at least.” 

          “I promise to talk about something other than the snow and the roads.”  Jonathon laughed.

          “How about some Hunter history, or demonology?  I could really use the help with some of those subjects.”  I pulled my bag in to my lap from the backseat and rummaged through it for a pad of paper and at least one working pen. 

          “Alright.  What would you like to know first?” 

          “Just give me a second.”  I dug to the bottom of my purse and found a black pen that worked.  “First off.  Do you know how the first Hunters came to be?  No one has really explained that much to me.” 

          Jonathon sighed. “That really isn’t my strong spot, but I can tell you what I know at the very least.  First off: there were no Hunters amongst the first mortals but there were demons and the fey and what the mundanes call …angels.”

          My pen stopped dead on the paper.  “Angels?  Angels exist?  Why has no one ever told me that?”

          “It is believed that they exist, only Gaia and the original Hunters have ever actually ever met one.”  Jonathon snorted. 


          “I knew that was coming.”  His grip seemed to tighten around his steering wheel.  “Gaia … Earth.  Haven’t you ever picked up a Greek mythology textbook?” 

          “Sure.  She was one of the first, otherwise none of us would be here right now.  She gave birth to the Titans, the mountains and what not.”

          “Exactly.  Anyway, the mortals were born from Earth because they were made out of clay and the Gods breathed life into them.  Gaia’s mortals took a turn for the worst, there was raping and stealing, murdering and all sort of horrible crimes.  As you know, my kind – demons – were born out of all that hatred and continued murdering and raping the humans without any type of consequence but with all her children’s blood that had been spilled over, it gave her the power to create herself a human form.  Alone, she wasn’t strong enough to stop all the demons and there was so much evil that she could take down one but there were twenty more in its place.” Jonathon’s turned on the car’s blinker while the car slowed a little. 

“She prayed and begged and pleaded for someone to help her, but none of the Gods were interested in helping her with the mortals – or maybe they never truly existed – but she continued asking.  One day, a creature with wings that spread as far as the branches of a great oak came to her.  The creature – presumably an angel – made her a deal, that he would mix his blood and tears with those of hers and she would create new children, children that would be strong enough to defeat the demons.  He warned her however, that these children would be bathed in blood on a daily basis and would never be able to resist the temptation to be evil. 

“Gaia took his deal and created five-hundred new children, and that was all she was granted.  They were strong, intelligent, fast and lived longer than most of her humans did, but they were more than just defective.  Hunters are unable to produce more than one child, although there have been some rare cases of twins amongst the Society.  The creature warned Gaia that unless the – Hunters – mated with one another their bloodlines would be tainted and would fade over time, leaving her mortals without protection from the demons.

“It didn’t seem like a big deal back then because it seemed that they were doing their job and knocking down the demons in swells, but not even a century later the demons attacked and destroyed half the Hunter ranks -”

“Stop.  I don’t want to know that.”  I shook my head as the grip on my pen tightened and I chose to look out the window into the swirling snow.

“It’s part of your history, Olivia.  I thought you wanted to know more?”  The car sped up a little after he turned once more and it was obvious that we had been driving much quicker than it seemed. 

“So this … creature.  She thought it was an angel?” 

“No.  Gaia thought he was evil, a demon of a different nature, and yet she still took his deal.  Later on as the Hunters assimilated with Christian beliefs they took on the idea of this creature being an angel.  There was never any proof and for all any of us know, he was a very strong solitary fey.” 

“What are fey?  There is so much lore on them, it makes my head hurt trying to figure it all out.”  

“Fey are a mixture of evil and good, I guess this is also where the angels come in.  Fey are believed to be a mixture of angel and demon blood, a mixture of beauty and elegance and trickery and evil.  Honestly, only the first fey know that answer, and unless you would like to ask the Unseelie Queen about it to her face, it is just best to leave it be.”  He glanced over at me with a cheery smile.

“I think I can manage that.”  I sighed again, bored of looking out in to the snow as we drove.  “Angels, hm?  What makes Gabriel so important?”  I let my eyes drift back to him. 

“Diedre – your Grandmother – trapped an 'angel' and bore his son.”

“Calm down.  It's just a story, no one besides the demons know that it is actually true.  While she was young she foresaw that the creatures would return and where they would be, but she kept it a secret or something.”  Jonathon quieted.  “This is a story only demons know, so you can’t go spouting it off to Alex, okay?”

I nodded hastily.

“She found them on the crags as they bathed in the moonlight and while they began to leave she managed to capture one.  A male.”  He gave me a sideways glance to see if I was following, and so far I was.  “She trapped him in a prison beneath the Hunter’s fortress and tortured him to comply with her demands.  After twenty years of being imprisoned he finally agreed, on one term – that she destroyed him when it was over.  Diedre agreed and he gave her a son that had pure angel blood coursing through his veins and his Mother gifts but none of her appearance.  It is said that she did destroy him, others believe that he’s still down in that prison.  By the way,” Jonathon’s voice was nervous, “she died giving birth to Gabriel.  It was a curse the angel had placed upon her on the condition of giving her a child.” 

“How awful.” 

“She deserved it.”  Jonathon snarled. 

“I wasn’t talking about her, I was talking about the fact that Gabriel grew up without any parents.” 

He relaxed a little and the car slowed as the snow lifted once they passed the sign that signaled they were moments from Morden.  “It must have sucked, but he is the strongest of all the Hunters and you, Olivia, are his daughter.”  His hand wrapped around mine and he lifted it to his lips and pressed them to the back of my hand.  “And I have the supreme pleasure of having had you all to myself for this past little while.  Merry Christmas Olivia.” 

I felt my cheeks burn as they turned crimson and I leaned towards him and kissed his cheek.  “That may be the sweetest thing anyone has every said to me, and it’s breaking my heart a little bit.” 

“Why is that?”  He squeezed my hand tighter. 

I was about to tell him that the thing between us was a fling, something that would only last up until the point where I went to Ireland and chose to never return.  It was a bad idea to destroy the moment so I clamped my lips together as we pulled in to Morden and drove down my street.  We pulled in to my driveway which just so happened to be the least festive house on the block, but Marley still came flying out of the house towards the car. 

I pulled myself out of my seat into the light snow as Marley wound her arms around me, kissing my forehead over and over again as he embraced me.  I blushed with embarrassment but allowed her, her Motherly kisses and hug as she held me so tightly I thought my eyes might pop out of my head. 

“Merry Christmas my little girl.”  Marley beamed.

“Merry Christmas, Mom.”  I hugged her back as Jonathon unloaded our luggage and walked us inside. I should go away more often.

The End

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