Chapter Twenty-Seven: Tripped


          Jonathon sat down next to me on the couch, towing with him two plates piled with bacon, eggs, toast and little cubed hashbrowns.  With the plate he brought with him two large, paper cups full of orange juice, sloshing about while he tried to make himself comfortable on the couch.  Nate mimicked Jonathon’s actions and sat down next to Aly, kissing the space directly between her eyebrows.  She wriggled under his touch, making a strange face as she tried to get a forkful of eggs in to her mouth. 

          Jonathon watched me from the corner of his eye, shifting back and forth on the couch as he slowly ate in the uncomfortable silence.  It was obvious enough that he had overheard Aly’s spirit-filled exclamation about Natalie.  I shrugged as inconspicuously at him as I could, especially since I was worried about dumping my plate as my stomach roared.  The eggs dropped hard in to my stomached only the bacon seemed to cushion it, letting the salty goodness silence the roaring.  Even the orange juice sent tiny shivers of delight through my system, making me feel like I had been starving for weeks and months. 

          “Natalie and Jay already left, hm?”  Nate’s head swiveled around, inspecting the room surrounding him.   

          My head bobbed up and down in a yes, just as Aly’s had done.  “They left a while ago.”

          Nate mimicked our nodding, shoveling his own food hastily into his mouth.  The room was filled with the studio laughter fromThat 70’s Show, and the sound of the four of us chewing, only increasing the light tension that filled the tiny living space.  Jonathon snuggled up closer to me, his elbow bumping against mine and I shot him a look as a hashbrown bounced off my fork and hit the floor. 

          “Iwasgoing to eat that, you know?”  I scrunched up my nose.

          “I know.”  He smirked and leaned in and kissed my cheek, his lips lightly brushing my skin as he smiled sweetly at me. 

          The action was so … unlike him that I almost dropped my fork on the floor to follow after the hashbrown I had abandoned.  I felt my mouth hang open and my eyes slowly matched Aly’s, whom was watching me over the mouth of her cup.  She seemed more interested in what had just transpired than I was.  Nate seemed completely oblivious, his attention drawn away by something Kelso was doing on TV. Thank god for TV and ignorant boys!

          “I guess Nate and I will meet you guys tonight for supper.”  It wasn’t so much a question as she was stating a fact, already marking the date on her hypothetical calendar. 

          I swallowed down the food that I had been chewing, or maybe just the lump that was making my stomach swim.  “Sure, that sounds nice.  We’re leaving really early in the morning, so spending our last day with some friends will be fun.” 

          “Excellent.” Aly glanced at Nate, a sweet smile painted on her pretty face.  “Nate dear, shall we leave these two to get in a day alone?”

          Nate looked at her and then back at the TV before stealing a glance towards Jonathon with a pleading stare.  He didn’t seem like he wanted to leave but reluctantly he stood and reached for Aly’s hand and helped her up off the couch.  “Okay babe.  We’ll leave these two … alone.”

          “Aw, you guys could at least stay until we’re done breakfast.”  I stood, ignoring as Jonathon’s knee dug in to my thigh. 

          “Nah.”  Aly winked at me, tugging on Nate’s arm a little harder and pulled him towards the door.  “We have … mm … plans.” 

          My mouth dropped open a bit before I snapped it shut.  “Oh … well … you two have … oh god never mind.”  I clasped a hand over my eyes and shook my head, unwilling to even imagine what they might have planned for the rest of their day.  “Well, have a good day.  Call me.”

          They left, Aly waving and giggling as she snuggled up closer to Nate in the hallway and the two of them half-ran down the hall and in to the elevator.  I turned back to Jonathon who was starting to clean up the breakfast food plates and shoved them in to the only garbage can in the room. I walked up behind him and dropped myself lengthwise on to the couch, letting myself sprawl and relax.  It was nice to see my old classmates again, but this vacation was to get away from Morden and relax, without having to think about demons – of the murdering type at least.  My eyes had fallen shut; the darkness on the inside was a welcome change to the ever-changing scene that had been the living room for the past day and a half. 

          I felt Jonathon pick up my legs off the couch and then lay them in his lap gently.  Perhaps he thought I had fallen asleep, or was pretending to sleep so I didn’t have to talk anymore than I had.  I hadn’t realized how tame my – high school – life was back in Morden compared to the very active one my friends had here.  Then I felt Jonathon’s hands slip up my thigh and his fingers dug in to my hips and pulled me against his chest.  I opened my eyes as his lips pressed against my collarbone and warm air skittered across my chest and up my neck. 

          A sigh escaped past my lips and I melted against him, pulling my legs tighter to his hips and bending my face to meet his.  His lips brushed against my chin and up my cheek, resting on the tip of my nose before he pulled back and ran warm hands through my tangled curls.  I couldn’t stifle the giggle that broke free from my chest and I pressed my forehead against his.  His eyes were staring up in to mine, blazing with the hell fires that fueled his demonic side. 

          “How about an entire day in that big bed back there?”  Jonathon’s warm breath filtered through my nose and my mind went hazy, implementing my Mother’s warning even as I pressed up against him.  The open palms of his hands pressed against my lower back, keeping me held up against him. 

          “All day, but my dear won’t we get bed sores?”  I giggled, tossing my head back.

          “I highly doubt you’ll get enough time to sit still for that to happen.”  Jonathon smirked and kissed my neck, his lips leaving a stamp of pure heat over the muscle of my throat. I swallowed hard against the lump of anxiety forming and tried to shake myself out, attempting to relax in to his warm body. 

          “Mmm, as tempting as that might sound El Diablo, I’m thinking a long nap and a crazy amount of sugar-filled room service.  Mayhaps a little shopping as well.”  I tapped my chin with my index finger; pulling out my best acting digs to pout. 

          He looked at me with his eyebrows raised and mimicking a similar expression as my own.  I looked away, trying to find another object in the room to fix my attention to, but everything was so plain and uninteresting.  All I could think of were his hands on me, his warm breath on my face, and the smell of his cologne hanging in the air around us.  Even the overwhelming smell of my all too fruity body spray didn’t seem to consume any part of me.  I sighed in resignation and looked down at him again, pressing my forehead to his and breathing my breakfast breath in his face.  “Why do you find the need to be so alluring all the time?” 

          His body shook as he laughed silently, snorting a little at the same time before he pulled me closer to him and pressed his warm lips to mine.  My body sizzled and popped against him, falling in to fit his shape perfectly, his arms tightened around my waist before running up my shoulders and through my hair.  He gave it a light tug and I pulled back with a moan as his lips traced from my ear down across my collarbone.  His hands groped under my thighs and picked me up off the couch and carried me off in to the bedroom and dropped me gently to the mattress. 

         Now I have to say, this isn’t the first time this has happened, but it might be the first time with him.  Regardless of what everyone thinks happened in the car the day those creature things attacked.  Now, focus Olivia.  Be a normal teenager for a little while. 

         His hands were so hot I imagined steam rising off my skin as they slid under my t-shirt.  My head sunk down in to a pillow as I moved up on the mattress, feeling the blankets bunch and twist underneath me.  The full weight of his body on mine was the only thing I could feel now, the pressure was almost comforting, so for all of a few minutes I opened my eyes.  I could only see the ceiling around the side of his dark hair as he pressed his lips against my ear and down the side of my neck.  I realized I was lying perfectly still, like a corpse with my arms at my side allowing him to move me at will. 

          I managed to move my hands, feeling how numb and useless they were, and pushed my hands against his chest and his weight shifted.  He looked down at me with wild eyes; they were too bright and far too wide as they fixed on my face.  I withdrew further in to the sheets and the pillow, trying to move a little further away from him without pushing him away altogether.  I let my fingers touch his face, run over the bone and muscles that forced its profile, imagining each stroke of a brush that would put it to paper.  It would never be a perfect likeness of someone who was frozen in one age and one appearance for eternity, because the eyes would always change, always become more fierce and wild with each passing moment. 

          “Are you okay?”  He voice shook.

          I nodded just as the room phone rang next to the bed, a high pitch shrill that drew my attention so far from Jonathon that there was no going back.  He rolled off to the side of the bed and watched me as I crawled over to the nightstand and reached for the receiver.  A part of me was hoping that it was my Mother or maybe even Kat, while the other half of me was hoping that it was the front desk asking about credit card information.  I didn’t know how steady my voice was, or if I could handle speaking with Marley about anything at that moment. 

          My legs felt like jell-o as I crawled to the edge and pulled them under me as I answered the phone, silencing its cries.  “Hello?”

          “Olivia, it’s Rebecca.  I’m off in two hours and I was wondering, since I saw Aly and Nate leave giggling and all over each other, that maybe you would be free later today?” 

          I sighed in relief, my muscles relaxing as I made myself comfortable.  “Sure.  I was actually wanting to get some shopping in today, but the boy would much rather watch boxing or something.  You know how guys are, all boobs and boxing, nothing in between.”
          Becca laughed on the other end, a skittering noise that sounded more nervous than entertained.  “Oh yes, boys can be like that some times.  Shopping sounds agreeable, shall I just show up at your room when I get off?” 

          “Yes.  That would save me the trouble of hunting you down all over Vancouver.” 

          “Okay.  So I’ll see you in a few hours, and please Olivia, be presentable when I show up.  You would not believe how many times I have showed up at a certain person’s house to find them barely dressed answering the front door.” 

          I cringed.  “I promise I will be fully dressed, turtle neck and a long skirt to hide all my bare flesh.” 

          “Hm, I might have to wear dark sunglasses and a ball cap if I am to be seen in public with you dressed like that.”

          “Perhaps jeans and a sweater will have to do then.”  I coughed out a laugh, easing in to the comfortable banter that always accompanied talking on the phone with Rebecca.  She was so easy going usually, and always on the top of her game, so it was nice that our private talk felt just like old times. 

          “Most excellent.” 

          “Then it is settled.  Does it matter if it has a kitty on it playing with a ball of yarn?”

          There was a pause.  “It’s cold out, so you’ll have to wear a jacket.  Wear as many cats on your clothing as you want my dear.” 

          “Perfect.  See you in a few hours then.  Enjoy the rest of your work day.” 

          “Oh I intend to.  I’m working with the manager’s son today, and he’s definitely a ten on my scale.  We’ll have to stop and say good-bye to him before we leave for the mall.”
          “Scandalous.  Bye Rebecca.”

          “Later Olivia.”

          I hung up the receiver as gently as I could on the cradle and turned around to find the rest of the room empty, with no sign of Jonathon anywhere.  I wandered in to the bathroom, but it was empty as well, including the living area and the bathroom by the entrance.  He wasn’t anywhere in the hotel room, and my stomach knotted uncomfortably as I searched around the room for his shoes and clothes.  His shoes were gone, as well as the jacket he wore to blend in with the rest of the human population.  His bags were still in the bedroom, as well as his toothbrush and his cell phone, so it was obvious of two things.  One: he would be coming back from wherever he had magically disappeared to, and two: he didn’t want me to call him to ask where he had gone. 



          I waited for a couple of hours, sitting in the room watching reruns of Sex and the City and the beginning of Sixteen Candles.  I was passed being worried and balancing over being completely pissed off or just plain indifferent.  Jonathon was a big, strong demon who didn’t need me to be protected, even if that had been part of the original deal when he had found me that night after work.  However, Celone wasn’t here in Vancouver, and I was in the comfort and protection of my friends and so far away from Lexie and all the potential dangers that it really didn’t matter.  I was more along the lines of angry that he had just decided to pick up and leave without leaving a message while in the meantime I sat alone in the room bored out of my mind wondering if I had done something wrong. 

         Maybe I should have moved or something.  Being sixteen sucks really hard when your … friend with benefits is a century old demon.  This blows.  Why can’t hotel rooms have better TV than all this romantic crap and really pornographic movies?  When … if … he comes back, I’m gonna knock the shit out of him.  I’m a badass Hunter, and I’m not going to let him ever forget it. 

         There was a knock on the door and I nearly jumped out of my skin, hoping that I hadn’t been talking aloud at all during my silent conversation.  I pried myself off the couch and skipped over and answered the door; happily surprised to find Rebecca, bag in hand on the other side of it.  She grinned brightly at me and looked past me in to the room, searching for any sight of Jonathon. 

          “No worries, I sent him out to do something to protect his manhood.”  I lied, but I could still smile and act like everything was fine. 

          “Perfect.  I’ll change really quick and then we can go down to the mall.”  She buzzed pass me in to the room and danced towards the bathroom.  “I am so excited to do this Olivia.  It feels like it has been a decade since the two of us have done anything together.  It’s really not fair that your Mom decided to pack up and move away in the blink of an eye, y’know.” 

          She closed the bathroom door behind herself and I heard her bustling about the room as she changed.  There was the sound of running water, the toilet flushing and once I had been sufficiently creepy, I went back to sitting and watching TV.  It only took her about five minutes to successfully change out of her work uniform and pull on a pair of plain jeans and a long-sleeved shirt. 

          “Okay, let’s boogie.  My car is downstairs, so we should go!”  Rebecca pulled me up off the couch and on the way out the door I grabbed my bag and jacket.  It wasn’t really necessary for me to wear it anymore since the cold barely bothered me anymore, but today I felt a strange chill. 

          “If we hurry, we might make it there before the after work rush.”  Rebecca’s eyes sparkled as we rushed down the hallway to the elevator.  It was a long ride, filled with Becca babbling about how cute the manager’s son was and how she just died every time he talked to her. Girl talk is a little lame. 

          We made it to the lobby, my hearing still intact and stopped at the front desk to find a 6’2” boy with sandy blonde hair and bright green eyes working at the counter.  She hadn’t lied, the boy was gorgeous, tall and broad all at the same time.  He looked at Rebecca with a little grin and looked away from her shyly and pretended to make himself busy.  He was obviously in to her, however it seemed that two of them were equally shy when it came to the opposite sex.

          “Wow Becks.  He is pretty hot.”

          “I know right.”  She took my wrist and pulled me right along behind her until we got to her car.  “The good news about him is, he’s a senior and dating him would drop me in to the center of the popular pool.  I wouldn’t be the lonely girl who tags along as the fifth wheel anymore.”
          I watched her out of the corner of my eye as she started the car and drove out of the parking lot, feeling a twinge of guilt in the pit of my stomach for her.  Of course she hated being the fifth wheel, doesn’t everyone?  It was no wonder she wanted to leave so badly last night, being the fifth wheel for an entire evening would get extremely old very fast.  Not along ago that was how I felt, tagging along as Michael’s friend while they would start talking about events and places that I had never been to. 

          “I get that.”  I nodded, giving her a friendly smile in assurance. 

          “Not anymore though, right?  I mean you have Jonathon and it seems you have a new boyfriend each week.  Sorry, I read all the e-mails you and Aly sent back and forth.  I even read about some Alex guy you were pretending to date for a while for some unperceivable reason.  Michael though, he seemed like the one you were going to take with you as a Grad escort.  Care to explain a little more what happened to you two?”  Her eyes drifted from the packed road to my direction, and I shrugged with a groan. 

          “He was dating this girl Sarah, major bitch and my mortal enemy.”  I laughed. Not so much anymore.  “Any way, I realized that I had a thing for him and told him and for a while things weren’t so good because she had him wrapped around her finger.  A few weeks later she dumped him for, um Jonathon actually.  Wow I think I forgot all about that until now.” 

          “Really!  Whoa Olivia.  Apparently you and this Sarah girl had more in common than you think.”
          I groaned.  “Dear god, don’t remind me.  Any way, he and I started dating but with my life as it is back home with my Mom and finding out that my dad is actually alive -”

          “Alive?  Your Father, the one your Mother told you passed away when you were little, is alive?”  Becca’s voice squeaked.

          “He sure is, and he lives in Ireland.”  I nodded along.

          “Talk about news!”  Becca smirked and then she was silent, waiting for me to continue the story I had already told. 

          “Hm so, things were good – amazingly good.  We um … he was my … first.”  I felt my cheeks turn crimson. 

          “Olivia… thought you were going to wait or something like that?”

          “I always thought I would too.  I had it figured that when I found the right guy I would be in college and prepared for what ever happened.  Things have just been so strange back home I guess I just got all caught up and forgot.  Then there was this night where his ex called me crying, the next morning we found out she’d been killed.” 

          “Holy.”  Her voice was hushed as she maneuvered through the rows of moving cars. 

          “Mmm.  It just seemed that he pined more for her than the rest of my classmates who were indifferent and I just went a little crazy, died my hair red and went a little rebellious.  I mean I booked a flight to Vancouver with my non-boyfriend, boyfriend.  I felt so responsible for what had happened with Sarah that I just couldn’t stand even being his friend anymore, and he took it to the point where he wanted to smash in Jonathon’s face.  It was just too much and well … now I’m here in the car with you.” 

          “Hm.  Seems like quite the little Soap Opera you have going back in Morden, I’m a little disappointed that I’m missing out on all the entertainment.  Maybe I’ll have to make a date and come out there for a bit and you can show me all the wild life.”  Becca snorted, nudging me a little bit before cranking up the radio that was playing a song she liked.  It wasn’t long before we arrived at the mall and spent the whole day walking amongst the browsing teenagers, and for a few hours I felt like just any other sixteen-year-old girl.  

The End

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