Chapter Twenty: RESTART


          December was almost over by the time I finally showed my face back at school.  Sarah’s death had shaken everyone up real good so the school had closed for a bit while the police searched for the perpetrator.  I had locked myself in my room for the entire time period, my cell phone had remained off and I had dyed my hair a brilliant red color while I was on lockdown.  My whole body felt foreign to me, my skin only tingled when the snow touched it where it was exposed and not even my emotions seemed normal.

          “Olivia.”  My name echoed in the hallway behind me.

          I turned around to an incredibly tall vampire, A.J.  “Hi.”

          “How are you?  Skylar told me you found her.”  A.J’s voice was oddly comforting as she walked alongside me.

          “I’m fine.”  I answered flatly.

          “Right,” A.J. rolled her eyes and caught up a strand of bright, red hair in her fingers, “cause everyone dies their hair this color.”

          “You do.”  I snapped.

          “Good point.”

          I huffed.

          “Have you been eating?”  A.J. shot me a sideways glance. 

          “A little, I just found it easier to drown it all out by punching the shit out of my punching bag instead of downing a pound of chocolate.”

          “Stupid.  Want my lunch?”

          I cringed.

          “Ugh.  It’s the lunch I bring so that I at least look normal.”  She pulled out a brown bag and handed it to me.

          “Uh.  Thanks.”

          “Don’t mention it.”  A.J. shrugged.  We walked to my English class together and she hung out at my table for a little while.  “Are you having” A.J. paused for a moment and looked around at our classmates, “…‘nightmares’?”
          “No.  Nothing.  My mind has been an empty, black slate since that night.  I feel kind of, empty.”

          A.J’s eyes widened.  “I know that feeling.  So do you think that was all it took to get rid of your uh – nightmares?”

          “I hope so.  I already bought a plane ticket.”

          “For what?”

          “I’m going back to B.C. for winter break.  I have some old friends that desperately want to see me.”

          “Oh, well I guess getting out of Morden wouldn’t be a good idea.”

          “Ya.”  I sighed.  “Too bad I can’t leave today.”

          “Leave where?”  Michael’s voice shot through our conversation like an arrow slicing through a ribbon.

          I looked up at him slowly, afraid of what I’d see.  His eyes had dark semi-circles below them and the whites of his eyes were bloodshot and awfully red.  He looked exhausted and my heart turned ice cold.


          A.J. waved at me as a goodbye and I nodded in a farewell.  She was being really nice and I’d have to thank her for the lunch one day. 

          “Why?”  Michael hovered over his seat but didn’t sit. 

          “Visit some old friends.  I miss them.”  I lowered my eyes to the table as he lowered himself into the blue, plastic chair.

He fell silent but continued to move about pulling out his supplies for the class.  Even his breathing seemed to slow, trying to keep his tired body alive.


          “What?”  I sighed.

          “It wasn’t your fault and I was never mad at you.  I was scared and kinda worried.  I didn’t want to push you away.”  His voice was on the verge of tears and my stomach began to twist with the painful memories of that night all over again.  Everything from Michael’s touch to the cold dirt under my knees was threatening to splinter my very being so I took the defensive.

          “Don’t cry.”  I hissed.  “I pulled myself away for a reason.  No one had to push me to get me out of there.  I’m not having my visions anymore, so I’m back to who I was.  Olivia; not Ollie or Gabriel’s daughter, I’m free.”

          “Olivia Sommerland?”

          I looked up to see the school’s counselor in the doorway beckoning to me.  Obediently, and so unlike myself, I stood up and gathered my things not once glancing back at Michael or the rest of my classmates.  Maybe this will be my thing now, the one that never looks back.  I’ll get a car and rip my rear-view mirror off so I can keep the subtitle.  I wandered into the hall and followed Mrs. Beck to her office where she closed the door and the blinds as soon as I was seated.

          “How are you Olivia?”  She began.


          “Would you like to tell me where you’ve been?  The school was re-opened a week ago.”

          “I was at home.  I didn’t feel like facing anyone.”  I choked.

          “You know that what happened to Sarah isn’t your fault, right?  Something awful happened but you did not cause it.”

          “No.  Instead I listened to her die.”  My voice was sharp at every word and Mrs. Beck’s eyes grew to the size of my balled up fist.

          “You listened to her die?”

          “She called me before she died and told me where she was.  I heard her scream as they killed her.”

          Mrs. Beck said nothing, but wrote on her notepad and calmly nodded up at me.  “None of this information has been given to the police, has it?”

          “No.  I was never approached by any, even though I was the one that found the body.”

          “Hm?  But Michael said he found her, said that you two were fighting so he was going to see her.”

          “He lied.”  I answered in disbelief and stood up grabbing my things and reached for the door, but she had a final question.

          “Olivia, who are… they?”

          “Monsters.”  I answered quickly and left the room just as fast.  He lied?  But why?  He could get in a lot of trouble for something like that –

          A hand reached out and covered my mouth and pulled me around into a dark and empty classroom. 

          “Don’t scream.”  The hand loosened and I turned and swung my leg out along the floor knocking his legs out from under him.

          “You’re a tool Alex.  Don’t touch me.”  I growled. 

          “Easy.”  He winced.  “Have you lost weight?”

          “Ugh.”  I moaned.  “What do you want?”

          “Where have you been?”

          “At home.”  I rolled my eyes.

          He was silent.  “A.J. was right, your hair definitely isn’t hard to miss.”

          “Shut up.”

          “Jeesh Olivia, lighten up.”  Alex grinned.

          “Did you just tell me to lighten up?”

          “Yes.  For fuck sakes, you didn’t kill her.  You aren’t the reason she’s dead, Jonathon is.”

          I blinked.  “My vision wasn’t foggy, there was fog.  I probably could’ve stopped it if I had just looked more closely and had I not been giving into my hormones.”  I growled.

          “Your hormones?”  Alex blinked.




          An awkward silence filled the room quickly and left the two of us standing in the dark.  Now I wanted to leave and go home, just get out of here and waste another day and skip another class that I didn’t need.  I was so furious and frustrated.

          “Lexie would have killed Sarah at one point, she tends to say she’s you on a daily basis.  Even with Michael, she tried to be you.”

          I rolled my eyes.  “Whatever.  I’m done Alex.  My visions are GONE.”         

          “What?”  Alex looked shocked.

          “Gone.  Not a one.  Not even a nightmare or an inkling of a dream.  I said it all away and now I’m leaving.”

          “Leaving?  Whoa… just cause you think they’re gone does not mean that they are.  You could just be having a dry spell.”

          “I’m not a forty-year-old man with E.D. Alex.  They’re gone and I’m happy about it.  Just leave me alone.” 

          “Michael lied for you and was interrogated for six hours.”
          “I heard, but I set the record straight.”

          “You did what?”

          “It’s not your problem anymore, and neither am I.  Good bye Alex.”

          “Michael still loves you, and your Father wants you to go to Ireland.”  Alex spat.

          I shrugged and moved out of the room as quickly as my legs would allow it.  My heart was pounding so quickly, but you’d never know it from the expression on my face.  I needed to get out of the school, I needed relief and I wanted to scream.


          I spun around to face Jonathon who was extremely pale and looked far more tired than a demon should. 

          “Jonathon.”  I mouthed so that no one else in the classrooms would hear me.

          “Come with me.”  His voice was like pure relief.


          I followed him willingly down the black and white hallway and out through the main foyer of the school.  His car was running and parked next to the sidewalk right in the front of the school. Jonathon stopped at the passenger door and opened it for me and I slipped in to the warm vehicle, and listened to the gentle hum of the engine as he materialized in the driver’s seat and gunned the engine.  The tires spun out on the ice and we slid awkwardly into the street and stopped for only a second at the stop sign before flying around the corner and onto the high way. 

          Finally his driving calmed down and he sighed deeply.  “Olivia?”

          “Yes Jonathon.”

          He reached over me and flipped open the glove compartment and pulled out a red satin towel that was all bundled up.  He pulled it into his lap and began driving out of Morden. 

          “I need you to do me a favor once we get out of town.”

          “What would that be?”  I traced his tired expression.

          He unwrapped the red cloth and lying in his lap was a dagger with a black blade.  It seemed to shimmer in the shadows of the warm car.  My breath caught in my throat and I moved away from it.

          “I want you to kill me.”

          “What!”  I shuddered.

          “You heard me.  Lexie wants me dead but I won’t allow myself to be killed by her, you however I won’t mind.  You’re strong and I’m the reason you’re miserable now.”

          I folded my arms across my chest, for two reasons, one was to keep myself from jumping at the dagger and the other one was to keep me from shaking.  “I’m not miserable.”  

          “Don’t lie to me.  I just want you to drive it through my chest.  I’ll die instantly with no pain.”  He was actually smiling as he spoke, and nodding like a seal on drugs.

          “Are you crazy!  I’m not going to kill you.”

          “Olivia!  Shut up!  You’re going to do it, or I’ll kill you.”

          “Maybe you should.”  I snarled.  “Now pull over.”

          “No.  This is my only option.  This way they won’t look for Celone anymore either.” 

          Now I was confused.  “Why?” 

          “She’ll vanish and I’ll be dead.  What does that look like?”

          “Mass murder.  There’s another way…”

          “No, there isn’t.”  Suddenly his car shot forward in to the blowing snow, his car shuddered as it turned onto a gravel road and then stopped in a clove of trees.

          “Please Olivia.”  He extended his hands with the dagger in them.

          “No.”  I said flatly.

          “Fine, I’ll just kill you and Alex then, or should I kill Kat first -”

          I snatched the dagger up in my fist and held it up to his throat.  His seat slid back from the steering wheel and I leaned my whole body over his.  The dagger felt good in my hand, sending a surge of energy through my veins.

          “Feels good, right?”

          “Yes.  It does.”

          “It’ll feel even better when you drive it into my heart.”

          Will it?  The power surging through my veins felt amazing, yet it wasn’t willing me to drive it in to his chest.  I was nearly straddling Jonathon in the driver’s seat of his car and instantly my Mother’s voiced echoed through my head.  ‘He can make you do stuff that certainly don’t want to.’

          I dropped the dagger in to my seat and pressed my body against Jonathon’s, my face inches from his.  The dagger was still within my reach, close enough for me to change my mind if anything went wrong, but I believed I knew what I was doing.

          “Jonathon, I can’t kill you.”

          “Why not?”  His voice was husky.

          “Cause, I have something else I want to do first.”  I pressed my lips against his neck and his body stiffened for a brief moment before his hands traced up and down my back and then under my jacket.  His hands were ice cold – completely unusual for his demon race – as they pushed my jacket off my shoulders. 

          My thoughts were clouded, my mind buzzing and yet nothing and no one was screaming at me to stop.  I slipped my hands under Jonathon’s shirt and ripped it open down the front, the material making a hissing sound as the threads separated.  A low chuckled escaped the base of his throat and he pressed his lips against mine, sucking my breath through his teeth.

          My limbs started to burn, melting away from my body and finally the alarm went off in my head and my hand struck out to grab the dagger.  Jonathon was quicker, he pinned me down to the passenger seat and held the black blade to my neck.

          “You had every chance to kill me, and you lost every single one.  Now, I’m going to finish what you started.”

          I whimpered slightly, my toes curled under and my knees were cold.  Jonathon’s knees dug in to my hips and his elbow created a new hallow below my collarbone.  “Get off me.”  I growled.

          “No.”  Jonathon hissed, his eyes were glowing red now and suddenly I felt powerful again.

          “GET OFF ME!”  I hissed and with one surge of power, kneed him in the groin and pushed him against the dashboard.  The dagger went flying in to the back seat, and chipped the rear window.           

          “Since when did you get so strong?”  Jonathon growled, his body still hovering over me, his musty scent filling my nose.

          “Since Sarah died and I discarded EVERYTHING!”  I snarled and pinned him against the dash with my knee.  His hands slammed against the window sending splinters through the car.  “I should’ve killed you instead of protecting you.  You should be dead and not Sarah.  YOU should be dead!” I snapped.  The look on Jonathon’s face changed from smug to horrified and then back to smug.

          “Okay, okay.”  Jonathon held up his hands that were bleeding from the knuckles.  “Just relax.  That’s all I wanted to hear.  You sure have an odd way of taking your fury out on someone.”

          I pulled back from him, my chest was rising and falling quickly, and I reached out for him.  Whatever was radiating from him was purely intoxicating; I pulled him to me our lips meeting again.  His body crushed down on me, the warmth radiating through my cold limbs, filling me with fire.  I pushed his shirt off his shoulders, feeling the hard muscles that were wound under his skin, and I pulled him closer.  His hands slid up the back of my shirt, pulling it over my head, blocking my vision for a moment – disorienting me.  I felt out of control, and I was enjoying it, craving the danger Jonathon brought with him.  I submerged myself with his smells, his kisses, and his hands on my body.  Winding myself with the heat that exuded from his limbs, and I lost my thoughts among our echoes through the car, our bodies melting together.




          I was pulling my shirt back over my head, my fingers grazing my flushed cheeks as I did so.  Jonathon was zipping up his jacket in the back seat, fumbling for the dagger that was caught between the seat and the back cushion, the blade was no longer black, instead, it was a shiny metal that glittered all on its own.  I stared in complete disbelief and watched as Jonathon re-wrapped the dagger in the red cloth.

          “The black blade wouldn’t have killed me, but it would have given you relief.  I just needed to know.”  Jonathon rubbed his hands together, examining the freshly opened wounds on his knuckles.  “Damn you hit hard.”

          I gave him a smug grin, brushing my red hair back from my face.  “Well, I have been trained by a very powerful Hunter.”  With a wink, I pulled myself in to the back seat to sit next to him.  His thick arm wound around my shoulders and pulled me tight against his side, my head dropping on to his shoulder with a sigh. 

          Jonathon smirked, “no one can resist a demon.”

          I sighed and leaned in to him, almost tired from fighting the exhaustion and anger that had welled up inside.  “You still don’t deserve my friendship.”

“Then what was that?”  Jonathon looked around the car before sliding his fingers under my chin and angling it up to look down in to my eyes.  His lips brushed mine again softly, his hand tracing up my cheek and folding a piece of hair behind my ear.

“Nothing like friendship.”  I snorted, turning my face from his so he couldn’t see the intense blush that was spreading. 

His grip tightened around me, but this time there was no affection in it, his body was rigid and stiff.  “Quiet.”  He hissed and in a smooth motion climbed back in to the front seat, his eyes flickering back and forth, looking out the un-tinted windows.  Something crashed against the windshield, a black, misshapen creature, with three eyes and jagged teeth.  It slammed its head against the glass again, sending spider webs through the thick pane.  Its mouth opened, a sound resonated through the clearing like the sound of death.  With one more deafening crack the creature slammed through windshield sending slivers of glass in to the car and Jonathon pulled me from the back seat and through the passenger door. 

“Hurry, quick.  Get the trunk open, I’ll hold it off.”  He pushed me towards the rear of the car, my legs fighting to get through the knee-high snow.  How the car had made it here in the first place was a complete mystery to me. 

The creature crawled off the hood of the car and pulled itself along the snow towards Jonathon, its face covered in blood and leaving a trail through the white snow.  It had no hind legs, only front talons and wings that mimicked those of a bat.  Its eyes were set deep in its skull, black beads flickering from me to Jonathon, its ear were little hollows on the side of its long, horse like face, but it was not covered in fur.  Its entire body looked slimy, covered in scales and rough patches of leather, I cringed and twisted the key in the lock and pushed open the trunk.  Inside was an array of sharp objects, different swords and daggers, curved and straight.  My lips quirked up in an awkward smile, pulling out a weapon that resembled a scythe, I spun and handed it to Jonathon who was pulling himself up out of the snow. 

“Not that one, pass me the red hilted one on the far side.”  He was breathing heavily, blood covering his arms, spattering his chest where his jacket had been torn opened.  I cast a look back, thinking there was no way that little thing could be doing this, but it wasn’t alone.  Four more of the same creature had created a circle around us and the car, blocking off any point of escape.  A little whimper escaped my throat as I passed Jonathon the sword, and picked out two other daggers for me.  There were also three different guns strapped to the top of the trunk, a pulled out the glock and cocked it.  I held my breath and pulled the trigger, aiming at one of the creatures, the gun fired twice and the creature fell to the ground.  Green blood spurted from its chest, as it lie there twitching, the blood burnt away the snow and sank in to the ground. 

“Nice shot, but cutting off their head is the only way to actually kill them.”  Jonathon nodded over his shoulder to where the three other things lie motionless.  Just as the words fell from his lips the one I had shot came from behind me, falling from the sky, its talons sliced at my face and neck.  I barely pushed it away from me, screaming as it bit me, holding on tightly. 

Jonathon grabbed at it, the blade in this hand searing through its neck and it fell away.  The same time, I fell to the ground holding my neck, thick, red blood trickled down my throat, pooling on my collarbone.  “Shit.  Olivia, are you alright?”

“No, I think it hit an artery.  Jonathon …” My voiced faded, my words failing me, and Jonathon’s arms wound around me.  His hands dug around in my pockets, fumbling for my cell phone and dialed 9-1-1, his hands brushing my face. 
          I heard the sirens before I saw the lights flashing on the highway, and I stayed conscious, holding Jonathon’s balled up shirt to my throat as we sat there in the snow waiting. 

          “You’ll be alright.”  Jonathon whispered to me, his warm breath more of a reassurance than his words.  I shivered, not from the snow, or the cold breeze that wrapped around us, but the way his breath made my hair move against my face.

          I will be alright…

The End

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