Chapter Nineteen: Wanting


          “OW!”  I yelped.

          “I’m sorry.  I’m trying to be gentle.”

          “Well you’re approach is all wrong.”

          Michael looked hurt.  “I’m sorry.  I’ll move slower.”

          “Oh don’t bother, I’ll do it myself.”

          “Don’t do that.”  He was pouting.  “I promise I’ll be gentle.”

          I moaned.  “Fine.  Just… OW!”  I glared back at him again and snatched up his hand that was near my face.  “Just give me the ointment.”

          He gave in.  “Fine.”

          I turned off my stool, limping a little, into the bathroom.  Michael had just brought me back from weapons training with Alex and my left shoulder was badly bruised and spasms were shooting through my muscles. He was only trying to help, but every time he’d touched me it had been a shock of pain.

          A535… oh how I love thee.  I slowly rubbed the smelly cream into my shoulder and instantly felt the pain ebb away.

          “You okay?”  Michael was standing in the doorway to my bathroom.

          I sighed.  “I’m feeling much better.”

          “Are you tired?  I can leave if you want to go to bed.”  He shrugged.

          “No. That’s all right.  I just want to lay down for a bit.”

          I limped into my room and plopped down on my bed as nicely as a ‘plop down’ would allow.  I swung my legs up onto the mattress and lay back over my pillows and stare at my ceiling waiting as the pain in my shoulder molded in to a stiff numbness.

          Michael came and sat next to me, his hand tracing the muscles and veins in mine.  It tickled a little, but I was too tired to move away from his touch.  His head fell down beside mine so I could hear his slow pace of breath in my ear.  His warm breath mussed tiny strands of platinum hair around the outside of my ear.  I stayed completely still.

          “Ollie, are you paralyzed?”  Michael gave a slight laugh that sounded more like a grunt.

          “No.” The reply was almost inaudible.

          “How’s the shoulder?”         

          “Mm…” I rolled into him a bit.  “Fine.”


          “Mm, yes?”

          “Go to sleep.”





When I woke up, I was curled up next to Michael, his eyes were closed and his breath came in a soft, rhythmic motion.  Half of his relaxed face was buried in my pillow, one eye visible above the fabric, his eyes flickering beneath his closed lids.  Obviously he was dreaming, which meant he had fallen asleep quite some time ago, most likely right after I did.  I brought myself closer to him, curving my body to match his, pressing my forehead and my nose against his.  I wound my legs up in a knot with his legs that were spread wide.  His eyes fluttered open and then down our bodies entwined together, taking only a moment to note the closeness, his eyes lighting up.  I kissed his nose, closing my eyes and taking his a gulp of his scent, he smelled like laundry detergent and my body spray. 

He let out a little puff of air that resembled a laugh and brought the hand that wasn’t tucked under his body up to play in my hair.  Twisting a ringlet of gold around his finger, he tucked it behind my ear and brought my face closer kissing me lightly.  It was only a quick kiss, pulling away from me just to press our foreheads together again. 

“Morning.”  His whole face lit up with a smile.

“I don’t think –“ I glanced over him at my alarm clock; it was turned the other way.  I growled a bit while propping myself up on my elbow and crawled over Michael’s shoulder to turn it around.  It was just after six, perfect timing for supper, well deserved after a five-hour nap.  “It’s quarter after six.”  I looked down at him, he was lying on his back under my weight, staring up at me with a strange look on his face.  “What?”

“We’ve been sleeping for, what, five hours?”  His eyes skirted away to the clock and then back up at me. 

“You bet.” 


I shrugged.  “Sure.  I was tired, I got my ass kicked today.”

Michael snorted.  “This is true.”

Frowning, I gave him a soft shove, quickly realizing that I was still leaning over him.  I went to move but he held me just where I was, reaching up to cup my face in his warm hands.  With as little force necessary, he pulled my face back to him, his lips crushing against mine, separating them with his tongue.  I could taste him, the mint freshness of his toothpaste and the stale taste from sleep.  It was a shock, a deliciously, surprisingly wonderful shock.  I shivered, my body shaking with excitement and I braced my hands on the pillow he was laying on, on either side of his head.   

His hands slid my back under my t-shirt, pulling me down on top of him, our ribs smashing against one another.  I backed my face from his, letting out a gust of air as we collided, laughing with pure exhilaration.  His hands gripped the hem of my shirt and yanked it over my head, I crushed my lips back to his, trying to breath through my nose.

He pulled away for a moment to take off his shirt, ruffling his hair and blocking my view.  He relaxed back against my bed; I traced a finger down the center of his chest.  Sure I had seen him in just his swim trunks, but this was fantastic.  He shivered as I dropped my lips to his neck; my breath causing his neck to arch and he pulled my face back to his.  He proceeded to kiss down my neck then across my collarbone as he undid my bra skillfully, this time without fumbling.  His lips traced a hot line down the center of my chest as my back arched, giving him the perfect moment to sit up. 

I was in a state of pure ecstasy as I ran my hands down his lower back and across his hips towards the front of his jeans.  I fussed with his belt for a whole two seconds before it came undone and I undid his zipper and moved his pants down.

“Ollie.”  He moaned breathlessly, it lit me on fire, and our bodies melted in to you.  Michael continued to kiss every inch of my upper body as we moved together and then he rolled onto his back with me on top and my whole world lit up as I could see the pleasure on his face.  In the dim light of my room, I could see sweat beads glistening on his chest and all down his.  His hands traced my collarbone and the muscle in my neck that was currently flexed.  My whole world suddenly made more sense than it ever had. 





“I love you.”  Michael lay next to me, his arm draped over my bare stomach, his head resting on my shoulder.

My eyes half closed.  “Michael, I love you too, but you realize that when I’m sore and achy tomorrow I’m going to make you carry me, right?”

Michael laughed.  “I will carry you anywhere you want to go.”

I kissed him again, pressing my whole body against him.



Michael was redressing when we both heard my front door open and started rushing around my room cleaning ourselves up and trying not to look completely hideous.

“Uh, hello?”

Skylar.  I wandered out of my room and up the stairs to where Skylar and Celone were standing in the porch.  “What are you two doing here?”

“Celone kept saying she was getting a weird feeling about you, so she wanted to make sure you were okay.  Kat came back to the house a while ago really somber, so we didn’t know.”

I blushed a deep crimson at the mention of my were-cat guard and eleven-year-old Kat.  “Oh dear.  Well I’m fine.  Michael and I were just busy.”

Skylar smirked as she slowly realized what I was talking about.  “Oh, well in that case.  We’ll let you two get back to your business.”

“Thanks, but we’re done.”  I sputtered.

“Okay.  We’ll head back to H.Q. now.   Should Kat come back?”  Skylar winked.

“Nah, that’s alright.”
          “Okay.  Night.”  Skylar waved and practically pushed the wide-eyed Celone out of the house.

“Who was that?”  Michael kissed my cheek.

“Skylar and Celone.”  I breathed.  “Kat may or may not have seen us.”

Michael’s eyes were about as big as Celone’s at that moment.  “Oh shit.”

“No it’s fine.  I’m sure she’ll be fine.”  I reassured him.

“So…” Michael wound his arms around me, “how was it?”

“Fantastic.  Those Nuns have NO IDEA what they are missing.”  I beamed.

“Thanks.”  Michael seemed to be re-enacting the whole scene in his head.

The whole room shifted and my knees buckled. 



My cell phone was chiming in the background somewhere when I finally felt the weight shift off of me and I crawled from the bottom of the steps to grab my purse off the banister and fished out the shiny disc.

“Hello?”  The voice on the other end whimpered.

I couldn’t talk, even though I was trying so very hard.

“Olivia?  It’s Sarah.  I need help.  She’s going to kill me-

“Bye Bye Now.”  Another voice cut her off and hissed over the line before it went dead… very dead.



Michael came back in focus before I felt the icy tears tracing down my frozen cheeks.  His whole body was wrapped around me, holding me to his chest in a rocking motion.

“Are you okay?”  He whispered.

“I-” My cell phone started chiming in the background with that eerie tune and I screamed bloody murder.  Michael shot back from me and grabbed my bag and fished out the phone.  The look on his face was all the proof I needed to know I’d be too late to stop this one.

Michael was about to open it and answer it when I snatched it from his hands and opened it. 

“Sara-” My voice cracked, Michael held me by the elbow.

“She told me to call you.”  She was eerily calm just like she had been in my vision.


She kept cutting me off as if she wasn’t allowed to deviate from a script.  “Olivia?”

“Yes Sarah.”

“I need help.”


Her breathing was heavy and labored.  “I think she’s going to kill me.”



“Yes, Sarah?”

“I hate you.”

“SARAH! –”

“BYE BYE NOW OLIVIA.  You’ve cost another life.”  The phone didn’t click but I dropped it right before a bloodcurdling scream ripped through the air and I felt sick.

“Olivia?”  Michael was pure white.

“I just -” I stood there and pulled free of Michael’s grasp and teetered back and forth.  Each step was more painful than the last as I picked up pace.

Michael was dialing a phone number as I bolted out of the house and into the foggy night.  My vision hadn’t been hard to see, it had truly been fog I was seeing. I felt my gut twist uncomfortably and I slowly moved down the middle of Parkhill, my will the only thing that kept me going.

“Olivia.”  I could hear them calling my name from behind but I couldn’t stop and turn around.

I knew where I was going from my visions and just kept walking until I entered the vacant soccer field and trudged through the mud until I saw her.  Her pink t-shirt was covered in mud and what I could only guess to be blood.  I dropped to my knees onto the cold and damp earth. 

“You bitch.  If you want me, come get me!”  I screamed at the dark clouds.

She was in front of me in a second, her liquid red eyes cut off my breathing yet her perfect face was no longer porcelain and beautiful, instead it was filthy and haggard.  Her blonde hair was still tightly pulled back from her face enhancing her sharp features.

“So good of you to call me.”  Lexie hissed.  “But how did you know it was I?”

“You have a very distinct accent, and that bloody smell.”  I smirked.

“It is what lures my prey to me.”  She smiled back.

“Well, I’m assuming that’s the only reason any one ever approaches you.”

“What a tongue you have.  No wonder Lucien wants you alive so badly.”

“So how are you going to explain it to him when I’m dead?”

“Oh, I’m not here to kill you.  Right now, you are bait.”

“Bait?”  I gasped.  Jonathon!  Celone!

“Yes.  That little rat and her body guard.  They should be here any second.  You play along so nicely, you should really consider joining us peacefully.”

“Not a chance!”
          “Well, there’s no restriction of smacking you around, so shall we?”  Lexie grimaced.  She just wanted something to report back to Lucien about how well trained I was.


“Fine.  Nighty Night.”  She hissed and darted towards me.
          “Olivia!”  Jonathon’s voice sliced through the air with a menacing growl.

Alex was standing in front of me when I opened my eyes while Jonathon had Lexie in a choker hold.  “Are you alright?”

“No.  Sarah’s dead.”  I added solemnly.  All of my adrenaline was gone.

Alex’s head whirled around to where Kat and Vivian were crouched.  “Jesus!”

“He can’t save you now.”  Lexie hissed.  “I’ll get you some other day Jon.”  And Lexie and her minions were gone.

Alex wrapped his arms around me and tried to cradle me but I backed up and turned away in to Michael.

“She’s dead?”  He whimpered.

“Yes, she’s finally dead.”  I added with no hint of remorse.

“How can you say it like that?”  Michael screamed.  Tears were welling up behind his eyes, threatening to spill over for someone to mock him.  Every emotion I ever had of Sarah, all the anger and frustration came spewing out all at once in words I would instantly regret. 

“Because I’m a bitch Michael, and so was she.  I was only baited to be bait.  She’s dead.  Bloody and covered in mud.”  I snarled.


Tears rolled down my face.  “I want nothing more than this all to be over, including my friendships and us.”  I pushed past him and ran as hard as I could, never once glancing back.  I couldn’t look back, not now, not ever.  The only time I had ever been truly at peace with my world was when I was completely naïve and I had pushed everyone to telling me the truth and teaching me.  Now I had all the knowledge I needed to come out of the darkness and I tripped and fell back into the ocean without any relief of the cold.  Now I was alone, and that was how I had intended to keep it.

I don’t want this, that’s for sure.  What I want is… what do I want?

The End

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