Chapter Seventeen: Celone


          Michael and I arrived at Alex's house after school that Monday.  Not one inhabitant from the house had shown for class today so we decided to see what was happening.  We walked up the front walk; Michael squeezed my hand as he held on.  I leaned against his arm and smirked.  He rang the doorbell and instantly the door flew open to expose Vivian.

          Her hair was pulled back tightly against her head into a bun at the back of her head.  She was wearing a tank top and track pants and looked as though she'd just gotten out of the shower.

          "Inside, now!"  She barked and pulled me into the house.

          Michael's hand escaped my grasp as I was ushered up the stairs to a less familiar part of the house.  Michael slowly walked behind us.

          "What's going on?"  I asked impatiently.

          "Those demons that Alex stashed here, that's what's wrong.  Ever since Celone came to they've been nothing but trouble.  We even had Skylar pay a visit because Alex's apparent Hunter abilities were not capable across town."  Vivian grumbled.

          I had nothing to say, my mouth fell open and I crossed my arms across my chest.  Vivian opened a door and inside was a large, four post bed with a black canopy.  The walls were all brick and made the room look larger than it actually was.  On the bed was Jonathan, perched on the side of it, his head in his hands.  He looked up when we walked into the room.  His eyes narrowed at Vivian and then turned to glance at me and winked.

          "Hi."  I gave a little wave.

          "Hello."  Jonathan smiled.  A figure next to him, smaller with dark hair that bobbed around her face, lifted her head to see who he was talking to.  Her eyes had a dull red glow to them as she glared at the group standing in the doorway.

          Vivian pushed us into the room and closed the door behind us.  "Okay Jon, I brought Olivia.  What do you want?"

          "Olivia.  Good.  Help is what-"

          "Jon..." The female figure called him, her voice was light and gentle and as the light touched her face I could see that she had a round, childish face.

          "Celone, it's okay.  Olivia isn't like the rest of them."

          "Oh?  How so?"

          "She's the-"

          "STOP!"  Alex burst through the door.

          "What?"  Vivian rolled her eyes.

          "Why did you bring her in here?"  Alex snarled.

          Vivian sighed.  "He would only talk to Olivia, and he's not going to hurt her with all of us here."  She crossed her arms across her chest.

          "You don't know that.  He's a demon, they both are."  Alex growled.

          "Both outcasts."  Jonathan interrupted.  I looked back over at him, Celone was cowering behind him, her head was buried in his shoulder.

          "Can you two stop fighting, you're scaring her."  I grumbled and moved forward to the bed and walked around the other side to Celone.  "Hi."  I sat on the trunk at the base of the bed.

          Celone lifted her head and peered at me from the corner of her eye.  "Hi."  Her voice was even smaller and extremely timid.
          "You must be Celone.  I'm Ollie."

          "I know who you are.  My Father's after you."  Her face transformed with guilt.  "He says that he can't plan anything or you'll see it and stop him."

          "Mhmm."  I nodded.

          "Good.  He needs to be stopped.  Lexie and himself have made a mess of human affairs."  Celone bit her lip.

          "Aren't you part human?"

          Celone looked back at me sharply, surprise lighting up her eyes.  She nodded in reply.

          "So, how am I supposed to help you two?"  I played with a loose thread on the bedspread, making sure to limit my eye contact with them.

          "Hide us."  Jonathan answered.

          "What?  Why?"

          "Lexis is hunting, not only for you, but us as well."  Jonathan paused, but he must have read the confusion on my face.  "Our original orders, the reason we were first allowed on this land, were to find you.  We were to befriend you and then take you back to Lucien.  However, in watching you, Celone got attached and told Lucien that she wanted out.  Well, that didn't go over very well.

          "He banished Celone, but I followed to watch over her.  Lucien sent Lexie to kill me so Celone would be alone and defenseless and Celone would return to her Father and do his bidding.  We were watching when Celone passed out from Alex's overwhelming aura."  Jonathan finished and glared across the room at Alex.

          "Overwhelming aura?"  I blinked and then directed my questioning glance at Alex.

          "Stupid Court."  He shruggled.  "But nice story Jonathan, if that was true, Lexie would have had you by now."

          "No.  I make a point to be in a mortal crowd as much as I can.  I even persuaded that cute Sarah to dump dork-o back there and date me in order to have more cover."

          "You did what?"  Michael gasped.

          "Don't worry, Ollie here is by far a better catch."  Jonathan smirked.

          I glanced at Alex, he was emanating superiority and smugness, but he didn’t budge.  I wanted to slap him and punch Jonathan for saying such a thing to Michael.  He was mine now and Sarah didn't matter anymore.  Or does she?

          "Come on Michael, let's go."  I walked up to him and took his left hand in my right.

          I smiled at him and he returned it, I waved at Vivian and headed downstairs.

          "Wait, Olivia.  What should we do about them?"  Alex followed.

          "Keep him away from Sarah and call Skylar over to talk to Celone.  Keep 'em here until Sabrine gets back."  I nodded and left with Michael.

          "Why keep him away from Sarah?"  Michae's words seemed disgusted.

          "Her own safety."

          "She deserves any punishment Fate hands her." 

          "Not death Michael."

          His body went rigid and he stopped in his tracks.  "Death?  You already know the outcome?"

          I tapped my left temple.  "I was checking as he spoke to me.  His story checked out and when he mentioned Sarah."

          "Not good?"

          "It was foggy, so anything can happen."

          Little white flakes began to fall while we stood on the vacant sidewalk.  In the bright afternoon sun, light bounced off of the little flakes, making them sparkle like white sunshine.

          Michael watched my features for a little bit and then shrugged.  "Foggy works for me."  He grinned.  "So, do you mind if I spend another night at your place?”

          He looked hurt almost instantly.  “Why?”

          “My Mom should be home tonight.  I think she may mind, and it’s a Monday, you should go home and sleep in your own bed.”  I gave his hand a gentle squeeze.

          “Mom, eh?  Okay, but my bed is just so big and empty.”  He winked.

          “Some other time, we have hundreds of chances to spend a night together.”

          Michael looked down at his feet.  “Do you ever look into your own future or even mine?”

          “Once, into my own, completely on accident.”

          Michael perked up.  “What did you see?”

          “I can’t really tell you.  It’s one of those things that can make people jump to conclusions.”  I sighed.  “Like the Sarah thing.”

          Michael’s thumb massaged the side of my hands as he contemplated asking further.  He was biting the inside of his lip and I knew that he’d always wonder, so I decided to humor his taste and share what I saw, if only a part anyway.

          “Two kids: a boy and a girl.  A beautiful front lawn and a swan on the front door.”

          Michael’s eyes flew up to mine as quickly as the last word exited my mouth.  “Two kids?” 

          I nodded in reply.  He pulled me into a strong embrace and kissed my neck just below my ear, my breath caught in my throat.  He had jumped to the same conclusion I had.

          He pulled back.  “Can you tell what year it is or-”

          “Michael, please don’t.  I only told you so you’d stop wondering.  Please don’t jump to conclusions.”
          “But Ollie… that means you don’t die.”  Michael gave me a soft smile.

          I’d never seen it like that.  So does that mean Lucien doesn’t get me?  That’s perfect!  Can I stop worrying now?

          “I guess you’re right.”  I bit my lip. “But I’m not taking any chances.  I’m still going to practice and keep my wits about me.  Michael…”

          “Yes?”  He caught my glance.

          “Don’t tell anyone.”

          “I won’t.”  He nodded.

          “Good.”  I beamed.  “So Celone, she’s actually quite cute, for being Lucien’s daughter.”

          Michael glanced at me sideways.  “Ya, but Ollie, she might be cute but she’s still his daughter and a demon.”

          “Half demon.  Maybe her human side is stronger?”

          “Maybe.  Don’t get too hopeful.”  Michael’s eyes were intense so I had to recall how to breathe all over.

          “Okay.”  I nodded.  But, she could easily be the key to Lucien’s undoing.  Alex did say that humans were his greatest weakness – or did he mean Celone was?

          I had been so lost in thinking about Celone and Lucien that I barely realized we were standing in my driveway.  The truck was parked next to us, signifying to us that my Mother was indeed home.  I bit my lip and wrapped my arms around Michael’s neck and kissed his cheek.  “I guess I should get inside.”

          “Probably.”  Michael sighed and closed his eyes.

          I glanced towards his car parked on the side of the road and I suddenly dreaded the thought of it leaving its current position.  I really didn’t want Michael to leave, but just the fact that I needed him to be around me 24/7 was unnerving.  There was still a possibility that I would have to leave him or that I may still die yet.

          I can’t get attached, and I really hope that he understands.  I pulled my arms back from him and let them drop to my side.

          “Bye Ollie.”  He returned the peck on the cheek and wandered off to his car.  “See ya tomorrow.”  He called back.

          I nodded in reply and turned towards the front door that was opening as I approached.


          “Hm?  Oh Olivia, you’re home.  Good.  I’ll be back in twenty minutes, I’m just running uptown for supper.”  Marley beamed.

          “Uh okay.  I’m just going to do my homework.”  I brushed past her and shrugged into the house.

          It was quiet inside except for the sound of the stereo in the background and the crackling of the fireplace.  It was really warm inside and I could smell garlic sticks in the oven.  My nose twitched with the aroma.

          I walked into the den and pulled my backpack up into my lap from the floor by the coffee table.  I pulled out my homework and sat there focusing on my English essay, but the thought of the vision kept interrupting my writing.

          What if… it wasn’t my future? – NO!  He called my name when he came in.  Ergh!  Maybe… I can recall it.

          I closed my eyes and made myself comfortable on the couch before the fire.  I let myself focus on the future and me.  The image started to waver and suddenly I felt suffocated as the wave washed over me and carried me away.

          It was bright outside: incredible, brilliant sunlight bounced off of every object.  I blinked against the light and tried to move out of it.  I let my eyes drop from the light and looked down at my lower half.  I was clad in a white dress with lace and a train that curled around behind me.  It was my wedding dress; the veil covered my face and obscured my groom.

          I wanted to run down the isle and embrace him, but as I blinked and the sun faded, I noticed the blood on my pure white dress, and the ruins of what used to be the isle.

          I pulled the veil from my face to see Alex and my Mother talking, their clothes torn and their bodies battered.

          Where’s Michael?

          “Ollie.  You need to take Kaley and get out of here.  I’ll be right behind you.”  Alex approached me and grabbed my arms above my elbows gently.  He looked older, stronger, darker.

          I shuddered.


          I turned to see a green-eyed girl with light brown hair dressed in a light pink dress.

          “Please Ollie.”  Alex brought me back.

          I looked at him wearily and went to reach out and touch him but the image snapped back to my den as my Mom came back into the house, slamming the door behind her.

          “Ollie, come help me.  Didn’t you hear the oven go off?”  Marley snapped at me.

          I glared at the intrusion but obediently walked into the kitchen and helped her with salads and bags of groceries as she pulled out the garlic bread from the oven.

          “How could you not hear the oven go off?  This monster is so loud.  Look, its almost burnt.”  Marley sighed and cut the bread.

          “Lost in my homework I guess.”

          “Are you lying?”

          My eyes snapped up and met hers suddenly.  “Why would I do that?”

          “Because, you look distant.”  She answered and yet continued making supper.  “You were checking out the future, weren’t you?”

          “Maybe.”  I bit my bottom lip.

          “What did you see?”

          The whole conversation seemed so normal, yet the topic was as supernatural as the horror movies I watched as a kid.  Marley kept her eyes on the food while I thoughtlessly prepared a Caesar salad.

          “My-” I stopped, “A wedding.”

          “Whose?”  Her voiced crackled.

          I didn’t know how to answer her question.  I didn’t get married and I didn’t know whom I was marrying or who Kaley was.

          “Don’t know.”  I shrugged.

          That was the end of that conversation; I had to change the subject.

          “Do you know Celone?  Or Jonathan Marks?”

          Marley nearly chopped her finger off in the process of cutting carrots as I asked the question. 

          “How do you know Marks?”  Marley’s glare was powerful and her eyes were wider than I had ever seen.

          “Well, he sort of asked me to protect him from Lexie.”

          “WHAT!?”  Marley looked horrified.

          “Ya… He’s at Alex’s place right now.”
          Marley angrily turned back to murdering carrots on the plate in front of her.  She was muttering something under her breath, obviously words that were unintelligent.


          “I don’t want you around that demon.  He can make you do stuff that you certainly don’t want too.”    

          “But… he needs my help.”
          “You can’t even protect yourself.”  Marley snarled.

          “Not yet.”  I said solemnly.

          Marley sighed and finished making the chicken and set the table.

          Supper was absolutely quiet and my mind raced endlessly over the vision I had just forced.   I was barely eating and I knew that my mom could see my lack of attention.

          Was Alex the groom?

The End

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