Lost SightMature

For sixteen years Olivia has lived with her Mother unknowing of the world she was born in to, but in one fateful school year the world of the shadows creep out in to her vision. With new comrades and horrific demons following her around, she still has to deal with the fact that the Father she never knew, lives.



          His forearms and cheeks glittered with recent perspiration as the sun reflected off of him from high in the sky.  The light tan color of his skin gave off a warm glow and the muscles in his hands and arms seemed to move as he stood there, very still.  He wore only a black, sleeveless shirt covering his torso and a pair of jeans on his legs, but he stood there completely open to her, exposing himself to her eyes.  Her deep, piercing, blue eyes cast over his body with curiosity and found some form of familiarity. 

Glancing up to his face, a gasp escaped her as she met his eyes, the color of a forest long after midnight; they seemed to almost glow as if the sun were behind them.  It startled her, but at the same time she sensed something that was there before, some sort of familiarity she'd longed for in her new home.  But as she reached out to touch his face he turned from her, brushing her aside. 

It felt cold, like summer had suddenly been replaced by the harsh climate of winter and had taken over her body.  She shuddered and went to turn, but there he was again, standing only inches from her face with a wry smile spreading thickly across his lips.  Fear choked her as he approached as if at the speed of light and brushed hair from her face leaning into her and stopped at her ear.

The girl shot away from him as if he'd stabbed her and glared at him in horror.  The very words he'd whispered into her ear so seductively had her frozen in place.




The End

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