Lost pride ch 10 - A letter of confession

Dear Sam

I know that you would probably prefer not to hear from me from beyond the grave but I beg you for one last favour. I ask of you not to burn this letter straight away as there are still thing yet unknown to you, things that you would never even consider. But before I give you this information I ask you to allow Jake passage from the Keep. I left him my file on his family. He deserves the life we were never granted. A life filled with family.

I guess now that I am dead and will no longer have you to hound me for answers I can freely tell you what happened that day. The day that Anora died. I know all I have said and denied during our sessions but the one thing that I never lied about is that I never killed her. I was nowhere near her that day, my session was cancelled. Had I not been locked up I would have thought it strange for her to let me be but I was selfish. I was too glad that I would not be forced to admit to more of my horrifying past to her for an entire day. I didn’t even care about the guards forcing their stupid jokes and rude remarks. For that one day I was semi happy. Looking back now I guess there wasn’t really anything I could have done. I was locked in my cell all day. I wish that I could be able to write a name here for you to seek revenge against but alas I can’t. All I can offer you is a starting point, his name’s Devin although I believe that it would not have been him who wanted Anora dead but rather John. It would not have been because of anything that she had done, it was purely to get back at me. I never should have done that job, nor should I have taken the medallion with me. They framed me for her murder in a last attempt at getting even. I guess now they have succeeded. My hands were shaking uncontrollably by this point. The urge to just burn the letter and be done with it vivid in my mind and yet something urged me to continue on.

It was true that I was planning to kill myself tonight although it would have been cowardly but I couldn’t carry on like this anymore. I knew that George and Kenneth were plotting to kill me told me this himself when we spoke in the shadows. If I did not take things into my own hands I would have been slaughtered like a lamb. Given a choice to choose your death just what every person dreams of. I know I manipulated you into taking my life and for that I am sorry. I truly am. But I didn’t see another way out. As a Shadow Keeper I was supposed to die doing my duty. And with Jake taken care of my mission was complete and my time had come to make good on that promise. I died protecting our secret. With the last of us gone, our honour will never be restored.

Ever watching from the Shadows



I wonder what it was that she intended to write in the last sentence. Why write it at all if she was just going to cross it out? Walking over to the window my eye caught sight of the statue out in the courtyard again. "Is that blood coming from its sleeve?" Standing there, watching the blood pool at the statue’s feet, I could have sworn that I heard a faint whispering as the wind took the letter from my grasp. Now that the last of us are dead, our honor will forever be darkened by the shadows of this keep. I was so captivated by the sight of the bleeding statue that I didn’t even realize that I had lost the letter and yet I instinctively knew that it would next find its way to Ron. She would not let him suffer so. “And so there you are Silver. Causing the blood to flow from this Keep.” Below me in the courtyard I could still make out Kenneth and George watching the statue with gleeful expressions. They seem to think that they have won. Though I am sure she won’t let it rest there. Now would you Silver?

The End

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