Lost pride ch 9

Following her down the darkening hallways of the keep I was amazed at how easily she avoided the guards. If you could have escaped the keep this easily why wait until now to do it? You could have easily regained your freedom over a year ago. Why wait? This was the only thought that seemed to survive in my mind. Why had she not escaped earlier? I couldn’t make sense of her choice, why wait until now…


Looking up from the shadow that I have been following for the last, feels like, 20 minutes, though in reality we were only a few miles from the keep, I was shocked to find myself confronted by an empty clearing. But it wasn’t empty just past Silver’s still body stood a lone grave bathed in the moonlight. Why come here? “Well I guess that the time has come.” From her voice I could have said with certainty that her eyes were filled with tears. Her hands fiddling furiously with the clasp of her bracelet, shattering the moon’s rays in every direction imaginable, and in that moment I saw the stray tear. That one tear marked by a smile. I have seen her doing that a lot lately, smiling sadly to herself as the tears silently cascaded down her face. It wasn’t all that hard to guess that she was preparing for something. I will never know what she was thinking as she smiled like that and yet I envied her. Finding something to amuse her even in the depths of her sorrow. I sure never could do that. “It’s time to let go.” Her voice was just a whisper. “Time to say goodbye.” I stayed silent that time not allowing my own thoughts to overpower her true words. “You kept your promise, now it is time for me to keep mine.” My entire body ached with the rage that I felt towards her as I stepped from the shadows that had served as my hiding place for perhaps the last 13 months. I won’t allow you to end it so easily for yourself. My heart beat was the loudest thing that I have heard in my life as I watched her place the fragile silver bracelet on the mysterious grave. “I never deserved such a gift as the one you gave me.” Her voice halted me for only a second. “I know that what I have done can never be forgiven. I’ve wronged so many and yet I feel the deepest regret for Sam…” Our eyes connected for that fraction of a second as she turned to watch me kill her.


Before me sat an unbelieving Ron. His astonishment at my tail nearly amused me, surely he had to have seen this coming. It wasn’t like I ever really tried to help her or anything. “I don’t know whether or not she knew that she was going to die or even if it was going to be me. And in all honesty I don’t care.” His shock seems to have worn of a little by this time as he somehow found the voice he had lost over an hour ago. “So you are telling me that you are responsible for killing Silver? Our only real asset, the last of the Shadow Keepers.” I had no real answer to that, had I not just said that? So instead I answered with a shrug. “She killed Anora.” That seems to have tugged on the right nerve as I was hoisted over the table between us by my shirt collar. “Killing him will not give you the answers you seek, Ron. Let him go.” His breath was hot on my face as he slowly unclenched his fingers from my shirt placing a few feet of space between us. It was almost as if he really felt something for her, judging by the way his fists clenched as he stood glaring at me. With a small smirk on my face I found the owner of the disembodied voice. George. And here I thought that I had a habit of stalking people. “She opened up to me that night. That very first night before all this happened. She trusted me George!”

“She only told you what you wanted to hear.” It seems Silver was not the only on that knew how to drive you to the brink of insanity and back. This was clear to me by the way Ron now stood glaring at George from across the room silently waiting for him to continue. “Can you honestly tell me that you believed her when she said they walked into an ambush? The great Shadow Keepers walking blindly walking into trap?” I could see the fight drain from his body as the realization dawned on him that perhaps we were right. We saw what had to be done. “No.” His voice was silent, barely audible. “You should be thanking him, Sam did you a favour. The mind of a Shadow Keeper is no place for the likes of you.” Watching his retreating back I found it strangely comforting that he agreed with me. “We could have saved her!” Well I guess he’s back. So much for some quite time. George’s actions were blinding as he whipped back to face Ron a sure rage on his face. “She didn’t want you to save her! She wanted to die! How stupid can you be? You, the one claiming to have loved her, searching for ways to prolong her pain. She was beyond help, have been for years. You only prolonged the evitable by bringing her here!”

“It was still not his place to kill her!” Wow wonder what will be left of my hearing after this.

“He granted her freedom, Ron. The freedom that she so rightfully deserved.”

“Don’t know if I agree with that.” My comment only earned me a sharp look as the heavy sigh from George demanded our attention again. He seemed to have calmed himself. “If he did not kill her, I would have. It was clear that she was not well anymore, Ron. It had to be done.” Taking hold of Ron’s shoulder George offered his last sentiments in comfort before disappearing into the shadows again. “No matter what his convictions were, the end result stayed the same.”  

“So now what?” My curiosity was getting the better of me again. What would be the end to all this?

“Now you leave.” It almost seemed like those words stole the last little bit of life that he had left. Later that night as I stood in my room I suddenly wondered what it was that made Silver who she was. Could the death of her fallen comrades really be her fault as George seems to suggest and if so would it have been enough for her to become who she was? Would this ultimately lead me to follow her path? It would seems so as I already stole the life of another. Ron would never be the same again.

The End

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