Lost pride ch 8

Watching her with the new initiate I felt my soul cringe at the sight. The pain and the terror that she inflicted upon his body was unbelievable. This was her true self, the unrestricted Silver. The Silver that loved to kill and torture her victims. The Silver that I now feared. The only thing daring to interrupt her gleeful enjoyment of the situation was murderous threats emanating from a nearby hallway. My heart nearly stopped as another young recruit approached Silver, his head hung as low as possible. “Il attend dans la salle arrière.” He waits in the back room. Wonder what the poor sod did to deserve that punishment. I dear say he may be the one person worse than Silver. Neither of us really noticed as the young initiative readied himself for another attack on Silver. Lunging at her his fingertips missing her by mere millimetres as she easily side stepped his surprise attack settling the matter as he came to rest against the opposite wall. She seemed to be genuinely enjoying herself as her laughter filling the quiet halls of the keep.

“You done yet?” Breathing heavily the young initiative reluctantly let his head fall. She broke him, without even breaking a sweat… Her kick came out of nowhere sending him skidding a way further down the wall. “Never try that again.” Her smile had disappeared in that instance as she retook control of the situation. Behind her the French recruit form earlier stood watching the unfolding of events as he waited with his senior officer. “I humoured you this time. But next time I will kill you.” His eyes locked with hers seemingly filled with equal measures hatred and regret. Regret for what I had no idea although I had the distinct feeling that I would soon find out. After all no secret stays a secret for long. Still clutching at his side the young man impressed us all a little as he once again forced himself into an upright position refusing to give her the upper hand. From my point of view though I could quite clearly see that while he still had some fight left in him his body was finished and would not be able to handle much more abuse. Surely you must see it. Staring so intently at him as if he is to be the keeper of a secret you would rather die for than have revealed.


Forcing herself away from the bleeding initiative Silver seemed to undergo a magical transformation, as she completely ignored his moans of protest at realigning his spine, to adopt a friendlier manner towards her co-worker. “Don’t be too hard on him. He’s trying his best and improving well. He just needs more language training.”

“He still has to learn his place Silver, just like we did.” His words echoed in my mind as I watched his retreating back fading into the shadows of the hallway again. Could it be possible that there was a hidden meaning in his words? That he might not have just been talking about his recruit, could he have been revering to Silver? No that can’t be I would have been made aware of it had there been other notions against her.

Glad to have that sorted out my eyes wandered the shadows of another nearby archway settling on a well-known shape just as Silver too seemed to notice his lurking form. The silent exchange that I witnessed between the two of them frightened me a little as a satisfied almost happy smile settled on her face a split second before she turned her back on him again. She seemed to be favouring the window today spending much of her free time staring longingly out the window as if she was waiting on someone. Could it really be that easy to just forget about someone you injured that badly? To ignore the rasping fight for oxygen as the air escaped his damaged lungs in short gasps for more? Surely not even she can be that heartless… right?


I was wrong. A half hour later Ron stood a few feet from my shadowed corner as he debated whether or not to approach her with the young initiative still huddled against the wall. It was obvious that Ron had every intent to press their previously unresolved issue the only question was the timing. Her mood seemed relaxed enough although even that could be a trap. She’s been changing her moods and ideas at the drop of a hat the last couple of days. Taking the plunge Ron made his way over to her before gently cleared his throat in a hope of not agitating her again. Her smile was soft as she smiled at him over her shoulder, her hands busying themselves with the charms on her bracelet.

“Could we talk for a minute?”

“No one is stopping you Ron. Say what is on your mind.” Following his gaze as if by telepathy, Silver directed her gaze over to the battered youth still huddling in the corner with utter disinterest. Grateful for his cue to disappear he summoned all the strength still left in his body in an attempt to remove himself from the room. Failing miserably before he was quickly aided by two of the guards who seemed to magically materialized in the middle of the room.

“Seems like you went all out with him.”

“You’re ruining my mood, Ron. What is it you wanted to say?” Hesitating already, Ron? “I wanted to say that I was sorry. I read the signs wrong and I guess I came to the wrong conclusion.”

“I opened up to you because that was the only option I was afforded. Nothing more.”

“What about Sam?” I was surprised to see her hesitating in mid stride at the mere mention of my name or was it Ron’s voice that stopped her? “Why not open up to him? That would have been the logical choice wouldn’t it?”

“He never cared about what I had to say. You did.” Her voice betrayed the sense of vulnerability I was sure she felt because of the gentleness that skimmed into her words as she disappeared into the hallway. Followed her down the dark maze of corridors we have been calling home for the past few months, I couldn’t help but consider her words. “He never cared about what I had to say.” Was that even a possibility? Was it possible that I never truly listened to her that I only listened for that which I could convince myself was incriminating? That I was slowly conditioning myself to seek her guilt and not the truth? Perhaps she too only did what she was taught to do. Survive…

The End

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