Lost pride ch 7

After our return from Fortluna, Silver seemed to be more distracted than usual. She seemed to have even less of a reason to live than usual. If that was even possible. “Can I get some water?”

“If you tell me what is with this new attitude of yours, of course.” She just continued to stare out the window. For some unknown reason she refused to look anywhere near my vicinity ever since we got back to the keep. “On the one hand, you seem to just not care anymore. Like you will answer any questions I might have. And yet on the other hand you seem to care so little that you don’t even listen to me.”  You’re crumbling my dear Silver and we have almost reached the point where I can, dare I say it? Dare I dream of killing you? I think I just might…


Passing the empty training hall, hastily on my way to great the growing number of people currently occupying most of the entrance hall, I spotted the fleeting image of Silver staring blankly out the window as the wind gently caressed her face. I am sure the Dark dragons wouldn’t mind waiting just a few minutes. “Aren’t you cold?” Again with this Ron? Why do you always have to be her saviour? Let her fight for herself for once. “I stopped feeling the cold hours ago.”

“I thought having the run of the keep would excite you a little, instead you stand staring out at the snow all day.” His eyes searched the bleakness of the snowy blanket outside. “I am happy.”

“You sure about that? Because it doesn’t look that way.” She seemed to ignore him as his eyes light up with recognition. “You’re not still obsessing about the day we brought you here, are you?”

“You don’t know what it is like to suddenly start questioning your own identity. To feel so utterly lost and alone and then be expected to lead an entire army.” She was close to tears by the time he pulled her to him. “So you’re afraid.” Her offence at his remark was cut short as he effortlessly closed the distance between their lips. The silence was deafening as she stood glaring at him, all vulnerability forgotten, keeping a good two feet of distance between them. “I allowed you into my life, Ron. Not into my love.” Her departure was echoed only by the clicking of my heels as I followed her down the remainder of the corridor in the direction of the gathered Dark dragons.


The conference hall was quiet as everyone focused on the mysterious figure in the middle of the room. Everyone that is, except Silver. Her eyes seemed to be following some unseen shadow around the room. “Silver. Silver!” Her eyes darted to find him in that one split second. George has always been the only one that could demand her attention like that. Perhaps it was because they were so alike in nature that he just instinctively knew how to break her trance. Then again perhaps it was just luck, who knew. “Have anything else to add?”

“How can I give my opinion of something that I never got the chance to investigate?” It was clear from the various eye rolls and the knowing smiles, around the room, that everyone knew she had no clue what they were discussing and had absolutely no intention of interfering with the charade. “It would be quite amusing to see what rabbit she pulls out of the hat this time.” The decision was made.

“If there are no further objections, Silver, the floor is yours.” Her quite demeanour captivated us as she lazily made her way to the object of our interest. If this truly was just another one of her charades she was going all out to convince us otherwise. Multiple whispers started around the room as she slowly circled her victim. What is everyone so excited about? Am I the only one to notice the smile of pure enjoyment on her face as she toys with this man’s fear? Something deep inside me stirred as she gracefully side stepped the young man’s futile lunges. It frightened me to see just how much she enjoyed tempting him as she stayed just barely out of his reach. The frustration clearly showed on his face as his strained against the bonds that kept him rooted to the floor. Chains rattled in the sudden silence as he strained to follow her movements behind him. I almost felt sorry for him as her smile lurked before my eyes when she stepped back into the shadows obscuring our identities from the captive. The atmosphere instantly changed as she appeared before George. I could feel the anticipation of the eager eyes as all conversations were cut short.  “I suggest we keep him.” No, no, no. I gritted my teeth in pure frustration as my mind raced. I’ve lost. How could I lose? Her smile irked me. No there must be some way to return her to that state of mental surrender.

The End

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