Lost pride ch 5

Slipping in at the back of the old church I could see the pastor slowly making his way up the empty aisle towards the middle where Silver sat quietly praying from the look of it. Her head was bowed low with her long hair covering most of her face. Whether she knew of his approach I could not tell, yet it intrigued me as to why she would pick a church to flee to. She had the pick of the town and yet she came here. Why? “What brings my troubled daughter to my arms tonight?”

“Father I am lost. My past is blood drenched and my future is bleak. I don’t know where to turn to Father.” They sat quietly staring at one another. Shouldn’t one of them say something? Beside me the young captive shifted awkwardly in his seat as we waited for her to continue. “Father you have known me since I first came to this town. You know of my actions, my convictions, my morals and my deeds. But tonight I came here to ask for guidance yet I don’t believe that I deserve any.” So you know him. That would explain why you came here, I was starting to think it was the architecture that drew you here. He gently took her hand in his as he softly comforted her, coaxing more of the story from her. “Tell me, what has my daughter’s hearth so heavy tonight.”

“When last I came here, I had just lost someone very dear to me and instead of listening to my heart and my head I listened to my ego which caused me to lead three of my friends to their deaths.”

“Ah I see you are talking about those three boys you used to hang around with. But you have to understand that it wasn’t your fault. It could have been any of you.”

“You don’t understand father!” Her voice rose in the quite of the church as she shot up from the bench. “They trusted me with their lives!”

“All that may be true but they were still able to think for themselves. Nothing you could have done would have prevented that from happening.” She slowly sank back down into her seat. “So tell me father, what am I supposed to do now. How do I continue on from here?” Her voice was shaky as she fought back the tears. “You continue on as you did before. You follow your creed. ‘For every life you take…’”

“You protect another. Thank you father, I will try my best.” Groaning as he got up from the bench he made a big show of his age. “Please don’t wait another three years to visit us again, my daughter.” I saw the small smile on her face as she he walked back down the aisle. Leaving the kid behind, I cautiously slipped in next to her on the narrow bench. “You know, you could have waited for us.” 

“Why, so you can make a big fuss about my actions?” We will speak of this yet, Silver. One way or another.  “We are going to talk about it eventually.”

“First rule of trying to kill someone: never get involved in their lives.” With that she got up and walked out the door again dragging the kid along by his collar until he could match her speed. Would have thought that the first rule is not to let them know you are plotting their death. Good to know I was wrong. Following a couple of paces behind I couldn’t keep the amused smile of my face as she repeatedly had to readjust her pace so that the boy could keep up with her. And even though she tried to hide her compassion with random outbursts every few seconds or complaining about him being to slow I could see that she still reduced her speed to accommodate his fatigue.

The End

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