Lost pride ch 4

The room was buzzing with the approving whispers and silent comments of the rich and the mighty, the so called untouchables. Where is she? I scanned the room for her presence again. I know she has to be around here somewhere. But where? The chair beside me scraped across the marble floor as I turned to find her sitting beside me. “Scared you didn’t I?” That smile! That infuriating smile. “Don’t think that just because you are out of the keep you don’t need to keep to our arrangement.”

“My, my not even thirty miles from the Forgotten Grave and you’re still an annoying know it all.” She silently showed her bid to the auctioneer. “Stop changing the subject and tell me what I want to know.”

“Now where is the fun in that?” That’s it.

“Tell me why we are here you selfish murdering witch!”  She pretended to think it over.

“Yeah; I don’t think so. You see, we are in Fortlunaand here everyone has rights. Even a selfish murdering witch like me.” To my utter annoyance she again raised her hand to bid, staring at the auctioneer like I just commented on the weather or something equally useless.  “Do you even know what you are bidding on?” A shrug? That’s it? “What ever it is I am sure I can get rid of it afterwards.”

“It’s a person, Silver. You can’t just get rid of a person.”

“Why not? You want to get rid of me right?” And with that she was gone again. Vanishing into the crowed while I sat wondering about what she said. Was she right, is there truly no difference between the two matters? Moments later she reappeared with a satisfied grin on her face. “We got a meeting after this.” The auctioneer announced the winning bid, pulling me from my questioned turmoil. How did she win that bid without me knowing it? Am I losing to her? From the corner of  my eye I all of a sudden noticed the stealthy movements of a boy not much older than about ten, handing Silver a beautiful folder rose. Looking at the rose once you would notice nothing, but looking again you would see the words written neatly on each of the individual petals. ‘Meet me outside.’ Disturbed that I had missed yet another aspect of my surroundings I turned to see an elderly gentleman leaving the auction while Silver sat inspecting the vase that was up for sale. Enough, I will not allow you to ruin my life further. I am in command here. Roughly pulling Silver along behind me to the front desk for check out I heard her softly muttering something about the longing that she felt for the vase that was to be sold. Waiting for us at checkout was the young boy that Silver had just bought. No, rather the young man, she had just bought. He seemed to be only a few years younger than Silver’s twenty something years with his messy brown hair standing in every imaginable direction. His grey eyes showing nothing but fear. Where did she get that much money from? Surely George didn’t give her enough to spend that much on one person? Complaining about how she could easily have matched the price the vase sold for I noticed how she forced her purchase to stare blankly in front of him every time he dared look in her direction. And I realized that for perhaps the first time in three years she was focused, not playing any kind of mind games but truly focused. “There…” without a further word she disappeared into the crowd of people now exiting the auction leaving me to guide the youngster from the auction.


The fearful little voice that seemed to follow us through the dark streets of Fortluna I later only realized was the uncertain voice of Silver’s new follower. “Aren’t you going to answer him? He’s been repeating that damn question all night. ‘Am I going to be sold? Am I going to be sold?’ Just answer him already!” Looking back at us with an amused smile, Silver promptly disappeared into one of the inconspicuous doors to her left. Were they watching us? Reluctantly following Silver into the cosy study I found the unnervingly hungry looking eyes of the guard following us. Well following the boy would be more correct, that was until Silver intimidated the guard into leaving the room and for the first time she impressed me. Made me think different of her that just some murderous mercenary. “He must have cost you a pretty penny for you to be threatening my men like that.” Before us sat an elderly looking gentleman though I would have guessed that he was no more than five years our senior. He wore the crafty look that seeming to scream to the world that he was watching you.

“No amount of money is to much to intervene with your plans. Plus it provides me with some entertainment.” A fake smile crossed his lips as he stared at her unwavering eyes. Boy did these two like each other.

“I wasn’t aware that you had that much money to your name, Silver.”

“I don’t, but you do.” What was she up to now? By now Silver was getting bored with the staring contest between the two of them and so went about wandering the length of his trophy case faking interest in a few pieces. “You used my banking details?” Why so sceptical?

“No need I just used the money you paid me for my previous job.” Turning from the collection of dog tags she was staring at venom coated her every word. Her hatred undeniably clear in her eyes. “You know the job you had my friends killed for.”

“Silver I am sorry about,” Kenneth? Surely not. This new comer looks nothing like him and yet they sound so similar. Could they possible be related? “Can it Devin I don’t want to hear anymore of your stories.” Now I remember he was the one that came to visit her at the Forgotten Grave that one night which must make this, John. The collector of rarities. Anything or anyone you want found you ask him. Quite the powerful man. Sure hope she doesn’t anger him. “Now, now Silver no need for hostilities.”

“You killed them and left me for dead. Do you really think there is no need for hostilities? You never wanted that medallion did you? You just wanted us dead. You planned this.” Too late.

“What do you expect me to say? That it was an accident? That I didn’t know that it would turn out that way? Well guess what, I am a planner, I have planned out my entire life right up to my death. Of coarse I planned it. I even planned for you to come to me wanting me dead. Though I didn’t expect you to come seeking aid, now that was a nice surprise.” She starts fiddling furiously with the piece of metal hanging loosely on a chain around her throat. “Silver what are you doing?” I was getting worried now if she got herself killed that would defeat the whole purpose of this now wouldn’t it? “What I should have done in the beginning.” She through the metal shard on the table in front of John. “I quit!”

“But what about the other eight you were negotiating for?”

“Consider them a parting gift. And do tell Silver that it was never my intention to kill her. Too valuable. Her partners on the other hand was just to reckless for my taste.” Why do they all have that creepy smile like they are going to eat you alive?

The End

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