Lost pride ch 2

“What are we going to do? We can’t keep going through this. She has already killed two guards, injured three paramedics and scared away five therapists. When is this going to end?”

“When you learn to listen to what she is trying to say rather than forcing her to say what you want her to say.” Behind them stood a young man who somehow got into the building unescorted and without notice. “Relax, John had me come.” He seemed to be able to read their minds like the words were written in their eyes.

“Who the hell are you?”

“I am the one who’s here to take her of your hands.”

“There is no way that she is going with you we have invested to much time in her rehabilitation.”

“Rehabilitation? Is that what you’re calling it now? You did more harm than good, where have you seen they kick the hell out of someone they want to help!”

“We never touched her she refused our help.” He merely turned without further interest and went directly to her cell where she was sent after her session. Staring in from the door he watched her with her back to him not moving nor caring for his presence. He opened the door.

“Silvera Relada, so nice to see you again.”

“If you come near me I will kill  you Devin.”

“Now now there’s no reason for hostility my little Silver.”

“You tried to kill me, left me for dead and you think there’s no reason for hostility?” He merely chuckled before he again tried to convince her to listen to him. “Just stay opposite that line and you will live.” She was in no mood to listen to him after he caused her to be locked up again.


That night a new guard was assigned to guard her. He was new to the guards and so only knew what some of the other guards told him. It made him wonder though if she was really such a monster. To him she just seemed tired and alone. In short he felt sorry for her.

Summoning up his courage he entered her cell before repeating what he heard the man call her earlier that day. “Silvera Relada?”

She slowly turned to look at him before turning her back on him again. “I heard him call you by that name today; before you spoke with him.” His voice was shaky as he slowly made his way to her. “That would explain how you would know that.” 

She was silent for a few minutes. “Don’t you know the legacy of the Forgotten Grave? I am suppose to die here, alone and forgotten.”

“Safely tucked away between the mountains. No wandering eyes disturbing you. The perfect place to die.”

“Believe me I'm trying." She looked away for a moment as the soft smile he wore quickly disappeared at her remark. "Just to many guards not minding their business.” He took another few steps barely making it halfway into her cell before she suddenly got up and turned to watch him. He froze suddenly wondering if the rumoirs about her harming the guards that ventured into her cell for fun was true or just another rumoir. “It’s ok. I am just here to talk.” She seemed to consider it for a minute before she sat down again. “You are the first one that insists upon listening to me. The others just want me to conform while all I want is to be asked for my cooperation and be granted my freedom.”

“They are just scared.”

“Yeah scared of the girl in the cell. They ‘re just cowards refusing to accept what isn’t normal according to them. Tell me what is normal about having killed 215 people? What is normal about being hunted just for the sake of it or giving your live for those you know will betray you? What is normal about my live?”

“I don’t know how to answer you but perhaps I could talk to a friend of mine grant you your freedom.”

“There is no way that they will let me go but perhaps you can do me a favour.” He looks at her waiting for her request. “Just hold me and let me die. I won’t ask you to kill me just hold me. I am to tired to fight them any longer.” He held her reluctantly in his arms squirming against the pain that shot up his arm. 

The End

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