Lost pride ch 1

Silver has been locked away for three years before she could see the light of day again. Don't get me wrong she wasn't in jail she was locked away and left to die by the man that killed her friends. She has always been a proud woman known exactly what she wanted and how to get it. What could have driven her to want to die rather than live? Will she run the first opportunity she gets or will she trust a new friend? Follow how the story unfolds from Sam's unique perspective...

“What do you see?” The room around us was dark and quite with only a small light flickering on a blank screen before yet another picture appeared on the screen before us.

“I see a sea, filled with blood.” Her voice unnerved me now even more than it did the very first day we met. It was devoid of all emotion. No remorse. No silent attempt at heartache. No joy, no laughter. Just nothing. She still kept her head low, as she always did, avoiding eye contact. In the beginning I used to force her to look at me… until she pinned me to the wall that one day. Up until that faithful day she had never been violent towards me and neither was she after. In the beginning I thought that her talking to me was a huge step forward in her rehabilitation. That was before I realized the monster that she truly was.

“And now?” My hopes were slowly being dashed as the image changed. Outside of these four walls she usually refuses to speak a word. Even in here she only answers the questions relating to these images. Images of her past and her future.

“I see a man being hung.” Still no emotion as the images changed.

“I see a man being told to hang.” A frustrated sigh escaped my unwilling lips before I could stop it. Perhaps she really had no other choice but to see these bloodied images anymore.

“And this?” I was desperate there had to be a way to reach her humanity and yet she just sat there not moving but quietly thinking for once. Her beautiful eyes were moving rapidly beneath her flawless eyelids as her mind worked feverishly to compress all available information into an answer. I could see her mouth trembling slightly as she worked to form the words. “Silver what do you see?” My excitement was growing by the second. This was it the moment I have been waiting two month for. “I see my dagger.” And there it was again the incessant spark in her eye that drove me mad. She whipped her head up and look me dead in the eye for once wiping the triumphant smile from my face. “That killed over two hundred people.” She wore the smile of a five year old who had just told you his most prize accomplishment. In that moment I feared her more that I did in the past two months of sessions as I fought the urge to turn and run from her. There was no way that I was going to back down now. Not when I am this close. She must have seen my expression change because she only smirked at me before turning away. That single action infuriated me more than all her past actions. I remembered well the feeling of fear she invoked in me with her mere presence when we first started with these sessions. The first few weeks were the hardest as she just sat there staring at you. She refused to react to our efforts, not even taking her frustrations out on the furniture. No never, just innocent people who did her nothing! Like my sweet Anora…

She drove her to her death with that silent stare of hers. The tortured cries of the guards and paramedics who were brave enough to enter her cell block. She stumped us with her silence as she under reacted to everything as if she didn’t really care and yet her stare dared you to come closer. Those that took up the challenge soon met with broken limbs and bruised egos. A small frown creased my fore head as the first group of guards stood talking of how she should be killed but that death itself will be too good for her. We argued that we could turn her, that she would be a great asset to us. They laughed openly at us and now I can’t help but wonder if they weren’t perhaps right. Perhaps she is only doing this because she wants to die. She has no intention of helping me; she is simply waiting for me to give up and for them to condemn her to death. But then why? Is this just to amuse herself while she awaits her death?

The End

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