Final Adjustments

The sun is dying and it wont be long before the Earth freezes over. The Dystopian world struggles to create an ark which shall rescue the human race.
(Far from finished, I would love some critical feedback, this is the first time I have written for a long time.)

Yes, I have signed the papers.

Yes, they were accepted.


No, I haven’t received my pass yet but I have spoken of this matter to my district’s manager and he said that I wouldn’t have to worry about it.


There are three of us.

Thank you.

 I sighed and ended the call on my ear piece. I shuffled a few papers, looked up and walked over to my office window.  I stared out at the desolate, grey landscape of endless concrete and metal buildings. The sky was darker than it was yesterday. I looked up at the sun, a habit that regretfully, I no longer could control. The sun was in an even worse state. Not for the first time, doubt and shame filled my chest. We will not survive. It was now a weak, sickly yellow colour and I could see it’s grey cracks and veins were festering, more than they had for years. My ear piece buzzed alerting me of an incoming call.


‘Tym, It’s me.’

‘Hello love, sorry, I was going to call you, I'm going to be late home again.’

There was a brief pause of a build-up of courage.

‘Tym.’ She said


“Tym, are we okay now?”

I paused, staring at the sun.


“I called them a few minutes ago, they said they were just confirming our positions, love.”

Silence replied for a few seconds.



I could hear a slow intake of breath.

“I’ll see you at home Tym. Be safe.”

“I will, don't worry Cassie, everything's going to be fine I will be home in a couple of hours.”

The call ended and my eyes focused on my reflection in the window, I didn't look happy, my eyes were bagged and bloodshot, I needed to relax... I couldn't. I looked at the sun again, I thought of Cassie and Johnie again and my eyes wetted up. I thought of when the only worries I had was my work, but now everything I had ever loved was at risk.

This current matter that I and everyone had been plunged into went beyond stress, life was now an awkward, blurred rush of an desperate attempt to organise a world-wide rescue in an hopelessly limited time. I couldn't afford to rest, even when I rarely managed to sleep, my mind was soaked in one, pure objective, to save my family. The problem that was ruining my life was that I didn't think I could. My mind was brought back to reality, the sun was slowly drowning behind the horizon of metallic city-scape. Eventually, the sky's colour diffused and so painfully slowly, the earth’s atmosphere unwillingly let the last strips of exhausted light finally wither and die as the sun abandoned us in an unrelenting cold, leaving us to fend for ourselves against the patient black void of night. I knew that the sun would brave on, and give us light, warm and life again soon, but every time I sat on the edge of my bed and with a sunken heart, witnissed it growing weaker everyday. I knew that it would not be long, that we would be greeted not by the ball of fire and life that I once knew, but a hollow skull which would no longer protect us from the endless cold and dark of space.

 Perhaps it was the human instinct kicking in, or an order from God, that inspired the planet to pool all their resources, and create an ark that would save us from the inevitable death of the sun. I cannot contemplate how complex and large such a ship is. It is meant to house the entirety of every single human being on earth, it will travel into unknown of space in the hopes that one day, we will find a new home. It is safe to say that the idea of this ship was certainly too ambitious, but in a desperate panic, we took a leap of faith and in an almost suicidally, tried.

I have had a harsh life and may be considered a pessimist, let me assure you that a realist and a pessimist in this day and age are one and the same thing.

A distant rumble roared over the dark horizon, the construction continued.

The End

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