Lost OnesMature

As they discover more about themselves, the farther apart they become.When the discover a world unlike anything they've seen before, the lines for a battle are drawn in the sand.Only by overcoming the forces of darkness will they unite the seperate powers and save the Otherworlds.

"Lydia!" shouted Jenny, bringing her back from the empty world she was immersed in

"Dear god Jen, you nearly made me fall out the window!" Lydia snapped as she righted herself from where she'd nearly fallen off the windowsill.

"Sorry , but you were really out of it this time.I got on your Facebook and then messed with your Twitter.By the way, who's Cal?I found his messages and they're more than a little stalkerish." Jenny said as she put down Lydia's laptop on the old oak table with a loud thunk, giving Lydia the teasing smile she wore most days just to annoy her.

Ugh, I hate that smile, I'd prefer it if she just fingered me instead Lydia thought, always the optimist.Oh crap she thought with a sinking feeling It happened again.She thought she was getting better since it'd almost been a week since her last 'episode'It wasn't helping that she kept zoning out for longer, and it was getting really hard to hide from Mom and Dad.She didn't know what was happening to her, but it was quickly becoming a pain in the ass.Last Thursday night at dinner she'd zoned out into a bowl of ambrosia salad (which is not as delicious on your face).She was still finding stubborn bits of dried fruit in her straggly mess of pale blonde hair.

Her mind quickly snapped back to the present, still proccessing Jenny's words.

"You did WHAT?!" Lydia cried in outrage, quickly rising to snatch her laptop back from the table.True to her word, Jenny had quickly reworked her Facebook page, renaming her " Helvitica Wartface" and adding a picture of a nasty old woman who's face was covered in boils.When she tried to remove it, the page had redirected to a link annoucing her sister's awesomeness.Her Twitter account hadn't gone unscathed either.The poor thing looked like it was having a seizure, constantly spinning out old statuses with fun twists, like "Having a sandwich at Tony's, if you know what I mean ;)."Trying to stop the vortex of embarrasment was like trying to eat the last slice of cake in the fridge while everyone was asleep.

Dropping the poor computer back onto the table, she quickly turned to face Jenny, who was attempting to sneak out of the room.Jenny might be extremely talented with computers, but she could never pull off the level of sneakiness Lydia had attained over the years.

"You.Are.Evil." Lydia said through short breaths, giving her bratty sister the best glare she could muster."How did you even do that?I swear, you must've sold your soul for computer skills."

"Well actually," Jenny said slowly " it's really easy.First you have to set a pseudo binary generator and give it a small feed of code unt-"

"Please, please just stop." Lydia said, her heading pounding from all the crazy computer talk.Taking a glance at the solitary bronze clock that was one of  the few objects decorating their sparse attic, Lydia's heart skipped a beat.

"Jen, what time is it?" Lydia said as a cold feeling crept over her

"Um, dunno, like seven I guess." Jenny said casually as she attempted to clean her nails."Why?"

"It's eight thirty Jen, eight thirty."

"And I should be interested , why?"

"BECAUSE IF I'M LATE ONE MORE TIME THE PRINCIPAL WILL HAVE MY ASS!"Jenny screeched in fury as she sprinted out the old wooden door and down the creaky staircase in the foyer in a mad dash for her room.Without stopping, she burst through her bedroom door and was about to make a grab for her bag hanging on the closet door when she felt her legs hit something hard and send her flying into the dirty white carpet of her room.What the hell?she thought in confusion as she landed in a messy pile of worn clothes against the far wall with a dull thud.She managed to shakily climb to her feet and look back at her small mahogany bedside table which was lying haphazardly beside a lone ceiling tile."JENNY!" Lydia yelled at the top of her voice "What the hell are you doing in my room?!"

"None of your beeswax!" Jenny yelled back just as loud. "Hey, shouldn't you be getting to school?Or are you just going to give Mr.Samel more reasons to hate you?"

"Bah, I hate when you're right!" Lydia replied as she quickly grabbed her bag and jumped over the table out her bedroom door "But we're not done talking about this!When I get back you are SO dead."

In one smooth,practiced movement,she swiped her car keys from where they were hanging on the tiny wooden post next to the doors.

The End

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