Lost Love

Erin and Trevor. Trevor and Erin. Forever Together. That is, until new girl Kate comes along. Forever Together?
Read and Find out

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Erin's POV

''Nooo, you chocolate thief! Gimme my chocs back!'' I screamed at my evil twat of a brother

''Fine...but you have to say 'Kelly is the hottest guy in the world''' He answered

''Yeah Kelly, but that'd be lying!'' I retorted. He fake gasped

"Erin...are you saying i am not hot?" He asked

"Precisely, Kellan" I said. He frowned and muttered something under his breath. I glared at him till he faltered, but then the bell rang. We looked at each other and raced to the door.

"SOMEONE GET THE FRIKKIN' DOOR" Dad screamed. Yes, he screamed.

"Calm down! I got it" I screamed back

"No, I got it!" Kelly screamed. We might as well be 'The Screamers'

I pushed past him and stuck my tongue at him when I got to the door first. Childish, I know, but that's what happens when you have Kellan as a brother.

I yanked the front door open to be greeted by white roses. I looked over the roses to see my boyfriend Trevor at the door and i gasped. The roses were absolutely beautiful.

"Hey Rin! I got these for you" He said handing them to me and giving me a hug. I smiled lovingly at him. Trevor is the best boyfriend I could ever wish for. We've been going out for seven months, but it's like we just became a couple yesterday. I love him!

"Hey Trev! How's it going?" Kelly said behind me

"Kellan! I'm great, did you hear what happened at Reese's party yesterday."

"Oh yeah! That nerd, Cassie got banged. I was there and all! Hey, she might be preggers!" Kelly answered. That boy was more of a gossip freak than most girls! Trevor turned to me.

"What do you want to do today Rin?" He asked me. My face lit up and that's how we were sitting in the bright games room playing 'Call of Duty' while eating popcorn and listening to music blast from the stereo. Chocolate completely forgotten.

I love my life!


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The End

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