Lost Little Lily

about a girl called lily and her bother matthew and their little sister tilly who are orphans and get seperated
the first Chapter is all about lily and matthew and tilly you find out all about them

Hi my names LIly April Aarons. Im eight now but when we were dump i was five it doesnt seem that long ago but when your in a care home it can seem like a life time. Any way i have a brother his name is Matthew he is ten. I also have a little sister Tilly she's only four and doesnt really understand what its like being here she enjoys its. When we actually got dumped we were dumped a mile away it was pouring with rain. Matthew  had to carry Tilly and hold my hand as we looked for a place to stay,little did we know the place we were staying turned out to be a care home(not the nicest one either). I try really hard to remember my parents and to remind Tilly as she is only young and that one of the things i love about Matthew you he tell us about them everynight before we go to bed an he shows us a picture of them that he took from the house.

About the house this is what my brother tells it was a small but very beautiful house with a small garden.The house was a pale pink colour with a cute flowery archway to the front garden. In the house there were 2 bedrooms on for my mum and dad,one for me,Matthew and Tilly. A small living room, small kicthen with a dining room and one bathroom.The garden was small but for us it was a different adventure everyday. The seasons would change evrything the colours,the adventure and the feeling. I sometimes have dreams about it but i dont tell Matthew as it may upset him.

Now to tell you about the care home.The care home is a big brick bulilding and from the outside it look a little like a prison so its very scary. Now for the inside there are two bedrooms one for the boys and one for the girls. in each room there are two rows of beds there are twenty on each side it the same in the boys room as well. There is also the lounge where we all go after we finish the list of chores. It is so unbelieve how amny chores Miss Borrm makes us do and if thats not enough she does nothing, she just yells at us for going to slow.I guess you want to know what Miss Broom looks like. She is very small and plum with big square glasses. She has a deep voice and she never smiles. she might aswell be a witch she scares everyone.

The End

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