The Procrasti-shower

I managed a normal shower with some of the abnormal thrown in. That is, I spent far longer than I needed to in the shower thinking about whatever came into my head, as I normally do. But what happened to come into my head was my impending doom. I don't usually consider impending doom in the shower. It's not usually impending.

So, I stood under the hot water long after I was finished actually washing, and mused on the many terrible things that could happen to me this afternoon.

Number one: they take out my brain to examine it to try and figure out what had gone so drastically wrong with my neurological development. And fix me, if they figure it out. Maybe. Or possibly just kill me whether they figure it out or not.

Number two: Just kill me straight off without removing anything.

Number three: They kidnap me and drop me in some far off country and let them deal with me. Unlikely though, they'd most likely suspect that any other country would somehow use what I could do to their advantage. Which led me to...

Number four: Somehow use what I can do to their advantage themselves. Although I wasn't sure how they could do that. Maybe use me as some form of mediator between us and all the other countries we're at war with? And bring peace and harmony to the world?

Ha, that's funny...

More likely they want to use me as some kind of spy, dropping me in some foreign country to infiltrate their defence forces and find out all their strategies....

Hmm, so a mixture of three and four, most likely ending in one or two. How reassuring.

The water suddenly turned cold. I shrieked, as you do when pleasantly warm surroundings freeze in the middle of your daydream about impending doom...

"Alicia!" my father yelled from outside the bathroom door, "Get out here!"

"Shouldn't you be at work?" I snapped back at him, wringing as much icy water out of my hair as possible so it woudn't have the oppotunity to run down my spine later on.

"Just come out here. And I would advise you to drop that tone."

I set about locating a towel, grumbling to myself about what tone I'd take with him if I thought I could get away with it. I eventually settled for a handtowel that just about covered what I wanted to cover because, well, it was my dad. I didn't really care.

I cared marginally more when I opened the door to find about five other men that I had never seen before standing with him.

"Oh," I said, "Eh... Good morning, gentlemen..."

"It's one o' clock in the afternoon, Alicia," my father hissed, clearly a lot more upset about the situation than I was.

"Oh, really? I must have been in the shower longer than I thought... Never mind, I'll just go and find some clothes..."

Cue realisation that the most threatening out of all of them was positioned right in front of my bedroom door, the precise location of all my clothes.

"'Scuse me," I muttered, trying to push into the tiny gap between him and the wall.

My father looked enraged. One or two of the others were highly amused by me. The one that was in my way was highly flustered by me and was blushing a lot more than the situation warranted.

Finally getting my door open, I shot an innocent smile in my father's direction, dived into my room and slammed the door.

"Bad time to decide to go for the longest shower record," I sighed to myself.

The End

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