My alarm went off at the same time as it always did. I'd forgotten to turn it off the night before.  No need for me to be awake early that morning. No school. No rushing around trying to figure out how my homework had managed to get quite so lost in the few hours since I'd been working on it. No jibes from my father while I steadily made him later and later for work by insisting he give me a lift...

No normality at all, in fact.

I lay awake in bed, not moving from the position I'd settled into after beating the alarm into silence.  That wasn't part of normality either. Usually I went back to sleep almost before I even had the alarm off. Ironic that I was actually awake the one morning that I didn't need to be.

They said they'd come and get me in the afternoon. Even if that meant they intended to show up at a second past midday, I still had hours to kill.

I searched for something normal to do. Wandering around the house worrying about my situation in general was what felt like the most natural course of action but that was far from a normal activity.

I decided on a shower.

The End

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