Jenna has disappeared before, but not for this long. She is always looking for more in life, always day dreaming of a world that doesn't exist. Where ever she is I hope she is safe. I have tried every person that we know, and every place that we visit. So far no even a clue, but I won't give up.

I remember the first day I saw Jenna, the day our moving truck pulled up next door to her driveway. There she sat on the front porch swing, and I remember that day because she was so peaceful.

It was spring, and the weather was perfect. There was a slight breeze, and it carried her brunette hair off her shoulders. Her yellow sun dress hung perfectly above her knees. As here green eyes met mine she smiled, and gave a welcoming waive.

We were fast friends, joined at the hip her mother would regularly say. There wasn't day that went by that we weren't in touch. Even when she moved to the city, we made plans on the weekend.

But Jenna changed after her father died. She acquired an imagination one could only hold secret. Not Jenna though, she was searching for what she called her own happiness. She was a happy girl don't get me wrong, but she felt like something was missing.

I looked above the fireplace, where pictures of our adventures plastered the wall. An ache formed in the pit of my stomach, a dark sadness fell into the room. The phone broke my silence, and I retrieved it from my purse.

"hello," I forced."Yes this is she, yes I'll me right there."

I hung up franticly, as the words on the other end of the phone echoed in my head. Jenna's car had been spotted in a parking lot just outside city limits. Well one that looked like hers anyway.

The millers noticed it on their drive back in from the summer house. They often go during the warm season, but I had only been once.

Alice Miller wasn't exactly on our friends list after stealing Jenna's boyfriend Senior year. Our parent's were still good friends, and Jenna's mom had asked them to keep an eye out.

It was odd that She would leave her car in the parking lot of a liquor store. Jenna never drank, she couldn't after her father was killed by a drunk driver on her eighteenth birthday. That phone call still haunts me to this day. That was the day The peaceful Jenna on that porch swing disappeared.

The End

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