"Jenna?"  Lilly's voice called as she entered my apartment. She is my best friend, although sometimes I wonder if giving her a spare key was wise.

"Here, in the kitchen," I called after her.

She proceeded into the bedroom, and so I followed her.

"Hello Lily, I'm right here," I tried again.

She reached for her cell phone from her back pocket and began dialing.

"Hello Ms. Deveire it's Lilly," she began. " No, she is not here either, but I will keep calling around."

After she hung up the phone I burst out in laughter, " Okay is this some kind of joke, you got me."

But she didn't reply, she rest on the edge of my unmade bed. Bowing her head down, I could see the tears spill from her eyes.

I was confused, why would she let a joke run this far. Calling my mother was a bit much I admit, but she is always pulling pranks on me. It's kind of our thing since we met in grade school, when her family moved in next door. We had never lost contact, even after college.

I admit I felt different this morning, but it's as if I'm invisible. If she can't see me, then where am I really?

She lifted her thin face, and her blonde curls cascaded over her shoulders. "It's been three days Jenna, where are you," she whispered.

I took a seat next to her, and I reached for her hand. There was no reaction from her, it was as if I....I was in another time mirroring this one. That's impossible, I mean how can two worlds exist in the same time line? Oh geez I think I'm going crazy.

I began to feel light headed, and things grew dark real quick. Then Lilly was gone, and I was alone.

I lay back on the bed, and once again stared up at the beige ceiling. It seemed a little haunting, and I felt so lost. I closed my eyes as the tears trickled down, and all I wanted was to wake up to the city I knew. I wanted Lilly back, and I wanted my crazy boring life.

The End

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