Staring up at the ceiling again, as I do every night. I can't help but marvel at the thought of another time, one in which I am not me. In this time I can be whoever I desire, and choose my happiness. I exhale, as I realize it's just a silly craving. One I will never explore further then the walls that bind me here. Sadness often haunts me, and I seek peace in a world of hate. Always left dissatisfied, always wanting more. I close my eyes, once more I whisper, "If only tomorrow I could wake to a better day."

I pull the blanket near to my chin, and I drift off into wherever dreams come from.

In the morning I wake to the suns rays kissing my cheek. Today I feel different, more alive then usual. Sitting up , I stretch as I do every morning. Slipping on my house shoes I rise from the bed, and head towards the kitchen for coffee.

In route to the kitchen I stop at the picture window, and raise the blinds. My eyes widen and my mouth drops to the image that dances into my view. So beautiful, and as much as I enjoyed it panic struck over me. I must still be dreaming, as this is not the city that usually peeks into my tiny New York apartment.

As a matter of fact this was not a city at all.

The End

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