Chapter One: The New Kid

~Kid's POV~ 

     It had been a couple days since I had seen Hadake. Honestly, I was worried either Spirit or my father did something to her. I was finishing getting ready at my manor, I had gotten up earlier to make sure I made it on time.

"Hey, Kid, I know you have something super important today...but is there any reason you had to wake us up?" Liz rubbed her eyes, poking her head into my bathroom door.

"Yes, but we all must be ready and you and Patty still need to arrive at 8. This girl isn't like any other student we've faced." I fastened my bow, turning to walk out.

"IT'S 6:45! I. WANT. SLEEP." Patty wailed from her room.

     I sighed, pushing past Liz and walking downstairs. I flicked on the TV, to find re-run episodes of Supernatural. Turning the volume down just a little more, I walked into the kitchen to prepare my breakfast. Making sure the ingredients were lined up in a symmetrical line, I began making my omelette. As it was done, I put the spices and such back in the pantry, setting the pan in the sink.

     Sitting on the couch and watching my favorite episode, The French Mistake, I smiled. Today was going to be a good day, I felt. Once the episode was over, I looked and saw the clock read 7:25. I jumped up, tossing my plate on the counter and ran outside. Summoning Beelzebub, I rode off to the DWMA to retrieve Hadake. Once I had arrived, I noticed the few early stragglers sitting outside the doors. I recognized a pair of friends.

"Maka, Soul. I'll open the doors for us. Care to join me on a retrieval mission?" I asked, turning the key and unlocking the doors.

"Sure, Kid, what kind of retrieval mission?" Maka asked curiously, following behind me inside.

"We've got a new student today, and I think you'd like to meet her." I began walking to where the entrance to the cells were.

"Kid, aren't we heading towards the cells?" Soul interjected, slouching.

"She's...different. But in a good way." I chuckled, walking down the stairs into the underground cells.


The End

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