Lord Death was closing in on the most troublesome witch coven he had ever faced. Once he had obliterated every single witch in the village, he was allowing his Death Scythe Spirit to collect their souls. As Lord Death, Spirit, and his squad were leaving, a distant baby's cry was heard from a house. Lord Death took the child, keeping her in a cell under the DWMA.

Lord Death was closing in on the most troublesome witch coven he had ever faced. Once he had obliterated every single witch in the village, he was allowing his Death Scythe Spirit to collect their souls. As Lord Death, Spirit, and his squad were leaving, a distant baby's cry was heard from a house. Lord Death took the child, keeping her in a cell under the DWMA. Lord Death put his best team on finding everything they could on the child. After recovering documents thought to be lost in the village's purge, they discovered her name. Hadake Minota, daughter of the High Witch of Illusion. Her father was a weapon who guards the Grand Witch. Having powerful witch and weapon blood in her, plus the fact she's still a child, Lord Death doesn't execute her. Instead, she is kept in a cell underneath his academy. Hadake is now 15, and still resides in the cold cell. 

**This prologue will be told in third person. Hey, guys! I'm addicted to making characters you go!** 

     Death The Kid had always been suspicious of his father's actions. Such as the time he was pursuing the magic tools, and refused to say why. Although Kid had his doubts, he still admired his father and did as he asked. Today, Lord Death had requested his son go and patrol the cells, to make sure none needed cleaning or repair. Kid did as his father asked, stuffing his hands in his pockets and walking down to where the cells were located.

"Father hasn't had me check the cells in years...I wonder what he wants..." Kid pondered to himself.

     After a while, Kid reaches the last section of cells. This entire time he was inspecting each individual tiny room, his shoes and breathing were the only sounds in the eerie silence. But once Kid turned the corner into the last block, he heard singing. The voice was female, and sounded like an angel. Kid slowly walked to the source, and found himself in front of a much heavier duty cell door than all the others. This one had a single, small name plate that had the initials "H.M.". Curious, Kid quietly slid back the metal covering the was blocking his view from the inside. Once he did, his golden eyes were met with the sight of an extremely skinny girl.

     Kid stared longer through the glass, unsure what to make of the situation. The girl was wearing a long, violet turtleneck sweater, with a pale blue skirt. She had socks that reached so high, they almost met with the skirt. She had boots that reminded him of Maka's, but were smaller and hugged her feet and legs. She continued singing, her long, navy hair swaying against her back as her body went side to side. Kid's eyes widened, placing his hand on the door. His rings clicked against the metal, causing the girl to spin around and scream.

"No! You can't be here! No one comes down here! No one!" She wailed, putting her hands up to her face and vanishing.

"Wait! I'm not here to hurt you!" Kid unlocked the massive steel door, shutting it behind him as he entered.

     Kid turned his head rapidly, looking for the girl who had just been there. "Did she just disappear? But how..." he thought to himself. As he looked closer at her cell, Kid noticed it was slightly bigger than the others, but still had the same simple bed, nightstand, and small sink and toilet off to the side. There were broken plates scattered on the floor, some with crusty food still leftover. Kid sighed, sitting on the edge of the bed.

"W-What're...why're you here?" The girl showed herself again, hiding behind the small wall that separated the tiny bathroom from the rest of the cell.

"My father told me to come and inspect the cells, to see if they needed repair or to be cleaned." Kid stammered, slowly standing.

"You shouldn't be here. No one comes to visit me. Lord Death doesn't like it when people visit me!" She walked out from behind the wall, the ends of her sleeves covering her hands.

"I'm Death The Kid, but you can call me Kid." He outstretched his arm, offering her his hand.

     Instead of taking Kid's hand, the girl simply disappeared again. She reappeared on her bed, placing her hands on her legs. She drooped her head, allowing for her hair to hang in front of her face and on the side. Kid was beginning to leave as she started crying. 

"Death The Kid..." She whimpered, peering up at him with her lavender eyes.

"Yes? What is it?" He turned his head to see over his shoulder.

"Don't ever visit me again..." She curled up on her bed, sobbing into her pillow.

     Death The Kid didn't know what she meant by that, but shrugged it off. He began running straight for his father, determined not to rest until he got answers about the vanishing girl. As he made it to the Death Room, Kid stopped for a moment. "How will I bring this up to my father? She said that he gets upset when people visit her..." Kid scratched his head, opening the door to the Death Room.

     Kid peered up at the guillotines as he put his hands in his pockets. Once he had made it to the center of the room, his father bounced around from the mirror, now facing Kid. Spirit was with him, who waved gently at Kid.

"Hello hello, kiddo! Long time no see! How's it been, huh?" Lord Death brought forth a giant white hand, bending the fingers in a wave.

"Hello, father. Hello, Spirit." Kid bowed his head, walking closer to the pair.

"So, how're the cells?" Spirit asked, putting his hands in his pockets.

"They're all fine, yes. But, I have one to report." Kid folded his arms, looking at his father and Spirit.

"What seems to be the issue, Kid?" Lord Death bounced back a little.

     Kid closed his eyes, still struggling with how to exactly say this. Also, there lived the possibility that his father wouldn't even answer him fully. Kid sighed, opening his eyes and unfolding his arms. Exchanging glances with the two in front of him, he finally bluntly asked.

"Who is the girl behind the cell labeled H.M.? Why is she being kept there?" Kid stuttered, beginning to sweat.

"That's none of your business, Kid." Spirit sternly responded, bending down so that he was eye-level with Kid.

"Now, now, Spirit. I think he deserves to know this one." Lord Death pushed Spirit back, standing in close proximity of his son.

"W-What are you saying?" Kid peered up at his father's cartoon mask.

"There's a special store of archives in the library. Here's the key. All you'll need to know is in there." Lord Death dropped a key in his son's hand, speaking with a serious tone.

     Kid, still confused, exited the Death Room and headed for the library. The only good thing to come out of this fiasco so far was that it was after school hours on a Friday, and everyone had gone home. Kid pushed the doors to the library open, glancing throughout the massive room. He walked up the spiral staircase to the top most level, where all the advanced books were kept. This level contained the books only available to 4-star meisters and weapons. But being Lord Death's son, Kid had nothing to worry about.

     After walking halfway around the floor, Kid came across a wooden door with a sign that read, "Death Family Only!". Assuming this is where the archives were kept, he slid his ID through the machine that was above the handle. After it flashed green with approval, the door unlocked and Kid was granted entry. He flicked on a light switch, illuminating the seemingly small room. The room contained several shelves filled with boxes of papers and large books. At the end in the middle, there was a study desk.

"Now, how do I go about finding these archives..." Kid muttered, beginning to dust off the spines of books.

"Aha! This one seems plausible." Kid picked out a tan folder from a box in the middle of a shelf. Walking over to the desk, he brushed the dust off and opened the folder.

     After Kid opened it, the first paper was exactly what he was looking for. It had a picture of the disappearing girl's face paperclipped to the top right corner. 

Name: Prisoner 087096 (Hadake Minota)

Age: Currently 15

Gender: Female

Species: Witch/Weapon

Witch Type: Illusion

Weapon Type: Unknown 

     Kid was astonished at what he was reading. "She's a witch?! That does explain why she kept disappearing..." Kid's thoughts were clawing at his mind. He flipped through more of her papers. Pictures of her village, herself as a baby, pictures of her mother and guesses of what her father looked like. The most troubling thing for Kid wasn't that Hadake was a witch, no, it was that Lord Death had kept her captive all of these years. There was bold print highlighted in yellow: Do not allow to roam free under any circumstances! -Lord Death. 

     Kid closed the folder, keeping it with him as he left the archive room. Leaving the library entirely, Kid headed straight for Hadake's cell. As he ran through the halls, thoughts of anger towards his father were prominent. Once he reached the cell block that contained hers, kid walked slowly down to the massive door keeping Hadake captive.

"Who's there?!" Hadake hesitantly asked.

"It's Kid, I'm here to talk to you." Kid began to open the cell door.

"Go away! I said not to visit me!" He opened the door to find Hadake hiding under her thing blanket.

"Your name is Hadake, right? Hadake Minota?" Kid looked upon the frail girl with sympathy, slowly sitting down next to her.

"Y-Yeah. How'd you kn-know?" Hadake parted the blanket to reveal one eye.

     Kid flashed the folder, smiling weakly. Hadake removed the blanket from her face entirely, keeping it resting on her shoulders. She peered at the folder with curiosity, to which Kid put it back down beside him.

"Hadake, how much do you remember?" Kid brought over a chair, sitting on front of the bed.

"I-I...not much...I've been here so long as I've had memory." She shrugged, her eyes filled with sorrow.

"Have you ever been outside?" Kid kept his voice level in hopes of not scaring her.
"Is that what's beyond the bars? It's always dark." Hadake wrapped her arms around her legs.

      Kid was beginning to ask another question, when he heard footsteps approaching fast. Hadake looked up with confusion, to which Spirit burst through the door with an angered look. Stein followed close by, pointing a flashlight at Hadake. She instantly covered her eyes, let out a wail, and disappeared, the blanket falling on the bed. Spirit harshly grabbed Kid's arm, dragging him out of the cell. He grabbed Kid by the collar, pinning him against a wall.

"What the hell were you doing?! No one is to visit her! She's a witch, dammit!" Spirit fumed, as Stein tapped on his shoulder.

"This was left in there. Kid, why have you taken an interest in her?" Stein held up the folder containing Hadake's information.

"You're keeping her captive! She probably has never seen the sun! That's inhumane!" Kid screamed, throwing Spirit off himself.

"She's a witch. And when Spirit and your father found her, she was a baby. Lord Death couldn't kill her, so he kept her captive." Stein threw Kid the folder.

     Kid took off running, his mind set on reaching the Death Room and interrogating his father. Spirit and Stein stood stunned at Kid, as they both followed closely behind. Once Kid had reached the Death Room, he swung open the door in a fit of rage. Once he reached his father, he threw the folder harshly on the ground.

"This is what you call protecting?! How could you do this! Leaving that poor girl locked away her whole life!" Kid was breathing heavily, as result of his elevated heart rate.

"Kiddo, do you understand why I did that?" Lord Death faced his mirror.

"No, I don't! The file says she was a newborn, right? You might as well be killing her now with the way she's living!" Kid stormed over to his father, forcing him away from the mirror.

"She's a witch. Witches are a danger to everything the academy stands for. I can't just let her go." Lord Death refused to make eye contact with his son.

     Kid started to walk off, his back facing Lord Death. He stopped just before the stairs leading off the platform, making his hands into fists. Kid's body, although filled with rage, was counteracting his upset with calmness. He sighed heavily, turning to face his father with sheer seriousness.

"Enroll her, now. I'll keep watch over her." Kid said sternly, walking in front of his father once more.

"Are you sure, Kid?" Lord Death bent down slightly.

"I'm sure, father. Enroll her." Kid closed his eyes, undoing his fists.

"If you insist. Spirit, Stein!" Lord Death called as the two entered from the hallway.

"Yes, Lord Death?" Spirit inquired, shoving passed Kid and standing next to his meister.

"You and Stein will work on enrolling Hadake Minota. She starts classes Monday." Lord Death turned around to face the mirror.

"What? You've got to be kidding me!" Spirit began yelling in opposition, but was shut up by a reaper chop.

     Kid closed his eyes and gently smiled. He began to stroll out of the Death Room, going to bring Hadake the good news. As he entered the cells, the same singing he had heard earlier that day graced his ears. He knocked on the cell door, sliding the metal plate back to see inside. Hadake reappeared on the other side, her lavender eyes looking through the glass at Kid.

"Death The Kid? What is it?" She asked shakily, still afraid.

"Hadake, I've good news. I got my father to enroll you in the academy. You start classes this Monday." Kid tried to retain his excitement.

"What?! Why! If Lord Death despises me, what will others think?! I've never interacted with people!" Hadake cried, her eyes filling with tears.

"Don't worry. You'll be in all my classes so I'll make sure nothing happens. Oh, I brought you something." Kid opened a smaller slot below the nameplate on the cell, slipping in a folded fleece blanket.

"Wh-What's this...?" Hadake muttered, her frail hands petting the fabric.

"It's a blanket, better than the one you have. I've gotta go now, I'll see you soon. Goodnight, Hadake." Kid smiled, sliding the metal over the glass once more.

    Kid was exiting the cell block when he heard once more the singing. "What exactly is the song...? Oh well, I've got a little more time..." Kid walked back, sitting outside the cell door with his back against the cool metal. He listened intently, closing his eyes, he felt each and every word Hadake sung. Her voice was angelic, perfectly pitched. The melody wove its way through the air with ease, even through the thick metal.

"Our names won't be remembered, 

If we die like trampled flowers.

I refuse to be forgotten,

Written off as less than worthless..."






The End

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