I was out of the house before you could say 'pickle'. I'm never going back there. AGAIN. I was home. Finally. "Mom, I am home." I ran up and gave her a huge hug. "Whoa there, what's the matter?" She said smiling. "Mom here's the thing, and when I tell you, you can't get mad. Promise?" I said. "P-r-o-m-i-s-e."My mom said slowly. I started again with my story. "I know you told me I couldn't date. I was following the rules for a long time, but since a few months ago, I met this guy at Choir Practice..." Before I could finish my mom interjected into the conversation." What? You're telling me to not be mad, when you go and meet a boy. What have you been doing with him?" My mom said madly. " Mom, that is why I'm telling you about this. Well I didn't go to 'Choir Practice' I actually went to his house, and he told me something.. He killed someone and he was going to kill me." I was bawling by now. My mom pushed out the chair and got out from the table, and came and hugged me." Life's hard. We'll report him to the cops as soon as possible, but for now go to bed... Get some rest." She said comforting me. "Thank you for understanding. Te quiero." I said wiping the tears from my face. That's what I need. Sleep. 

The End

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