-Under Ground-

"Marie, I know I don't believe it either." Joshua calmly whispered. "I didn't do it." I felt his warm breath against my skin, I knew something was wrong. "Joshua Alexander Micheal, tell me what you did. Tell me everything. Now."I said raising my voice. "Marie, I can't tell you, they said if I told anyone, well it wouldn't be good." He said barely at a whisper now. "You knew! You knew! You knew! You could have just told me that!! Why would you lie?" I was mad. Over the edge. "Josh, I'm going home. I don't want to get caught in this. We're through."I was crying, crying harder than I have. "Maria don't."Joshua yelled. When I turned around to look there was a gun pointed at chest. "Joshua what are you doing?!" I screamed. "You'll never be able to tell the secret now. Never. Never." Joshua, shaky all over. "Ah!" I screamed and ran. Ran as fast as I could. Hopeful that I make it out alive. 

The End

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