Lost In the Distance

Maria is turning 18 in a few months and she already has bug plans... But someone turns on her and all those plans go to waste. Read this exciting adventure.

"Maria Catalina Hernandez!" My mother called out. " Come down, and get off that phone." Always and forever my mom will treat me like I'm a baby." Mom! It's very urgent."I simply stated. She always thinks I'm talking to someone I'm not supposed to be, which is probably true. Also, I'm not aloud to date. My mom has very, very strict rules, since she is a single mother." Mom I have to leave. I have Choir Practice at St. Lutheran" I shouted down the hall. " I'm talking to Father Henry, he said this is a make- up practice, I got to go." I grabbed the keys and ran to the car... I'm not in choir and my mom was never going to realize that. She'll never find out I'm with my boyfriend. "Joshua! I'm here, why did you need me? I told my mom that I was leaving to go to 'Choir Practice'. I walked in the house closed the door. All of a sudden Joshua comes in very mysteriously. "I need to talk to you in private, come to my room." He said. " Josh, what are you doing? You're scaring me." I teared up. "Marie, I think I might have just killed someone." He said. "WHAT?? How? Why? Why? Why?" I yelled and cried. This could not be happening. No not me. * End of Chapter *

The End

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