LIP - Chpt. 2Mature


Gabriel was walking through the forest, trying to find his way back to where he’d first landed. Around him, all he could hear was the sound of the trees, whispering frantically. He could hear something else though, someone loud and big coming towards him. Gabriel quickly jumped behind the nearest tree, hoping that whatever vicious monster it was wouldn’t have caught his scent.  He heard the being come into the open where Gabriel had just been standing, and stayed there. Gabriel held his breathe while he waited. If this had been before the humans had been created, he probably would have prayed to his father right now. But of course, that had all changed. After a few minutes, the monster-or-whatever wandered off, and Gabriel was finally able to let out his breathe. Then suddenly…

“Gabe, what are you doing?”

Shit Balth, that was you?” Gabriel replied to his brother, Balthazar. “Where the hell did you wonder off to?!”

Balthazar smiled down at his short companion. “Aw c’mon Gabe, you weren’t scared were you?”

“Not scared. Bored. This place is so boring, where are all the human souls for me to play with? You know I haven’t killed a human in over 2 years now. 2 years. I swear the second I get out of here—“

“Gabriel, shut up for a second, I’ve got some ‘gossip’ for you,” Balthazar smiled deviously.


Balthazar sat down on a rock. Gabriel followed. “Well…”

“I was bored, you know, like always. And you were asleep so… I thought I’d go find some monsters to kill because, well that’s the only thing to do here isn’t it? But anyway, I came across some vamps,” (Gabriel couldn’t help but smirk at how dumb the word ‘vamps’ sounded in Balthy’s British accent), “and thought I’d blow them up. You know, 4th of July style.”

“You’re not even Ameri—“

“But before I jumped out at them, you know what I heard them say?”


“It’s probably the same thing the trees won’t bloody shut up about.”

“Balthazar… what did they say?”

Balthazar could always tell when not to mess with Gabriel, it was the few moments where he wouldn’t be smiling. Like when he would bring up his family, even jokingly, or recall the time that the Winchester’s ruined his cover. Gabriel was as serious now as he was when he first told Balthazar about the Winchester’s. They even exchanged stories over them, with Gabriel approving greatly of Sam’s moose-likeness. But right now Balthazar had something evenbetter…

“They said… they said they heard that… another angel might be in here?”

Gabriel couldn’t help but be disappointed. “So? There are probably loads of us? I think I’ve heard stories about most of the Garrison being in here now...”

“Yeah but… there’s something about this one.  Like… he’s brought someone else with him... someone who everyone is convinced might be able to… get us out of here."


The End

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