Lost In My Mind

there is a field. it is large, and filled with tall grass, and you can see to the horizon. and there is a boy. the boy stands in the center, alone, thinking. he uses his time alone to think about the world, and what he wants, and the desires in his heart. he sits in the grass and folds his legs. as he sits alone he closes his eyes and drifts away, seeing the world outside of his body. he looks inside himself and sees the dragons, waving at him. the dragons have been slowly captured and forced away, hidden from his counciousness and kept from shielding him. but he doesnt care. not any more. he walks along the corridors of his mind, watching and observing what goes on in his thoughts. the truth he finds is hard to accept, let lone admit. not even to himself. he squeezes his eyes shut, refusing to see that upseting thought. but he cant stop it. it slithers and snakes into his mind, even when he has gone cold. 

it burns his mind, trying to take over. he runs away from his mind, he flees into the mountains, running as fast as he can, never stopping, trying to escape this single thought. this thought that tries to kill him. this thought that will permanantly distance himself from the world, this thought he wants so bad to become reality. but he is afraid. he cant let it be real. as much as he wants it, he wants to keep it away as long as possible. 

a burning blade that severs his conection to the world. this confusion in his life is terrible. he wants peace, but doesnt know how to find it. he hates the confusion he causes. he wants so bad to have someone. he wants to have someone to be his, to hold him and be what he needs. he wants someone to see him for who he is and to understand all the different aspects of his personality. someone to see and understand that he flows from good to bad, that he is not as simple as he appears on the outside. someone who trusts him and does her best to make things good. 

the only chance this world gets. he waits to die because of one girl. one girl who just may be one that can be what he needs. he waits for her, because she asked. because he isnt quite far enough gone to stop caring. but he is close. he has waited so long already. almost to long. one chance. one more chance to stop his death. he wants for her to do it, to keep him alive. he wants to be happy, but at what cost? he doesnt know if he is strong enough. he has lost his way.

The End

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