Wandering AroundMature

We wondered around for a while, mainly staying in on general area of the city. I couldn't understand why, but it felt like we were being watched. It was more than my paranoia when I was a kid. Maybe it was simply this place, though. Lucy seemed uneasy as well, though that could be because of me. Not many people were comfortable around me.

I noticed a familiar street and pointed as we crossed it. "I live t-that way," I told Lucy, trying not to stutter even more than I already had been. 

Lucy seemed surprised. Whether from my voice or the statement, I couldn't guess. "I live that way, too," she said in reply.

"R-really? Should we check to see if anyone is there...?"

Lucy looked down for a moment in thought. "I... don't think I want to know if they are there."

I started to ask why, but realized I would not want to confirm my brother's presence either. It was better not to know. If he wasn't there, then I would miss him, and if he was... Well, it was better not to know.

"W... what if we... check someone else's place? We could... find out if they are.. well, you know..."

Lucy looked to be in thought. "Yeah, and I have an idea."

"Run around yelling?" I said instinctively, then realized what I had said. Luckily, Lucy only looked at me like I was an idiot. Stupid mouth.

"I don't think that will help..."

"Yeah, stupid suggestion... Y-your idea?"

Lucy looked around the area, finally locking on one street sign. "I was going to a party when... well, you know. We could head there and check it out. I know where we are."

I nodded. Better there then home, I guessed. We walked for a while longer, not really talking much more, aside from Lucy's occasional directions. I got the sense she was not used to company, like me, but didn't dare ask her. I already probably looked like an idiot.

Well, in any case, all I could do was follow the leader. 

The End

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