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I walked through the streets of the city, loving the lack of interaction. Sure, there were people everywhere, but no one talked to you while you walked. It was great. I already had enough problems meeting new people. Well, the Sun was out and the temperature perfect. No need for talking to people anyways. 

Still, looking at couples walking by kind of made me awkward. I wanted that, sure, but who wanted a skinny white kid with a beard and hair like an emo? Well, I was fine on my own. I had my little brother when I got bored and my blades when I wanted to look at something. My life was great. 

"Excuse me, but would you happen to know where the Coffee Hut is?"

I turned to see a beautiful woman staring up at me. I should run. I should run! NO! Talk! Talk to her, dammit! "Uh.. y-yeah, just go past North street and take a left... S-should be right there... I think..." Idiot!

The woman smiled, having a look of amusement in her eye. "Well, thanks handsome."

With that she walked off. I, however, was not depressed. I had talked to a woman that beautiful and had finished! Oh yeah! Level up on the social scale! This really was my day. I even got to watch her walk away. What a view. 

The park would be a good place to celebrate. I made my way there, watching for any other women who needed directions. Men were easy to talk to. I needed the really pretty girls to test my social skills on. It took a while to get to the park, so I fantasized about giving directions to the beautiful woman again while I walked. Of course, in my head I went with her and had some coffee as well. It was only natural someone as awesome as I tend to a lady.

I bumped into a kid, pulling me out of my daydream. She was only as high as my stomach, but still tall for her age. 

"Sorry." I moved around her and started toward the park entrance. For the obvious reason, I didn't talk to younger kids anymore on the street. Parents were too protective, but for good reason I suppose. It really was a dangerous world. Wait, did that girl have a parent around her? Turning, I realized that she was preoccupied in following a butterfly of unique colors. Around her were people, but none stopped their walking. She was alone. Dammit! I walked over to her. Parents need to watch their kids, not let them wander off where it was-

The girl took a sudden turn into the street after the butterfly. I stopped breathing. I couldn't think. There were cars coming and she would be hit! She would die! I ran, shoving a few people out of my way. Dammit, stupid kids! A few people yelled, but adrenaline and my speed from countless years jogging and working out to try and get more defined left them behind before I could even hear them. That girl was all that mattered. 

I turned into the street, where she was just moving into it. A car barely missed her. "Stupid kid!" I grabbed her dress, causing her to scream, and threw her back onto the sidewalk. It was better than-


"What the hell...."

I woke up in the road, only to find myself alone. The streets were empty as well. What had happened? Where was this place? A dream? No, I would remember falling asleep. Unless I was hit by a car and in a coma. Well, that would explain it, but still. I wanted to find out more first. 

Standing up, I looked around. Despite the fading look of the city and lack of people, I managed to make out a girl in a nearby alleyway. She was watching me. A friend or a foe? Well, couldn't hurt to find out. 

"H-hey!" I said, forcing myself to talk. Maybe she would be able to help me with my speech with women....

The End

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