I walked through the crowded dance floor of my local club. I could see my destination through the sea of gyrating bodies and sighed, scratching the back of my neck as I took in my surroundings with wide eyes. I continued trying to create a path through the dancers but found it increasingly difficult as I got closer to the back of the club. I grew impatient as one girl decided she fancied a dance with me, wrapping her arms around my neck and biting her lip as she started to dance – or grind – against me in time to the music.

“Listen, sweetheart. I don't have time to dance.” I said, gripping her wrists perhaps a little too tightly and pushing them down to her sides. “Go find someone else to dance with.” I smiled bitterly and turned to continue walking to the back of the room, somehow having ended up further away, probably because of the dancers pulsating against each other. She scowled at me, for a moment I thought she might hit me but then she stormed off, pushing through the crowd a lot easier than I was able to because of her petite frame.

Eventually I made it to the back of the club, where the guy I was supposed to be meeting was waiting, after pushing many people out of the way and having some cuss words thrown my way from anonymous mouths.

“Took your time.” A man in a black suit with a half unbuttoned blue shirt underneath addressed me casually, puffing on the cigarette held expertly between his lips with no support from his hand.

S-Sorry, dance floor's a nightmare...” I looked down at the man's two cronies or body guards or whatever they were and smiled nervously.

“Do you have my money?” The man in the black suit caught my attention again, my eyes darting up to meet his.

“O-Oh uh, yeah...” I fished a wad of cash from my pocket and handed it to him. While I was handing him the money, he slipped a little plastic zip-lock bag into my palm and I clenched it in my fist, pushing it into the depths of my pocket as soon as I could. He counted the money and nodded when he decided it was the amount he asked me to give him. I bit the skin around my thumb nail anxiously as he did so, looking around the room. I was desperate to get back to my flat and get my fix. It had taken me longer than usual to get Max's money and I needed more crack.

Once he had nodded, I smiled agitatedly and turned on my heel, pushing my way back through the crowded dance floor a little more successfully than my previous attempt. I raced back to my flat, my hands trembling as I tried to slot my house key in the lock. I slammed the door behind me once inside and immediately ran to the coffee table in my messy living room, fishing my pipe out of the drawer and shakily putting a pinch of rocks into it, grabbing my lighter and heating it from the bottom as I breathed in the vapours. I sighed, glad I was getting my fix. After I'd smoked one pinch, I went through another 2 loads. It was more than I had ever smoked in one time, but I needed it. I needed the fix.

I put the TV on and started watching the shopping channels, laughing inwardly at whatever stupid inventions people had come up with this time. After about 20 minutes I started feeling sick and I could feel myself sweating profusely, but the sweat was cold. I mopped my brow with my sleeve and stood up, walking swiftly to my bathroom and bending over the toilet just in time for bile to make it's way into my mouth. I knew I should have eaten something earlier that day but just didn't bother. I grimaced as my stomach acid burnt my throat on the way out, pouring into the toilet. Once I had stopped retching I groaned, wiping my mouth with my other sleeve, slumping against the toilet.

After a few minutes I stood back up, my legs weak and trembling, to walk to my bedroom.

“It's just a bad trip.” I told myself, though I could hear the doubt in my own voice. I stumbled into my bedroom and fell face first onto my bed as more cold sweat poured from my body.

“I'll just... go to sleep and it'll be fine. I'll be fine in the morning.” I shut my eyes tight, my eyebrows furrowed.

As soon as I had fallen asleep, I had woken up again, though a bright white light shone through my blinds and into my eyes. I grumbled as I pushed myself out of my bed and shut the blinds. I decided to go out for some fresh air, it might help me feel better.

As I stepped outside I realised that everything was quiet. Far too quiet for my neighbourhood. I looked up and down the road at the parked cars and frowned, wondering where the hell everyone was. It didn't look the same as it had yesterday, it was like someone had turned the saturation down on the colours. Everything was much duller.

Where the fuck am I?”

The End

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