Lost in LimboMature

Closed collab between Cat_Monty, DethnusAckearose, ClockworkChaos and Jezebel


I double checked the map to make sure I wasn't making a wrong turn. Why on earth I'd agreed to go to this party eluded me. I reached the next bus stop I'd been told to go to and saw the bus leaving.

“Shit!” I yelled, running after it. The driver spotted me, smirked and kept going. I slowed to a stop, leaning on my knees and catching my breath. I hated bus drivers like that. I checked the timetable and saw that the bus wouldn't be here for another hour.

I didn't want to be late for the party, I'd already held off going for half hour because Kate always said the actual start time of any party is after the given time. A fact that makes zero sense to me. I pull out my mobile to call her. It goes straight to voice-mail and I sighed. She was probably distracted by talking to others or making out with some guy. That was another reason I avoided parties. Everyone got drunk and way too forward with each other.

I shoved my phone in my pocket and turned, heading back to the train station. The sky was darkening and I shivered against the autumn chill in the air. I felt shivers go down my spine and glanced over my shoulder. I couldn't shake the feeling of being watched. No one was there and I shook my head. It wasn't like me to get paranoid, of course the dark always did this to me. I found myself speeding up in the empty spaces between street lamps. Suppressing a shudder of relief everytime I entered the pools of light.

I turned a corner, taking the short cut through a side-street and hesitated. If I took the long way they'd be a lot more light, but it'd take twenty more minutes. And I didn't want to be out when night fell for real. Thankfully I wasn't claustrophobic as well.

“Stop,” a harsh male voice said. I froze, feeling something small and cold poking into my back. I raised both hands above my head automatically.

“Give me everything on you,” he said, pushing what ever was against my back a little deeper. I felt my throat close up and ym eyes water. I knew my breathing was acting insane and I dug my hand into my pockets, desperate to get the stuff out fast. I didn't want to think about what this guy might do if left waiting.

“Drop it on the floor beside you,” he instructed. I dumped my phone, ipod and purse on the floor.

“Stay still,” he said, I felt the knife's pressure go away and turned slightly. The guy had a scraggly beard and a messy unkempt appearance. His clothes had been worn for a long time and his smell wasn't brilliant either.

“Can I go?” I whispered, afraid to trigger any angry reaction from him. He shoved the phone and ipod in his hoodie pocket and flicked through my purse. He removed the notes and coins I had and threw it back to the floor empty.

“Turn around,” he said in response. I hesitated, surely he only wanted to mug me? I turned, wishing I could run past him and to the nearest lights. The shadows weren't helping my fear in the slightest.

“Give me the necklace,” he said, jabbing the knife forward and towards my neck. I backed away subconsciously and wrapped a hand around the small heart charm. I gulped, I couldn't give it to him. Not the last thing of mothers.

“You can keep the rest, but not this,” I said with a quiet, scared voice. His eyes narrowed, the knife dipping slightly in his hold.

“What?” he asked. His voice cold and remote enough that I felt a fresh surge of adrenaline. I needed to run I realised. I knew logically it was dumb, but surely he wouldn't stab me. Not really, most just had weapons for show. I turned and raced, heard him curse and then following footsteps.

“Shit,” I said for the second time that evenings and ran as fast I could. Ignoring the protests from my legs. I turned a corner and saw the main street up ahead. Just a few metres and I could shout for help. My elbow was grabbed and I was yanked back harshly. Back into the terrifying shadows and the mugger.

“Let me go!” I yelled. He swore again and dragged me back, away from the main street and ears. I kicked and flailed as best I could but he had a vice grip on my limbs.

“Shut the fuck up!” he shouted in my ear, making me wince.

“You won't have it!” I shouted back, I managed to get enough space to elbow him in the gut. I got ready to run again when sharp pain tore through me. I clutched my side with a long-drawn cry. The man had let me go but my steps were slow. I managed to go forward three steps when my legs gave way under me. The fall sent shock waves of pain through me and I grimaced. I turned onto the side that didn't hurt and glanced down at my hands. Blood was staining my top, quickly spreading. I heard softer footfalls and the man appeared above me. A mix of annoyance and fear in his eyes.

“Your own fault,” he muttered. Then he turned and ran away. I tried to cry for help, feeling consciousness slip away as I continued to clutch my side desperately. My breathing came in gasps that hurt every cell. I saw my vision blur, closing to a pinpoint as darkness engulfed me.

I opened my eyes with a loud gasp of air and starred around. My breathing continued to excel as I saw I was alone in the dark. I swore it was the same alley and checked for the man. I stood up, expecting pain but feel nothing. I look at my side where my hands are still gripped and find no evidence of being hurt.

“What?” I murmured out loud. I half stumble, half run to the main street and stop. Above a sun shone, indicating mid-day, yet the street was completely empty. Cars were parked but no one was heading towards them. I held a hand to my face as I looked up. The sun shone unblinking, but it felt like there was a sheen covering it. The buildings and streets all seemed to have a dull colouring to them. As if shaded in greys.

“Where am I?” I said, my voice echoing unnaturally loudly in the silence.

The End

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