Lost In Hell

          Billy was lying in bed thinking hard on how to tell his Mum that he had got into a fight at school. Billy went to Oxfield secondary school for unsecure boys basically it was a shool for nutjobs who couldn't behave themselves. He lived in a council estate and hated all the kids there all of them smoked and some even traded drugs in the park outside. Suddenly there was a loud bang from the room nextdoor he heard his neighbers voice shouting from at her husband his they were fighting were often fighting sometimes it was so bad he wonderd whether to call the police.        

          There was a sharp bang on the door just as it flew open 2 people walked in one was his mother a small weedy looking woman who was one of the nosiest people billy knew the other billy had seen 2 before, he was the community police man. It turnd out that he had fractured the boys rib in the fight.

           The next day he found himself doing cling leaves for the council in the local park       

The End

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