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Here ends the first book in the Lost in Gray serie. Where is this going? Hell if I know. But then who knows where life will leads us in the future? Everything good must end, only so it may begin again.

I started this novel just as a challenge. I wanted to try something out of my usual territory and that was a romance story. Against all odds, this has become my first ever finished novel. Capping off at around 47000 words.

I'll be the first to admit the book has flaws. But it's a piece of my soul I decided to commit to paper (or datas to be correct) I've explored issues that were and still are important to me. Family, Love, Friendship, Religion and all that shizzle.

I don't know what will happen with Lost, maybe one day I'll rewrite it and atempt to get it published. In the meanwhile, the adventure continues. I'll see you all in the second book; Grey Again.

Thanks to all those who read this, rated, commented and supported. Thanks to all the fans and friends here and Thanks to NickB for making this awesome website.

Special thanks to;

Rachael Harris a.k.a @Rathias   &  Abigail C. a.k.a @DismalDread for supporting me all through this experience. Their support and feedback was the reason I managed to reach this point.

~Cédric B. Blanchette / Nerathul

The End

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